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Chapter ten


How sweet it is to be loved by you

He tried to pull back he really did but she felt to damn good to leave at that second. Eventually the need for air became an issue and he pulled his lips from hers shallow gasps of air puffing from his mouth ghosting the skin of her neck as he placed kisses and nibbles along the column of her throat never getting enough.

"You know sugar," Penelope began arching herself backwards giving him better access to her.

"Know what?" he groaned dragging his lips lower to the top swell of her right breast.

"That uh," she lost coherent thought at the warm touch.

Smirking against her skin, his tongue came out to run just under the fabric of her red dress eliciting a deep moan from her parted, panting lips. "You were saying Goddess," he said, trailing his lips back up to her ear nipping at the lode.

"Banquet hot stuff," she managed to rasp out bliss filling her body. Penelope lifting her head staring into the deep dark pools of chocolate that smirked at her. A feeling of naughtiness washed over her as she rocked her hips against him feeling his erection pressing into the very core of her body, a hiss of pleasure slicing the silent room.

"Woman," he stated grabbing her hips holding her still, "if you don't stop that we'll never get out of here."

"The prospects of keeping you here in my humble abode fills me with such a desire to hand cuff you to my bed and not let you go. However," she ran a hand down his chest feeling the muscles jump under her warm touch, hearing the sharp intake of breath as she fiddled with the zipper of his slacks, "you really should take this," and she pointed at herself, "fine specimen of woman out and show her off."

"And if I don't want to share you?"

"Humm," she tapped her chin in playfully thought, "then you'd have to be punished not wouldn't you," she answered a wicked gleam in her eyes.

However, Derek never got a chance to answer as Penelope's house phone started to ring and dance in its cradle. Ignoring the offending piece of technology Penelope bent her head lower, running the tip of her tongue around the shell of his ear feeling him shiver under neither her a prideful smirk gracing her features.

"All right you two stop making wild monkey love and get your asses over here. If we have to be here than so the hell do you," came JJ's aggravated voice.

They looked at each other, "Wild monkey love hu," Penelope arched an eye brow.

"She has a point Goddess."

"How so?"

"Well," he trailed his hands over the lush curves of her body, molding them to his hands, feeling her quiver over him, "I do want to make love to you."

"Don't make us send Rossi over to get you," Emily's voice threatened, "one word that's all it'll take."

She sighed, "I guess we should go," and started to rise from her position, but felt Derek's arms around her waist pulling her back against him, for one more soul searing, tongue tangling kiss that left them both breathless.

"Now we can go," he stated pushing to the edge of the couch letting Penelope rise first then following, "but one thing baby girl." She turned to him eyebrow raised in question. "Fix your hair," and he turned to answer her phone and the two very irate women. "Would you two hold your knickers we're coming."

"Bout damn time," JJ huffed.

"Hey romancing takes time Jareau," Derek admonished circling to watch Penelope move around her apartment pulling the pens from her hair letting the dark red locks fall over her shoulders, a groan of pleasure escaping his lips.

"Ew Morgan stop ogling my best friend and get you butts here and soon."

"Can't guarantee anything Jayje," he responded taking a step forward intended on one target.

"You better guarantee it," came Emily's irritated voice once again.

"Not when my baby girl looks as good as she does," he answered hanging up and stocking towards his unknowing prey.

Penelope squealed when he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her off the floor swinging around in a joyful circle.

"Derek," she stated a bit breathless, "put me down you big over grown handsome brute."

And he did, lips descending to nibble and lick the tender flesh of her neck.

"Derek," she said this time on a moan, "we need to go."

He shook his head against her back, "Only if it's towards that bed Goddess."

She giggled, but it turned into a groan as his hands started to bunch the fabric of her dress in his hands gathering it higher until her bare hips came into contact with the body heated material of his black slacks. One hand strayed down smooth hip to the center of her body a growing need threatening to consume them both.

"Please," she nearly begged, feeling his fingers inch their way across her heated flesh. With each finger walking step they neared their destination, dragging deep ragged breathes for her lungs.

"Please what Penelope?"

"Don't stop," she couldn't form two words to string together at the feelings he was invoking inside her body, the heat raging in her blood threatened to boil her alive with its intensity and he hadn't even touched her were the greatest need rested.

"Don't stop what baby girl," he breathed into her ear pressing his lips against the shell, while his fingers continued their slow move towards the center of her. He could feel the heat pulsing from her core and anticipation was damn near killing him.

"Loving me," and she surrendered her weight against him at the same time his callused fingers buried themselves under her red lace panties. Running the length of her tender folds feeling the wet warm incase his fingers, brushing the tiny nub at the top feeling her jerk to attention hips thrusting forward as she pushed her back against his chest wanting more of the delicious torture he was inflicting on her body.

"Your so ready for me baby girl," he groaned into her ear, keeping his fingers busy, "I can't wait to taste you, to feel you surround me."

This time it was Penelope who groaned, reaching behind her over her head to grasp the back of his head as she turned hers and placed her lips over his sealing them as best she could in the position she was in. She felt his questing fingers dip inside her tight core thrusting upwards as best he could his other arm wrapped around her waist holding her still.

Over and over he plunged his fingers deep inside her, his thumb brushing her clef making her jump and jerk against him as she whimpered into his mouth, her tongue torturing his. The arm around her waist traced slow patterns up her side, brushing the underside of her right breast before cupping the tender mound in his warm palm needing and molding the soft flesh. He could feel her tighten around his fingers, knowing she was close, he pulled the silk fabric of her dress low her bra following uncovering the lush bounty of her breast to his starving eyes, fingers tweaking the taut dusky nipple into a pebbled point, running the tip of his finger around the areola causing the peak a grow even harder with the attention he bestowed.

Penelope panted and moaned, her body was on fire from his touch growing sensitive and heighten. She ground her hips into his hand wanted to feel her release so bad. She pulled her lips away from his mouth a long drawn out moan leaving her parted ruby lips as she shuddered around his fingers her release coating his the long tapered digits buried between inside. She slumped back against him, a content purr slipping from her lips.

Slowly he with drew from her warm depths hearing her groan at the lose, he chuckled, "Now do you still want to leave baby girl?"

With surprising speed she turned around crushing her lips to his as she pushed her body against his a primal need to feast on him coursing through her veins. Pulling back just a fraction, "What do you think Derek," she purred using his first name instead of a nickname showing him that she was indeed serious.

He chuckled against her parted lips before devouring them with a hungry he doubted would be stated anytime in the next hundred years. "That I love you silly girl and I want you to be mine forever."

Stunned by his sweet words, Penelope pulled her head back just a bit to stare into his passion filled chocolate eyes that shown with love and a promise of many wicked nights to come. "You sure you can handle me hot stuff?"

"Woman," he chided softly tapping her pert nose lightly a tensing light entering his voice and eyes, "I'm more than ready to handle any and everything you have to dish out," he grew serious, "I mean it Penelope, you have brought me from the darkest places of my life to the light that was missing. Your touch has dispelled so many bad memories your heart healed my wounded soul. How can I not want you forever?"

Tears welled in her eyes she tried in vein to bat them back, but failed. "Oh Derek," she said her voice chocked with emotion as she cupped the side of his face in her palm, "you are so much more to me than you'd ever know. My best friend, confidant, my hero, my heart and soul, and my love I don't ever want to let you go," and to prove her point she leaned in placing light kisses to his lips, cheek, and neck. She wanted to dispel all the bad touches he'd ever received from anyone to take away the pain of the past and start anew.

He breathed out a sigh of relief then cupped her head in his hands holding her still just staring into those wonderful honey eyes that shown with love and passion, darken with lust and need. "My silly girl," he stated before claiming her lips in another masterful kiss that sent bolts of pleasure coursing down her spine.

To say that they didn't leave the apartment until morning and only because of the incessant knocking around noon did they brag themselves away from their haven of pleasure to go back to once company had all left.

Years didn't dim their passion for one another, Penelope still hunted her now husband and he her with a need that made their friends and family a bit discussed with the displayed of public and private affections, but most were over looked cause they were happy and in love a love that with stood the test of time until the very days they past on with their three children, and ten grandchildren surrounding them.

Who ever said a woman couldn't go after what she wanted in life was wrong cause Penelope did and she got the love of her life and a lifetime with the man she never could get enough of.

The End

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