Yanmega did a barrel roll as he flew high in the sky, being chased by several Pidove, who were chasing him for MONEY. Yanmega flew downwards as he tried to lose the Pidove, but the pesky pigeon Pokemon only followed him closely. yanmega cursed in annoyance as he did several loops in the huge, white puffy clouds.

"Darn it, why are these losers following me?" Yanmega asked himself as he zipped through the clouds, going through one another as it was thick enough to cut a fork through. The Pidove continued chasing after Yanmega, using their high pitched screeches to cause Yanmega to substain damage.

"It's not like I have anything that they want..." Yanmega muttered to himself. Little did he remember that he accidentally destroyed the Pidove's private spot, making them rage higher than an erupting volcano. Oh Yanmega, you don't even know.