Chapter 6

Jennifer woke early laying in bed thinking about her dinner with Ronon. She was so thankful he'd insisted on eating together giving her a chance to clear the air. She'd had such a good time on their evenings together teaching each other new skills and would've been devastated if she'd ruined it with her crying jag.

She took some time revisiting the scene in the gym and her unexpected meltdown. It'd happened so fast she didn't have time to swallow it back down, lock it away in the corner of her mind where it belonged. Jen knew it was time to acknowledge the attack and stop pretending it never happened. Everything she'd gone through in her life up to this point had shaped the person she was today and she loved her life right at this moment. It was time to face her demons and let the healing process begin. She'd decided to stop running away from her past and embrace her new life on Atlantis.

Jennifer took a shower and stood blowing her hair dry in front of the bathroom mirror. New recruits were expected in the infirmary all day but she'd gotten up early so she still had a bit of time before she needed to grab breakfast and load up on caffeine for the day. Examining her face in the mirror she slowly ran her hand down the scar really looking at it for the first time in quite a while. After her moments of soul searching this morning it didn't look as ugly as she remembered. In fact it had faded quite a bid since she'd arrived back in the Pegasus galaxy. Time to move on, she smiled to herself.

After getting dressed for the day Jennifer couldn't help but think about Ronon and how well he'd done on his reading lessons. Maybe it was time for a test. Since the whole thing started with those saucy notes from an admirer she thought she'd slip a new note under his door and see how well he did at reading it himself. It was also a way to express herself without him ever knowing it was her thoughts and feelings. What started out as a mutual exchange of services had turned into a longing for more. She was in love with her friend and wondered if he had any feelings toward her.

Digging through her backpack she found her lavender writing tablet. Settling herself on the couch she began to compose.

Hey Handsome,

I've been waiting for you to make a move for months now. What's the hold up? Thought you were a man of action! I really want you but a girl can't wait forever!

Make up your mind but don't break my heart.

Lonely Lips.

Jennifer laughed as she read the letter again. She was definitely out of her comfort zone when it came to writing sexy notes. She blushed just reading it through for the last time. It wasn't that every line wasn't true; it's just that she'd never be so bold as to voice it out loud.

Jennifer stopped by Ronon's room on the way to work and slipped the note under his door knowing he wouldn't be back from his mission until midday. She was certain he'd just think it was from another admirer and what female on base hadn't thought those exact things! Jen knew she was out of her league to think he'd return the feelings but a girl could dream. She didn't sign the note so he shouldn't have any idea who it was from. If anything it sounded a lot like G wrote it. The test was perfect.

She had little time to dwell on the note as new recruits filled the infirmary all day. Marie kept everything flowing smoothly working the schedule so each doctor was given a break for lunch in the midst of the chaos. Thinking back over her morning Jennifer wondered if her friend was trying to play matchmaker. For some reason she found herself giving physicals to every good-looking guy that made his way through the infirmary doors. Jennifer knew Marie meant well but she wasn't interested and felt awkward having to find ways to graciously turn down dinner invitations and movie dates.

"Dr. Keller, it's time for your lunch break," Marie announced shooing her out of the clinic.

Marie purposefully arranged Jennifer's lunch break so she'd end up in the mess hall at the same time as the last batch of recruits. She was hoping someone interesting might sit with the doctor for lunch. It was about time her friend found something other than work to occupy her time.

Jennifer filled her tray finding an empty table by the back wall. The dining room was filling up quickly with so many new people joining the expedition. She arranged her food then opened her book to the last chapter she'd read. She'd only made it a few paragraphs when a deep voice brought her back to reality.

"Excuse me, do you mind if I join you?" a young Lieutenant asked.

"Ah, sure," Jen stuttered blushing slightly. She still didn't like making small talk with strangers. Having her book with her usually worked wonders but the newer recruits weren't knowledgeable to the workings of the older personnel yet and seemed fearless.

Jennifer and the Lieutenant had just made it through the introductions and usual "how do you like Atlantis?" questions when a new scientist and Marine joined them. It was nice having two more to help handle the conversation but she'd still rather read her book in silence.

Having finished his return physical, Ronon opened the door to his quarters and found the note lying on the floor. He set the scented letter on his bed deciding to read it after he showered and ate something. It was hard to believe he'd be getting notes already thinking it must not be from a new recruit. He figured he'd be note free until after the sparing demonstration later tonight.

Retrieving his boots from where he'd kicked them off, Ronon slipped them on readying himself to go get some food when his eye caught sight of the note. Curiosity got the better of him as he picked it up and began to read.

Finishing it for a third time, Ronon shoved the note in his pocket and stormed out of his room determined to find the sender. Heat simmered off his body as he marched down the corridor with a set jar and glaring eyes. No one bothered to speak to him or stand in his way giving the man a wide berth for fear of being the object of his wrath.

He stopped just inside the mess hall scanning the room for his teacher. Spotting the woman sitting at a table with strange men he took a moment to plan his next move. He watched her talk and smile with the men in animated banter for as long as he could stand it until his patience was gone and his temper flared.

When the Lieutenant touched her arm in a friendly gesture Ronon snapped. In a heartbeat he was standing beside her glaring at the men around the table while taking her elbow and pulling her up out of her seat.

"Hey," the Marine growled standing up to face Ronon inches from his face, "you need to take your hand off the lady."

Jennifer put her hand out toward the men at the table with her palm out hoping to stop them from doing something stupid. "I'm fine," she assured the men.

As Jennifer was trying to calm the Lieutenant and scientist who'd jumped up to join in the fray, Ronon leaned in and snarled at the Marine, "she belongs to me".

Ronon firmly grasped Jennifer's hand and guided … or rather pulled her from the lunchroom and down the corridor. He needed to find somewhere they could be alone without all the prying eyes of Atlantis.

The Marine hesitated then started to follow after them when Major Lorne stepped in his path on the way to Sheppard's table. "Stand down, Sergeant, I wouldn't advise that," he said chuckling. "You don't want to end up in the infirmary your first day here."

Jennifer tried to gauge Ronon's intent by the look on his face but she was having a hard time keeping up so most of what she saw was his back.

"Ronon, what's wrong? Are you upset with me? Are you hurt?" she asked pleadingly. "Have I done something to make you mad?" She couldn't tell if he was angry or just really determined but she willingly moved along the hallway knowing he'd speak his mind when they got to their destination.

Ronon was desperate to get her alone … a man on a mission. Walking past a set of doors he stopped dead in his tracks then turned back. Opening the door to the balcony he stuck his head in to see if it was deserted. Finally, he thought. Pulling Jennifer onto the empty terrace he guided her to the far corner and stood toe to toe with her as he pulled the note out of his pocket.

"Oh my … ah … did you get another note?" she stammered trying to sound innocent while blushing head to toe.

"This better be from you," he growled with a hungry smirk, his voice barely above a whisper as he backed her against the wall.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye but in that instant she saw her future reflected in dark eyes full of desire and determination.

Ronon quickly ran his hand up the back of her neck into her hair cupping her head, firmly holding her in place. He searched her face briefly for any signs of fear before he took her mouth claiming her lonely lips as his. As the moment intensified neither of them noticed the delicate flowery paper tumble and float on the gentle breeze out across the City freeing his hand for more important things to hold. Coming up for air, Ronon pulled her closer laying soft kisses along the length of her scare.

Jennifer was through running. She'd found what she was longing for and fiercely returned his kisses staking her own claim.

Losing herself in his touch they remained on the balcony exploring their new relationship till long past the lunch hour.

The End

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