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50 Things That Fred and George Can't Do

By Molly Weasley

50. Masturbate to muggle porn

49. Seduce Harry after getting him drunk

48. Call out "Rape!" for no apparent reason

47. Give each other blow jobs

46. Make out while everyone is eating

45. Take long 'showers' with each other

44. Ask Snape to brew a contraceptive potion for you

43. Walk around naked then fuck the garden gnomes

42. Rape your brothers while they sleep

41. Kiss Snape in front of the whole class

40. Ask Dumbledore out on a date

39. Steal all of Madam Rosemerta's knickers

38. Try to get pregnant

37. Suck Ron's dick

36. Wear Lady Gaga's Glasses, and then say it's a fashion statement

35. Kidnap goblins from Gringotts

34. Read Twilight then introduce fans to a real vampire

33. Sell Dildos at your shop

32. Make innuendos with your 'wand'

31. Ask Hagrid if you can bite his rock cakes

30. Beat your Qudditch teammates with your bats

29. Ask Harry can you shower with him

28. Put out a rumor saying Draco Malfoy has herpes,

27. even though it's true

26. and mean

25. and the fact he got it from you two.

24. Kill Dudley Dursley,

23. Then sell his sweets

22. and his Xbox.

21. Open a casino in the basement

20. Cut Snape's hair off

19. then pretend it was rejected by cancer patients

18. Rim Harry Potter then make him admit that he enjoyed it

17. Buy a riding crop and whip Hermione when she's doing homework

16. then use it on each other

15. Watch Gay Internet porn,

14. Then say that it was Harry and Ron

13. Get married in Vegas

14. Then come out that you're gay

12. Sniff other dogs' butts

11. Stick your head into the fireplace,

10. Then claim you see someone shagging Ginny

9. Then watch for 2 hours!

8. Dry hump the couch

7. then say you almost came when I caught you

6. Fuck Harry

5. Fuck Ron

4. Fuck Hermione

3. Fuck each other

2. Laugh at dead people

1. Wank off on the roof

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