One Elf in the Midst of Five Armies
by WSJ

Ever since the publication of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, fans have been asking one question: Well, ok, two. But besides 'Whatever happened to Arwen?' (it never does say) people have always asked 'Was Legolas Greenleaf at the Battle of Five Armies?' This is an attempt to answer that.

I don't own LotR or The Hobbit.


As Elrond's council progressed and Gandalf began to tell of his imprisonment at Isengard, Bilbo tried his best to listen, but found he somehow just couldn't. He kept staring at the young Elf sitting just across from him. He looked familiar, almost horrifyingly so, but Bilbo just could not think of where he had seen him before.

Bilbo heard Frodo offer to take the Ring to Mordor, but the full meaning didn't hit him just then. Aragorn appraoched the small hobbit and offered his servises, as did Boromir of Minas Tirath and Gimli son of Gloin, who had been one of Bilbo's companions when he went to face Smaug in the Lonely Mountain. The Elf Bilbo had been looking at stood as well, and Bilbo perked up his tiny ears.

"I, Legolas of the Mirkwood Elves will come with you as well. I offer my bow." he said in a clear ringing tenor voice. Bilbo nearly groaned aloud. The name was familiar as well, and it was going to bug him to no end until he found out, he was sure of it.

As the council finally broke for a lunch break Bilbo made his way over to Legolas, who looked down in surprise at the old hobbit.

"I don't mean to bother you," Bilbo started. "But you seem so familiar to me, and I simply can't think of where I know you from!"

Legolas laughed and pulled up a stool next to Bilbo's. "As you should Bilbo Baggins! I rode into battle for the first time about sixty years ago, for although I am almost two thousand, for an Elf that is barely mature."

A look of realazation and slight recognition dawned on Bilbo's face and he smiled. "Now I remember you. You were that small chap fighting near me during the Battle of Five Armies! I was watching you the whole time, and that is why you seemed so familiar to me!"

Legolas nodded. "Right you are Little Friend. I felt you eyes on me, and I saw you."

"But I had on the Ring. Nothing should have been able to see me." Bilbo said, puzzled.

Legolas smiled and flipped his long hair over his shoulder, clearly displaying his pointed ears. Tapping his temple with his finger he said, "Ah, but I am the prince of Mirkwood! Mortal sight and sound holds no bondries for me. I could see you sitting there then just as clearly as I can now. Why do you think I stayed so close to you throughout the entire ordeal? I wanted to make sure no stray arrows harmed the poor little invisible halfling of course!"

"Tell me," said Bilbo, still slightly in shock. "What led to you being there that day, and how is it you are here now?"

Legolas looked up and squinted at the sun. "We have time, so I shall tell you." And he began his tale.


Just the first chapter. Let me know if I should continue. (Heck, I'm going to anyway, so say anything you like. Flames will be returned though, so watch it!)