Silver Speech, Or Silence Gold?
by WSJ

I read that line in a poem somewhere... Um, let me look it up real quick... Here it is: "Would You...?" by beatrix izumi. It's a kawaii li'l Kenyako poem, so if you like that kinda thing look it up.

Anyway, I read that line and thought it would be a good title for a Sorato. I don't own Digimon, but I wrote the poem "One Cold Christmas Night" so I own it.


'Think fast Taichi... What should I say?' Tai stood there, to his mind looking like a complete fool, outside of Matt's concert on a cold Christmas Eve night.

"S-sora... Are those for Matt?" he asked.

She blushed and nodded, eyes locked onto the cold, wet pavement under her feet. "Yeah..."

Tai walked over, and lifted her chin so that she was looking him in the eyes. "They say silence is golden Sora-chan, but if you don't walk in there and tell Matt how you feel now, you might never get the chance. Silence may be golden, but speech is silver."

Her eyes bore deep into his, tears gathering in both chocolate brown and crimson as two Digimon stood nearby, watching quietly.

Two stood alone on a night so cold,
Thinking of silver speech, silence gold.
He loved her with all his heart,
She loved another; for Courage and Love are destined to part.
Taichi stands quiet as she enters the tent,
Softly crying but not about to repent.
He just wanted his two friends to be the happiest they could be.
'Be happy Sora-chan, even if it's not with me.'
The crazy Motimiya tried to make her way inside,
Tai grabbed her by the arms, his pain to hide.
'You're not going to ruin that fledgeling love.'
He hissed as he pushed Jun off the edge of the dub.
So Jun never got aired in the US,
Not that we mind, as many can guess.
So Taichi stood alone, guarding the door,
Letting his two friends have the peace they had in store.
Tears on his face and a pain in his heart,
He accepted that Courage and Love will always be apart.
Three sat together on a cold Christmas night,
Friendship thanked Courage for giving him Love, for that was only right.

Taichi felt a single tear slide down his cheek as a poem suddenly lept to his mind. "Go follow your dreams Sora." he said, pushing her into the tent. Then he turned to go find Jun, he was NOT going to let her ruin things...


Ugh... I don't think it was that good... Oh well, I tried!