The Courage of Faramir
by WSJ

Squee! LotR poetry!!! Faramir is SO totally cool!!! I haven't even seen him in the movies yet, and I already have a huge crush on him! He's just so kawaii!!! *giggles* I might have an even bigger crush on him then I do on Legolas! *it's suddenly so quiet you can hear crickets chirping in the background* What? He's awesome! *continues to ramble*

Oh yeah, I don't own LotR, but Faramir can claim me anytime he wants!!! ^_^


A man so strong and courageous is rare,
One with a heart of gold and a royal air.
Though not the true ruler of Gondor, it's true,
Faramir Denethor's son has great value.

Boromir of Gondor I thought was a creep,
When I found he had a brother it made me go 'Eep!'
But when Frodo and Sam stumbled into him in the wild,
His worth shone thru and I was humbled as a child.

A guy so strong and brave and smart,
The man I love with all my heart.
No more Elves or hobbits for me,
I think I'll marry inside my own species!

Well, I guess that's not exactly right.
I still love the hobbit four and Leggy-chan with all my might.
But I think I might love Faramir more,
He's so cute and loving and sure.

Though I still dispise Boromir a lot,
I'm sure his brother is oh so hot!
And although their father isn't totally sane,
Hey, who cares? Neither is the Thain!

I could ramble 'bout Faramir for an hour more,
And if you ask me to, what the heck! Sure!
So read and review and I'll add another chap.,
Where you can hear more Faramir sap!


Thank you, thank you! You're a lovely audience! *catches bouquet of roses and her eyes go all watery* Faramir! For me? Arigato!!! Hm... I need to think up a funky Japanese nickname for you. Merry has Mer, Pippin has Pip or Pippy-chan, and Legolas has Leggy-chan or just plain Leggy... Um, Fara-chan? Nah, to slinky... Mirrie! Yeah! I thought up a clever nickname for him! *does a dance* Hey, since no one is entering my other contest, I'm going to start a new one!


1. Write a story or poem centering on someone NOT in the Fellowship. i.e, Faramir, Theoden, Eomer ect. Can have members of the Nine as "co-stars" but must center on someone not in it.

2. Can NOT be on Arwen or Galadriel. Sorry, but there's a lot on them anyway. They can be "co-stars" though.

3. No slash, yaoi, yuri, or whatever else you call gay. I will not read that. I refuse.

4. PG-13 or under please!

5. Say in the sumery it's "For WSJ's Non-Fellowship contest"

6. Register by e-mailing me, or reviewing this. (Don't get me wrong, you don't have to enter the contest to review! I like ANY reviews! Even flamers are welcome, but will be flamed back.)

7. Must be posted by June 1, 2002. (See, I'm giving you a whole BUNCH of time, so cook me up a masterpeice!!!)

8. Above all: have fun!!!

The winning authors will get to be in a future fic of mine, and if I ever get a scanner they'll be sent a peice of fanart of whoever their story centered on plus a charactor of their choice.

Tips: Faramir! If it centers on him or at least has a tiny bit of him in it it will get you major brownie points!!!