(A/N: This is set in 'New Moon,' in the throne room, as the Volturi are deciding Bella's fate.)


I glanced at the three beautiful men before me – again. I tried keeping my gaze glued to the floor, but my eyes kept pulling up to look at the ancient vampires.

Of course, Aro was magnificent, with his ruler-straight, ebony hair and his knowing smile, and Marcus had good strong features – even if they only conveyed boredom – and his wavy black hair looked full and shiny. But it was the last brother that caught my attention – the one that sat quietly, oozing disdain.

His face seemed to be in some kind of constant sneering state, but he was truly beautiful. His features were just as magnificent as Aro's, and just as strong as Marcus's, yet they held an extra kind of grace that just blew my mind. His hair was so fair, it was almost white, and it looked just as soft as the snow it mimicked. But however much I wanted to concentrate on his softest features, I was drawn back to his deep, piercing, crimson gaze – it held me, even when not directed at me.

But then, it was never directed at me. It had only been once, when I first passed through the giant wooden doors. He looked like he was sizing me up, trying to see my worth, but he sneered and turned away.

I was a tiny, insignificant human, and he was an all-powerful, Volturi immortal – I didn't question his worth being far more than mine.

But I couldn't help my heart beat quickening as I thought of how his eyes had scanned me earlier.

Edward turned to me slightly, "Bella – are you alright?"

I looked up into his darkened topaz eyes, and I felt like screaming at him – "No! I am not alright, Edward! They are discussing my mortality, and you brought me into this! If you weren't so God-damn suicidal, we would be fine!"

"I'm fine," I lied, smiling weakly.

He grabbed my hand, and smiled back – my favourite crooked smile. Of course, all the right spots melted and I just about forgot where we were, when Aro pulled his hands from his brothers' and stopped privately conferring.

"Isabella," he smiled, clapping his hands together.

"Bella…please," I said quietly, and the God named Caius growled.

"You will accept whatever we choose to call you, human," he snarled, and I hung my head.

I felt more defeated than when Edward left. Yes, that hole in me had been filled now that my love was right by my side, but it ached and strained – it knew we were going to be torn apart any second.

I was studying the grey flecks in the marble floor, when a pair of shiny black shoes moved into view and then I felt a cold hand touch my chin. I lifted my face to see Aro, and he looked almost…sad.

"Listen not to him, Bella," he smiled, and Caius growled quietly.

I let my eyes drift to the floor again, and Aro sighed. His forefinger pushed lightly against my chin, making me look up at him. I was caught by his sparkling red eyes, and I seemed to fall into their depths, thinking of a similar pair…

My heart rate increased, and I felt my body heat – none of which was missed.

Aro smirked slightly, and then I heard a low threatening growl erupt from Edward.

"No," he hissed venomously, clutching me to his side.

Aro must have thought something that Edward didn't like – really didn't like.

"But Edward," he 'tsk'ed, "surely you must see her potential?"

"No," he said again, firmly.

Aro shook his head, disbelievingly, "You will waste it!"

"I will waste nothing," he snarled, pulling me away from Aro, and every Volturi vampire in the room, tensed.

I looked back at the floor, knowing that my death, or Edward's, was fast approaching – if the atmosphere in the room was anything to go by.

Aro sighed, "But you have already started. Look at her, Edward – can you not see the change in her? Surely, you must – I can see it from your memories. You have changed her."

I felt Edward's hand grasp me tighter – so tight, it hurt.

"Edward," I breathed, "you're hurting me."

He didn't let go, and I looked up at him – he'd never knowingly hurt me before. My arms began to ache, and I felt stabs of pain in my waist, but he was glaring at Aro and completely ignoring me.

"Edward," I squeaked, trying to get away from his grasp, but it tightened even more.

Alice stepped up, then.

"Edward!" She hissed, and he turned to look at her, then me.

He dropped his arms, his eyes widening in horror, "Bella! I'm so sorry."

I doubled over, clutching my stomach, "It's okay."

I tried to blink the pain away as I felt the blood rush back into my arms.

"Do you see what I mean, Edward?" Aro said gently, "You do not have a very gentle touch – you are too young. You will hurt her, but we, on the other hand…"

"No!" Edward growled, and I understood what had him so riled up.

I was wanted by the Volturi – specifically, Aro.

Was it because he couldn't read my mind, or to kill me later, or to keep an eye on me, or to spite Edward?

I watched and listened to their exchange, knowing I could do nothing in any of those eventualities. But there was nothing else to be said.

"Felix," Aro said sadly, and I knew – I knew this was the moment that would change our live, one way or another.


The foolish boy knew we would take what we wanted, yet he still fought.

Felix grasped Isabella firmly, and took her away with little fuss. Edward yelled and kicked – like a caged animal – but it was too late.

Isabella was ours.

Alice stayed quiet – I knew she had seen this outcome, but she was too smart to fight it.

Well done, Little Psychic… I thought.

Edward snarled, trying to get a hold on Demetri who was holding him down.

"You can go free, Edward," I smiled, "Or you can die, now. But either way, Isabella is ours."

Defeat shone in his eyes, and he bowed his head, before vowing, "I will get you back, Bella."

"We shall see," I chuckled, and gestured for him and Alice to be taken away. "Goodbye, my young friends."

When they had left, and the guard had been dispersed, Caius jumped up from his throne.

"Aro!" He hissed, "What is the meaning of this?"

He would not have spoken out against me earlier, as we had an audience, but that did not mean he would not speak out at all.

I raised a single eyebrow, "Brother?"

"The human, Aro! Why did you spare the human? She is worthless!" He snarled, and I looked towards Marcus – trying to gain his opinion.

He looked extremely bored, but he acknowledged my glance and nodded.

I beamed, "Caius, it seems you have been out-voted."

He growled viciously, flitting away, "We will see, Brother. I will not stand for vermin like her to be here."


The huge vampire named Felix had – literally – dropped me off in a bedroom, and locked the door. I stared at the shiny wood of the door for ages, completely shocked.

Where was I? What was happening? Where were Edward and Alice?

My knees hit the plush, carpeted floor without my permission, and I felt hot, fat tears streak my face.

What was going to happen to me? That was the only question that really mattered anymore.

I was sure that Edward and Alice were alive – Aro wanted them for his 'collection'. But apart from that, I was completely, and painfully, in the dark, and I preferred it that way – I didn't want to know when I was going to die.

I was sure that they wouldn't change me – Caius's disgust was enough persuasion – but then, I didn't know why I wasn't dead already.

I stopped crying.

Edward was safe, and that was what mattered. I was insignificant in the grand scale of things.

So, I just waited.

I sat a metre in front of the door, with my knees pulled up to my chest and my chin resting on top of them, just waiting to die.


I skulked at the top of the north tower, thinking of ways to convince Aro that the human should die. It was not right having her here – she was food, sustainment, nothing more. So, why did Aro treat her so well?

I growled, "Her blood should stain the ground by now."

The little human unnerved me in some way, and it made me want to snap her neck all the more.

Just as I considered questioning Marcus, I heard Athenodora running up the tower steps. I had grown so used to the sound of her footsteps, but they suddenly sickened me – I knew what was coming.

"Caius," she cooed, stepping through the arched doorway.

She crossed the bare, circular room, and I turned my head slightly in acknowledgement – it was all she needed. Her hands caressed my shoulders, and I suppressed a shudder.

Athenodora was always a 'trophy wife' – something she knew perfectly well – but after our hundreds of years together, I began to question why I even chose her as that. She was insufferable, and she simply held no appeal anymore.

Her hands continue to move along my back, and then she appeared before me, in front of the open tower window.

"Is there anything I can do, Caius?" She asked coquettishly, and I growled.

I grabbed her roughly and tore away her dress, she squealed with displeasure as the fabric ripped. I cared not, pressing her body to mine, but I did not kiss her – I would never kiss her.

My anger and frustration over the human would be released another way – for now.


I was delighted with the new addition to the castle, and I was delirious with the fact that Isabella would soon join our ranks. The girl was not stupid and I could see that, despite Edward's thoughts of her incapability.

I flitted to her room, in the farthest corner of the empty east wing, and knocked on the door politely.

I heard a tiny voice, "Come in?"

I opened the door to see Isabella sat on the floor, curled up – almost as if to protect her fragile body.

I pulled her up into my arms and then sat her on the bed, "Why were you on the floor, my dear?"

"I thought it was better to wait there, than to do anything else," she said quietly.

I looked her over quickly – so quickly her human eyes would never have caught mine moving a fraction. She was thin – painfully so – and there were dark shadows under her eyes. I thought of the girl that Edward Cullen had fallen in love with, the one I had seen from his memories, and I could hardly see her at all.

"You need to look after yourself, Bella," I smiled kindly, and she smiled back weakly.

"When am I going to die, Aro?" She asked softly, and there was no fear in her eyes.

I frowned slightly, "Die? You mean, change?"

Now she frowned, "Excuse me?"

"You are to be changed, Bella. You are to be on my guard, and we shall train you to use your gift. You will be very powerful," I smiled.

Her face was blank as she asked, "I'm… I'm not going to die?"

"No," I chuckled slightly, "My dear, if you were to die, do you not think you would already be dead?"

"Well, yes," she said quietly, "That's why I asked."

She said nothing more, and her expression was still blank. It was terribly frustrating not to be able to read Isabella's thoughts, and I chuckled to myself as I realised I was taking on Edward's pet-irritation.

"What happened to Edward, and Alice?" She asked.

"They have returned home," I said gently, and she nodded.

She rubbed her face with her hands, "So, I'm staying here – to be changed – and I'll have to stay here, forever?"

I laughed, "No – not unless you want to. You will have to serve a minimum of one hundred years, but after that, you will be free to leave – if you so chose."

She coughed and spluttered, "One hundred?!"

"When one becomes an immortal, one sees such trivial things as time in such a different way," I smirked, and she breathed a laugh.

"If I get so old that one hundred years seems like a walk in the park, you know I've lost it," she joked, and I laughed softly.

"You seem to be taking this rather well," I remarked, and she gave me a sad smile.

"I don't have any other choice – do I, Aro?" She said, and I shook my head.

"No, you don't," I said firmly.

"And Edward and Alice are safe, so that's all I can ask for. Charlie, Renee and Jake will survive," she continued sadly, "and I'll still be alive – so to speak. But when will I be changed?"

"I think you should be at a healthier weight before we let the venom have its way with you," I said lightly, and she nodded.

"Jake was helping with that, but…you know, I'll try," she sighed, and I squeezed her hand gently.

"You should sleep, Bella. Remember, if you need me, I shall come for you – I will be your ally," I teased, but there was a large amount of truth in my words.

There were many immortals who would not like her, and many more that would hate her – even if it was just because of her human status. I questioned my obsession with her, and I found it clouded and confusing. She was more than a possession, and more than a pet – she was…something. I reminded myself to talk with Marcus, but in the mean time, I would give her my protection. She would be a shining and brilliant immortal, and it was my job to see she made it that far.

"Sleep well, Isabella," I smiled as she crept under the covers of the bed, and drifted off into sleep.

I exited her room, leaving her a note not to walk around the castle without an escort, or first giving me notice, and went to find Marcus.


I thought I would have nightmares again, as I always did, but they weren't as frightening as usual – a dream was chasing them away, and I let it consume me.

Red eyes pierced the blackness, and I knew, immediately, who they belonged to. Only one vampire had eyes that made my skin heat under his gaze, and make my heart slam against my ribs – the one who sneered, but was more beautiful than I could ever have dreamed of.

'Beautiful Thieves' - AFI

My dear there is no danger.
Can't you see they turn blind eyes
To we swift and spotlight strangers?
Oh, before the rush is over
We will be revered again,
While the victims still recover.

If we run this light,
Take a little life,
No one will care at all.
We can burn it and leave,
For we are the beautiful thieves.
No one suspects at all.
No one suspects.

Are we running toward death?
I have met him times before,
He adores us like the rest.
Oh, even if we're discovered,
Just be sure to wear your best,
We will surely make the covers.

If we run this light,
Take a little life,
No one will care at all.
We can burn it and leave,
For we are the beautiful thieves.
No one suspects at all.
No one suspects.

Who would run for cover?
Who would run from us?
Who would run for cover?
Who would run from us?

If we run this light,
Take a little life,
No one will care at all.
We can burn it and leave,
For we are the beautiful thieves.
No one suspects at all.
No one suspects at all.
If we run this light,
Take a little life,
No one will care at all .
We can burn it and leave,
For we are the beautiful thieves.
No one suspects at all.
No one suspects.

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