A.N: I know nothing one so soon, but it was begging me to write it. The idea came from listening to, too much music and the song in the story. This by the way is how I think Penelope may act, especially when she wants something she's going to go for it. The song if you haven't guessed is "Manhunt" by Karen Kamon from the Flash dance soundtrack. I hope you like, and now on with the show.

Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one was hurt in the making of this fic well expect that one chick who tried to get her paws on Derek.

Chapter one

The hunt begins

I'm goin' on a manhunt turn it around

Women have been hunted now they're huntin' around

Manhunt we all got the need

The one that's been waitin' has taken the lead

She watched with hooded eyes as he danced around the floor, body moving to the groove, gorgeous women throwing themselves all over him. His muscles flexing and straining with every movement he made stretching his tight black Henley cotton shirt over abs she wanted to run her tongue over, followed by her fingers taking in every last inch of the gloriously hard body.

"Penelope," Emily's light voice broke her out of the revere she'd put herself in while watching her hot stuff shake a leg on the dance floor.

"Something you need sugar plum?"

"Not me, but you may need a drool bucket soon," she laughed taking a sip of her white wine.

"Well," she cleared her throat, "who couldn't stare at the sculpture or dark chocolate goodness."

"Oh PG you have it bad," JJ tossed in eyes dancing with amusement.

"That I may peaches that I may. But," she paused for effect gaining both of their attentions, "this time I won't back down."

"And what does that mean exactly?" Emily questioned arching an eyebrow.

"That it's time I stop fooling myself and get what, more importantly who I want. I wasted two almost three years of my life with that stick in the mud Lynch, I'm ready to have some fun. I'm ready to go on a manhunt," Penelope answered, playing with the straw in her Bahama mama.

"What changed you mind?" the question came from JJ who sat cross legged across from Penelope sipping her ginger ale, she still had to go home to Henry and she didn't want to be drunk.

"Tired of denying my true feelings," she answered watching the object of her desire start to walk her way a grin spread across his lushes' lips. She could feel her heart beat faster almost to the point she was sure Emily and JJ could hear it even over the loud music pulsating through the bar.

"Hello Goddess," he breathed into her ear, resting a large warm hand on the small of her back, while reaching for his beer.

"Hello to you to my God of divine gorgeousness," she purred, leaning back into his touch just a fraction, winking at the women as they both grinned.

He looked down at the woman pressing back against him, dark brown eyes, dancing with mischief and dare he call it, lust. A groan tried to push its way out, but he tramped that down, it did no good dwell on things that wouldn't happen.

"How many have you had mama?" Derek asked teasingly.

"Only one," she responded turning to face her hopefully soon to be man.

He cocked an eyebrow looking at both JJ and Emily for confirmation. When the slight nods came he returned his attention to the beautiful once blonde now red head, staring up at him.

"Was there something you wanted, baby girl?' he asked, his voice like soft velvet flowing over her skin.

'You naked and inside me,' she thought, but pushed that idea aside for now in favor of, "a dance."

He stepped back, extending his hand out towards her, "M'lady, I'm at your service."

"Oh sugar lips, never say something like that unless you mean it, cause I have so many dirty fantasies I could use you for," she grinned licking her lips.

"Behave woman," he only half teased, the fit of his jeans becoming tighter. He made the mistake of looking down, watching the sway of her hips. He had to close his eyes, before his hands took over of their own accord and did what he truly wanted to do, but then he didn't think their friends nor the other patrons of the establishment would want that kind of show.

"Don't want to," she whispered wrapped her arms around his neck swaying to the slow song playing.

"Then I'll have to punish you," he responded, tighten his hold around her waist.

"Oh promises, promises my sexy profiler," she purred, running her nails along the back of his neck, raising chills over his body, "when will you stop promising and start showing me what you can do?"

He chuckled, but her words and fingers were having an effect on him, one that he didn't want to go away, but he wasn't sure if she meant what she was saying. "When you show me a good morning."

"Oh honey bum I would most certain show you a good morning if you'd let mama. I'm just itching to get you between my sheets." 'and legs,' she added to herself, one hand running down the center of his chest.

"Pen," he shuttered, feeling his erection start to grow quicker with every soft touch.

"Yes, lover," she purred, eyes filled with lust and want.

"What are you playing at here woman?" he asked voice deep and gravely.

"Oh you'll find out soon enough my chocolate stick that I just want to lick all night long," she breathed into his ear, nipping at the lobe, before pulling away and sashaying away knowing that he was watching her closely.