One Elf in the Midst of Five Armies
by WSJ
Chapter 2: Finding His Place

Ok, in responce to one review I got, I haven't actually read the Hobbit yet. *ducks as tomatos hit her* But I have seen the old '60's movie. You know, the ones with the Elves as purple goblin-creatures, and that's what I'm working from. *ducks again as more tomatoes fly, followed closely by eggs*

This chapter has to do with the first time Legolas and Aragorn meet.

Disclaimer: I don't own LotR. But Delnya and various other charactors are mine.


"Legolas! Your father wants you!" Delyna said, hurrying up to her friend. Dressed in typical Delnya fasion, she had nicked a pair of soldier's slacks again, and was wearing a long, loose shirt belted around her slender waist. Her golden hair was pulled back into pony-tail.

Delnya was a princess from LothLorien, but was staying with Thurandil in Mirkwood because no one in Lorien could get her to behave 'like a proper lady'. Legolas knew very well that Delnya had *no* intention of becoming a proper lady. Not in *this* life at any rate. Thankfully King Thurandil just let her do what she wanted.

"What does he want me for?" Legolas asked. He was right in the middle of archery practice, and he really didn't want to leave. He was the best in his class and loved to show off his skills with the bow.

Delnya shrugged. "He didn't say. He just asked me to go find you."

Legolas sighed and turned to his teacher. "Dad wants me, can I go?" he asked, hoping that he'd say no. But no one can refuse the King, so Legolas was resigned to darting around Mirkwood's trees with Delnya towards the royal palace.

When they arrived the guard on duty by the doors smiled at him. "'Ello Prince, Princess. 'Ere to see the King?"

"Yes Goldar, can we go in?" Legolas asked.

Goldar smiled. "Yep. Jus' got out of a meetin' 'e did. Go right in."

The two friends pushed open the heavy oak doors and stepped into King Thurandil's throne room. It was massive, three stories tall with huge, tall windows, three on each side. Three oak trees grew up in a row down the middle, so that their trunks obstucted the view (and any clear shooting angle) of the throne. The trees left again through the roof, and blossemed into a million branches and leaves just outside.

Legolas and Delnya swerved to the right of the three massive trees and came to stand in front of the Elven King. Legolas bowed slightly, and after a nudge with his elbow Delnya scowled and curtsied, despite the fact she was wearing pants.

Thurandil smiled. "Good of you to come. The reason I summoned you Legolas, Delnya, is because Lord Elrond has requested a companion for his daughter Arwen. I thought you might like it in Rivendell Delnya, so i told him you'd go. And, Legolas, she needs an escort. I also think that you need to see more of Middle-Earth if you're going to be King someday. So I want you two to go to Rivendell, with my respects."

Delnya and Legolas looked at each other and grinned. They were going to Rivendell! By themselves!

"I had your servents take the liberty to pack for you, so you can leave as soon as possible." Thurandil said.

Delnya scowled again. "Uh oh, I'll bet my maids are packing all these sissy dresses. I'd better go straiten that out!" She half-bowed to the King and then turned and ran out of the room. Legolas chuckled at his friend's antics before running over to the throne to hug his father.

"Thanks dad." he said.

"You're welcome." said the King, smiling. "Now go make sure you have everything ready."

Legolas nodded and turned to leave. He loaded his bags onto his horse, Yelta, along with his bow and arrows. He wasn't allowed to carry the long white Elven knives yet. That would come with his 'coming-of-age' in a few years.

It was nearly half an hour before Delnya finally rode up on her pony, Triton. Legolas grinned. "So they *were* packing dresses?" he teased.

"Oh shut up..." she muttered.

They took their time getting to Rivendell, and arrived one and a half months later. The Lord Elrond met them at the gates, and behind him stood the most beautiful chick that Legolas had ever seen. He whistled quietly to himself. "What a babe..."

It was then he noticed the young human standing on Elrond's other side. He looked about twenty years old (as humans go Legolas wasn't even fifteen maturity-wise). He had this look on his face that told him the 'babe' was his and Legolas had better back off.

Legolas chuckled. "But you're a human!"

"So?" asked the man, coming to help Legolas unstrap his things from the horse and carry them to his room. Legolas turned to check on Delnya, only to find her busily chattering away with the chick, whom he'd by now identified as Arwen, Elrond's daughter.

Legolas turned back to the man and shrugged. "Whatever... I'm Prince Legolas, of Mirkwood."

The man gave him a look that said 'I knew that', but abruptly smiled. "I'm Aragorn, son of Arathorn."

Legolas smiled. "Nice to meet you."

Elrond chuckled as he watched the two walk off, and then turned to look at the grey-haired Istari standing next to him. "That looks like the start of a beautiful friendship."

Gandalf smiled and stroked his beard. "We shall see..."


Legolas paused to take a sip of wine.

"Oh please don't stop!" Bilbo begged, momentarily coming back to the present. "It's so intresting!"

Legolas chuckled. "Fine, fine, I'll go on..."


Chapter 3 will be about Legolas's 'coming of age'.

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