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Chapter Nineteen: I Want You (part one)


I awoke the following Monday morning to find that I couldn't feel my leg; it was completely numb. I groggily sat up, panicking a little as to why my leg had randomly lost feeling. And that's when I spotted the five year old Australian Sheppard fast asleep and using my leg as some sort of pillow. I couldn't help but smile at the sight, especially as his nose twitched and his paws moved in his dreams.

"Puppy..." I said softly. "Come on, wakey wakey." There was no response from the slumbering canine. "Romeo," I repeated a little louder and attempted to wriggle my leg from under him. Instead, he rolled over with his eyes still closed into a position which now rendered my entire leg unusable. "Oi, fat lump,"

He opened his sleepy eyes slowly in my direction, barely lifting his head as if it were too much effort. I smiled at his expression; it was as if he were glaring at me for both waking and insulting him. "You know you're not fat," I laughed and pushed his side to roll him over some more so I could escape. "Ouch," I muttered as I tried to stand and instead staggered to one side due to my numb leg. I grabbed a hold of my dressing table to stop myself from falling over, using it to help me walk into the bathroom where I turned on the shower just as the painful tingling began in my limb.

Within the hour, I was fully dressed and dry with my school bag packed and ready as I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl. There was a car horn from outside and by poking my head around a corner to look through the living room window; I could spot a red Audi parked on the road. My mom was already at work; the two hadn't seen one another since their argument through the mail box before I left home and yet despite my mom being absent it appeared Miley still wouldn't come into the house.

I dropped my apple in the bag, scratched Romeo's ears as I said goodbye to him and then headed out the door and into Miley's car. My bag took its usual place in the foot-well and my hand took its just as usual place on Miley's thigh as I leant in for a kiss. Her lips were soft against mine and I smiled at her when we pulled apart.

"Morning," I said softly in the confines of the car, her fruity shampoo in the air. Her hair was extra wavy today, curled expertly yet effortlessly as it draped down her shoulders. She sported a red plaid shirt, unbuttoned to show a well fitting white tank top which gave an ample yet modest view of her cleavage. Surprisingly my mind wasn't on Miley's cleavage but more on the plaid shirt which made my image of her as a real country girl much more plausible in my mind. The thought caused my smile to grow.

"Morning to you too," came her response, mimicking my smile and added a squeeze of my hand. "Fancy skipping school today to make out in my car?"

"Tempting," I chuckled, leaning across to kiss her cheek as she put the car in gear. It was indeed tempting but we both knew we had to go to school again; I was going to attempt to corner Mrs Stevens about psychology again. "Are you talking to Amber and the others today?" I asked a few moments later as we turned out of my street.

"I'm going to try, you know how Amber is when anyone who isn't a cheerleader or a jock tries to talk to her," Miley responded, concentrating on a particularly busy junction. "She needs me, they all do; she needs to listen,"

"I just can't comprehend how they so easily abandoned you for Traci as head cheerleader; it makes no sense to me,"

"Traci's manipulative, sly and sneaky; we both know that. She'll have easily managed to worm her way through – publicly outing our relationship was all she needed to completely throw me off the pedestal I was thrust upon," she said as we finally turned the corner; her tongue poking out the side of her mouth in her concentration as she continued to watch the busy road. "It was almost too easy for her."

"And now you have to 'worm your way' back in," I stated rather than questioned, flicking a loose lock of blonde hair back into place.

"I have to do it in the honest and trustworthy way unlike Traci," Miley said and I detected a slight hint of venom in her voice. As much as Miley seemed to embody the honest, trustworthy way; she still held a grudge against Traci (not that I blame her) and I wondered if she would ever be able to truly forgive or forget it. I had progressed into a state of not caring; sure, I hated what Traci and Johnny did to us but there wasn't anything we could really do about it and things seemed to have worked out okay in the long run – my mom's coming around, most of the skaters are on our side, the cheerleaders are potentially willing to make a truce behind Traci's back... things were going reasonably well I thought before regretting it, hoping I hadn't just jinxed it.

We continued the drive discussing various assignments we had due this week and an overview of how amazing the Hannah gig had been. I thought it went brilliantly and fully enjoyed every second... although I am biased in my view considering I'm dating the stunningly attractive superstar that is Hannah Montana. Miley also expressed she was pleased with how it had gone as it had satiated the fans she had irritated when she ran out after me what seemed like forever ago. It had also led to more publicity in the potential release of a new album and apparently she had several interviews lined up with the press. The rumours about Hannah's secret beau however were still circulating but from what we'd heard and seen on a quick search through Google; no one suspected Hannah's declarations were aimed at a girl or indeed myself. We were safe on that account.

Finally we arrived at school, parked up and walked hand in hand into the school. After a quick kiss at my locker we parted ways for our separate classes, text books heavy in our bags. Time slowed without Miley by my side but it was soon second period; after dropping a textbook in my locker and collecting another, I headed towards my next class where I knew I would be entertained by Mik.

I reached the classroom on time and was looking forward to seeing my best friend who I hadn't seen since the weekend. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, something rarely seen with Mik who preferred her hair down. The effect was staggering; something so simple as tying her hair back had altered her entire appearance. Those yellow Ray Bans of hers were discarded on the desk by her elbow which supported her head as the other hand caressed that shaven star over and over. She seemed to stare absently at her desk, not seeing anything other than the thoughts she was so obviously lost in.

I dropped down into my seat and prodded the purple-shirted skater beside me. She jumped with a small gasp, startled out of her thoughts. I barely had chance to ask her 'what's up?' before she shuffled her chair and desk closer and told me.

"Oliver said he can't go to the Endgame dance," she stated with her eyes glistening, her voice so full of emotion it was difficult to detect just one.

I hesitated before answering; a little afraid I would say the wrong thing which would result in either an angry Mik or a crying Mik. In the next five seconds or so, my mind went through hundreds of different responses and scenarios, thinking back in attempt to recall any conversation about school dances and Endgame. "You think these dances are stupid though," I offered, hoping I'd chosen wisely.

"I do; I think they're a waste of school resources, utterly cliché and merely a way for girls to buy pretty dresses that match their boyfriend's tuxedo and..." she trailed off and I could tell there were many more reasons; many of which she'd told me before whenever there was a school dance. One year she wrote a letter to the school board to try and get them cancelled all together.

"Then what's the problem?" I asked with my brows furrowed in confusion.

"I want to waste school resources and buy a pretty dress that matches my boyfriend's tuxedo..." she said in a small voice and I smiled at her; it was quite sweet in a surprising sort of way. "You're going, aren't you? With Miley?"

I paused. "We haven't strictly planned anything but if she's back on the cheerleading squad... and since she was head cheerleader, I guess she's kinda expected to go so I guess I would be going too,"

"And you're gonna have that special night with her and I'll just have to sit in an empty house watching whatever shit is on TV and then try not to cry when you show me the photos."

"Well, if I go, you can come with me; we'll go as friends?" I offered and made a mental note to talk to Oliver, to tell him how important this seemed to be to Mik.

"It's not the same..." she almost whined, frustrated. "He has to go on a business trip with his dad in Vermont. He doesn't even want to work at his dad's company; I don't see how his dad can make him go,"

Just then Miss Linley burst through the door, clearly in a very bad mood. I despised whatever had disrupted her mood as it meant I was now too scared of the consequences of talking to my hurt friend. There was very little I could do for her; I had offered for her to come with me and there didn't seem to be anything else I could possibly do. I didn't even know whether I was going... I suppose I would have to ask Miley what was happening for the Endgame. Would she be required to be there because of her previous head cheerleader post? Or would it be Traci? Or would she back on the team in time for the Endgame dance... I guess we just had to wait and see on that part. Or would we even be safe to go with this whole hierarchy war thing? The dance wasn't far away; most of our year would have already found dresses and organised limousines etc and I didn't even know what was happening; it didn't leave much time for organising things if I did end up going.

Lunch came and went in an awkward silence; Mik wasn't talking to Oliver and Oliver couldn't think of what to say to Mik. Miley and I were so suffocated by the practically tangible awkwardness that we ate quickly in silence and left the dark haired couple alone. With several minutes left of lunch break, I decided to take this opportunity to go speak to Mrs Stevens about putting me back on the psychology course. Hand in hand we walked through the relatively empty corridors towards her office where I knew she would be; she brought her own lunch from home and ate in her office, something I'd noticed from the beginning of term. Miley told me she would wait outside for moral support and I knocked on the door.

"Yes?" came the voice from within; through the small window on the door I saw that she never looked up, her eyes on her computer screen and her lunch in front of her.

I opened the door and cleared my throat, nerves tingling in my stomach. Mrs Stevens could be a very scary woman and wasn't afraid to dish out punishments like there was no tomorrow. "I was hoping I could talk to you about psychology class,"


"Yes of course, what can I help wi-" Mrs Stevens said in a relatively cheerful way. There was a squeak of a chair then she paused abruptly mid-sentence. "Oh, it's you," I heard her continue with something akin to disgust in her voice. I felt anger bubble in my stomach knowing that it was aimed at the girl I loved; someone who was completely innocent in this affair and only guilty of having a prejudiced mother. None of this was her fault.

"You're no longer on the psychology course," Mrs Stevens continued, her voice monotone as it filtered through the slightly open doorway. "There's nothing I can help you with."

I heard Lilly take a deep breath and I wished I could see her face to better gauge her reactions and emotions. Was she upset? Angry? Both were perfectly understandable. But when she spoke, her voice was calm. "I was told by the woman in the office that I should come and see you," she began. "I haven't missed too many lessons and I've been studying my textbook. I wouldn't be surprised if I was ahead of the class."

"There's nothing I can do," came the simple statement. It infuriated me that she seemed so unconcerned with helping Lilly, that she could ignore it so easily.

"But my grades... surely they count for something? I'm a good student; A's and only a few B's." I could hear Lilly's desperation and anger mixing in her voice and I knew she was holding back on saying how she was incorrectly given those B's.

"Your grades are unimportant in this issue; there is nothing I can do."

"This is completely unfair," Lilly retaliated, her voice louder and more anger apparent in her voice. She was pleading with the psychology teacher now. "I did not willingly leave the class; I was forced to. It isn't my fault. Isn't there a department budget? Surely you can use that to put me back on the course? I'll even pay out of my own pocket if necessary." Here her voice grew more laboured not with anger but with a frustrated sadness: she was begging as if for her life and it broke my heart. "Please, I need this class,"

"There's nothing I can do," repeated Mrs Stevens, again with not once ounce of empathy in her voice. Lilly began to speak again but she was interrupted with a sharp tone. "Truscott, there is nothing I can do. Documents have been filled out and sent away." She spoke clearly and pointedly, as if to a child, as if she were so frustrated with explaining that she simply wanted the conversation to be over.

"Please, I'm begging you to help me in any way you can," Lilly pleaded; I heard her voice catch in her throat. My girl was on the verge of tears. How I managed to stay where I was and not rush to her is beyond me but I knew it would not help. I would offer to buy Lilly onto the course, bribe if necessary as I had plenty of money but apparently it was not a lack of funding that kept Lilly out of the class... what else could I do?

"Other than re-sitting the entire year; there's nothing I can suggest." Her voice was bored, her expression clearly wanting this conversation to end and for Lilly to leave.

There was a long pause and I resisted the urge to peer into the room. The silence evoked a deep curiosity within me; what was happening in there? Were they glaring at one another? Was Lilly crying? I heard my heart beat loudly in my ears as I strained to hear anything from inside the office. There was nothing except a silence within the room.

Then Lilly spoke, her voice calm but full of accusation and aggression; "What is it that you have against me?" There was a small pause; long enough to allow the question to hang oppressively in the room but short enough to keep it rhetorical. "If it were anyone else in this situation, you'd help them as much as you possibly could. They probably wouldn't have to even come see you like this; they'd already be sat in class, the problem long forgotten. Yet here I am; top of the class and having to beg. What possible reason is there that you treat me so differently? It's unfair and completely unprofessional."

"Leave my office; I do not appreciate being spoken to in that tone of voice,"

"And I don't appreciate being discriminated against for no apparent reason," she countered, her anger growing. Mrs Stevens began to retaliate but Lilly interjected her voice louder to make sure she was heard. "Don't worry, I'm leaving. But since I'm not in your class and apparently never will be, I would just like to say that this is complete bullshit!" And with emphasis on that final word, she slammed the office door behind her and stormed down the corridor.

There was no hesitation now as I automatically jogged after my girlfriend and grasped her fisted hand. She knew I heard every word. I followed her quick stride by her side, wondering how to word what I needed to say. She was clearly highly strung right now and I could see tears in her eyes as she continued to walk purposely down the corridor.

"What are you going to do?" I asked in a quiet and calm voice, hoping my tone would help somewhat.

"I'm going to fucking report her." she stated, still fuming. I understood why; I was angry at Mrs Stevens too for how she had treated Lilly, for how she always treated Lilly. It was bullshit; Lilly was right despite the fact I didn't approve of swearing at a member of staff regardless of how relevant it may be.

"Are you sure that's wise?" I asked. "What if she's right about not being able to get you back on the course?"

"I just don't see how it can be so difficult to put one person back in one class and on the examination list or whatever the hell it is. It's not like the exam's tomorrow so why is it so fucking hard?" She showed little sign of calming down and I started to guide her a different way down the corridor; away from the principal's office where she presumably was heading to report Mrs Stevens.

"It must be complicated..." I offered with no clue as to whether it was or not and feeling completely useless.

"I just... ugh, why does life hate me? Why can't I just have a quite few weeks where nothing happens?"

"I know," I said and led her down another corridor. She seemed oblivious to the fact that I was guiding her. Her teeth were clenched and her hands were still in tight fists. I opened one of the doors and led her through into the bright daylight, hoping the fresh air would help calm her a little. She squinted against the sunlight, her thoughts apparently stalled as she seemed to recognize she'd been led outside without realising. I smiled at her cute confusion and pulled her into me, hoping that if I distracted her in this small window where she wasn't experiencing anger that I would be able to fix it somewhat.

"It's so hard..." she breathed into my neck, her own arms around my middle, holding me tightly. I ran my hand softly up and down her back and nodded. It was hard. Unfairly so and I couldn't do anything to change it. All I could do was hold her and hopefully help her into a better mood, one where she could somehow cope with these difficulties.

"Do you want me to take you home?" I asked. Lunch was almost over, lessons would begin again shortly. I didn't mind missing classes to get her home if that's what she wanted; she was more important.

"No, it's okay. I'll be alright," she said and reluctantly pulled away to smile at me, her eyes shimmering. "Thank you though,"

"You're most welcome," I smiled back and kissed her right in the middle of her forehead which made her screw up her nose and wrinkle her eyebrows. "You're so cute," I breathed at the expression which she adamantly shook her head at, the expression still on her face. "Mhm, you are. Undeniably cute," I told her with another kiss. A slight blush touched her cheeks and I hoped that I'd cheered her up enough to get her through the afternoon's classes.


School finally ended and I met Lilly by her locker which surprised her. She had expected to have to wait while I spoke to Amber (or be a bodyguard I suppose) but Amber had approached me last period saying that Traci had organised some meeting or other. She told me I was to talk to her tomorrow instead and I noted a slight hint of fear; what did Traci have over her? or over all of the cheerleaders that they had to sneak around to speak to me?

Mik was with her, her eyes on her multi-coloured checked Vans. I gently put my hand on Lilly's shoulder while she had her back turned to me, looking inside her locker. "Feeling better?" I asked the blonde and she nodded.

"I'm not," came Mik's voice from beside us. She now had her Ray Bans on her face while still inside the building. She still didn't look up from her shoes, one hand in her pocket and another clutching her car keys. "And he isn't getting a ride home from me," she said before nodding her goodbye and leaving.

"Erm... should we find Oliver and see if he needs a ride home?" I asked uncertainly.

"You do remember that there are only two seats in your Audi right?" she smirked.

"I know but I just feel bad,"

"Mik won't be able to ignore him too long and I'm sure he can get a ride from Harry or someone; he's only a twenty-minute walk away,"

I nodded then took her bag from her shoulder and slung it over my own. She protested but eventually gave up and I knew she secretly liked my gentlemanly manner of carrying her bags for her. Soon we were in my car and stood at a red light. "Want to have dinner at mine?"

"Is that you inviting me for dinner or inviting me to make dinner?" she smirked.

"Well, I do love your food but I'm sure Maurice will be capable," I smiled back.

"I would be glad to join you," she told me as the light turned green and I stepped on the gas, heading home. It wasn't too much later that we entered the kitchen where Maurice gave Lilly a friendly hug in greeting. I smiled, the two of them got on so well.

"She's not cooking today Maurice," I laughed before he could drag her over to the stove. "She's a guest for dinner tonight. Come on Lilly," I said and stretched out my hand.

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