By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Finally, something Pokemon related that has random events all across the board! Yeah, this one is sorta canon to my Pokemon fanfics as well, but it's more or less a random in the days and life of thing. And it's mostly about Yanmega. And Seviper. And all the other Generation Three and Four Pokemon. And... you know what, just go on and read it, ladies and gentlemen.

Disclaimer: Everything else in this story belongs to their rightful owners. And since Pokemon is the only thing in this story, it belongs rightfully to Nintendo.

It was a beautiful Tuesday morning in the middle of the meadows...

"Hey Sev, get a load of this!" Yanmega shouted to Seviper as he aimed himself at a set of brick walls, taking in a breath as he screamed, "Take Down!" He was heading towards the brick walls at full speed, smashing into the first one as he landed on his back , moaning in pain. "Ooooah... damn it. Foiled again."

Seviper sighed as he shook his head. "Oh, Yan. You've been trying to break through those brick walls twelve times today. And you still can't even get past the first brick wall," He stated as he comforted Yanmega, "Maybe you should just try to take it easy a bit..."

Yanmega growled as he pushed Seviper off of him. "No way, Sev! I'm going to break through those brick walls, even if it kills me!" He began glowing, gathering energy as he screamed, performing one more Take Down. Shockingly, it worked, as Yanmega successfully broke through the brick wall. However, he was severely weakened by it, and he accidentally knocked himself out, moaning in pain as he lied on the ground on his back.

Seviper slapped himself in the forehead with his blade-shaped tail as he picked up Yanmega, heading back for his home as he slithered through the sharp, tall grass. "Yanmega, why do you always seem eager to perform stupid deeds..."

Yanmega groaned in pain as he woke up, barely blinking as he saw Seviper. He smiled, coughing up a bit as he stated, "Oh, Seviper... what happened to me?"

Seviper rolled his eyes as he patted Yanmega on the head. "Yan, you charged up and used all of your health as your energy that you used to break through the brick walls."

Yanmega gasped, and he cheered as he stood up in his bed. "Yesz! I knew I could be able to do it! Oh yeah- AGH!!!" He fell back in his bed as he felt his back pain. "God, is my back in so much pain..."

Seviper handed Yanmega a clear glass of water. "Just stay in bed and don't try to move. You took some massive damage back there." He turned around, heading out of the room as he turned around one more time, saying to yanmega before leaving, "Although it was stupid of you to do something like that, I admire your brute strength for actually accomplishing it."

Yanmega smiled as he drank down the water, sighing as he lied back down in his bed. "Ahhh... that's more like it. Getting a nice congratulations." He sighed as he closed his eyes. "Now... with my test of power out of the way, I gotta look towards the next thing..."


"...Sex! Of course!"