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Chapter 3

It took less than an hour for me and Rosalie to become great friends. I'd gone across the hall and into her room, decorated with the most stunning rose trip-ditch on one wall, and we'd talked for an hour.

'You look really thirsty,' she said after a moment of silence, 'really thirsty!'

'Just a little,' I shook my head, laughing more freely than I had since being human, as she pushed me and I stumbled backwards.

'Yep, definitely thirsty, weakling,' she giggled, 'c'mon, we'll go hunting! Em and Es won't be back for ages, and it'd be better for them to meet you sober.'

'Sober?' I asked, as she pulled me by the arm down the stairs and into the living room, where Jasper was reading a newspaper, and Carlisle bent over a stack of confusing-looking papers.

'Just my little way of saying quenched,' she shrugged, 'doesn't really make sense, but then nothing in this life makes sense, y'know?'

'Totally,' I nodded, 'I feel like that all the time. It's like everything's a dream – a nightmare – and I'm going to wake up nice and warm in my bed at home. With my mom and dad and Steffie to get me through life one day at a time. Not like this, it feels as though the last four years have blurred by.'

'You wait until the decades start disappearing!' she shook her head, 'that's when it starts getting freaky. But then again, it's like a second when you have an eternity, so maybe that's why. You get me?'

'Yeah, I'm with you there!'

'Well, not to interrupt,' Carlisle said in bemusement, looking up from his papers with a slight smile of gratitude at the distraction, 'since you two seem to be getting along like a house on fire. But can I ask if you're going somewhere?'

Rosalie nodded, not even giving me the chance to say no. 'We're going hunting, isn't that right William?'

'Fine,' I rolled my eyes.

'Okay,' Jasper said, looking from one of us to the other, 'since when do you make friends so fast?' He narrowed his eyes jokingly at Rosalie.

'I'm actually very friendly,' she threw a leather glove at him.

'In your dreams, sister,' he stood up and chucked the glove back.

'Well, be back before Emmett and Esme – they'll want to meet you as soon as possible once they know you exist,' Carlisle said with mock stern.

'Yes, daddy,' Rosalie winked. 'But seriously, Will, you don't have to come if you don't want to.'

'No, it'd be great,' I assured her, 'let's go, I really am very thirsty. Or should I say drunk?'

'Oh haha, so my phrase was silly. It just came from... you know, when you're really thirsty you go a bit loopy, like when you're drunk...'

'Since when do you say words like loopy?' Jasper asked with incredulity, as Rosalie and I raced each other to the front door.

'Looks like Rosalie's found a friend at last,' Carlisle said, still looking bemused, before turning back to his files and resuming his dark muttering about modern medicine.


'So, Mr Dark, how do you feel now?' Rosalie asked brightly, as we walked at human pace back to the house.

'Sober,' I winked, and she pushed me gently so that I stumbled into a ferny bush. 'Oi!' I pushed her back, and she laughed as her hair caught onto a branch and I had to untangle it for her. 'So tell me, what's Emmett like?'

'Emmett,' she sighed, 'he's everything. He's the bravest vampire in the world – the strongest too. When he looks into your eyes it's captivating, they're the most pure amber you can imagine. And he's funny too, hilarious, and he's always making the family laugh when things look like they're only going to get worse. He's never sad, because he thinks this life is the best thing imaginable. It's the only thing we disagree on. I think that's why I can talk to you like this... you don't like this life either.'

'I guess,' I nodded, 'I mean I guess that's why we click. I can't see how anyone would want this.'

'Like Bella,' Rosalie rolled her eyes, before adding, 'don't ask!' when I looked confused. 'So what about you? What's Steffie like?'

I winced a little, but she didn't falter. 'Oh, you know. I've only seen her a few times since it all happened. She's got a new boyfriend now. But she's the most beautiful girl on earth... her eyes are really dark blue, and her hair a bright orange-red and really messy. And when she laughs it's like the whole world falls away.'

'You never spoke to her after all of this?' she asked, looking a little bemused, 'I'd have found her.'

'For the first year I couldn't think of anything but my own sorry life,' I shrugged, 'and after that she'd declared to everyone that I ran away because of her and that I was horrible.'

'She thought you left your family, your school and your friends because of her? Pig headed much?'

'I know,' I said, as the house appeared back in sight.

'You said about the first year... what was it like?'

'It was like...' I paused, standing still and looking up at the sky. 'You might not remember, but do you know when you're human and you get one of those nightmares, where everything's black agony, but when you wake up the feeling is still there even though you can't remember what happened properly?'

'I know,' she nodded, patting my shoulder in an oddly sympathetic way. 'That's how I think of the night I was changed. You know, what I told you about?'

'Yeah,' she'd told me when we were in her room.

'Ooh, shoot,' she pointed at a red jeep parked in the drive beside a new-looking sleek, shiny silver sports car. 'Looks like they're back already!'

'Oh dear,' I laughed, 'Carlisle won't be impressed!'

We darted over to the front door in a split second and opened it as quietly as we could, as if to sneak in. But as soon as we reached the hall we found our way blocked by a hugely tall, dark-skinned figure. 'Jacob,' Rosalie said icily.

'Cullen,' he muttered back, leaving her name generic. 'And other vampire.'

'His name's Will. That's Jacob Black,' she added to me, 'he's Renesmee's imprinter. He's a werewolf, it's a long story.'

'I know about the wolves.'

'You do?' Jacob narrowed his eyes.

'Yeah, smelt 'em up by the Canadian border a few weeks back.'

'Oh, yeah,' he didn't look convinced, 'we were running a routine check,' he said, more for Rosalie's benefit than mine, as she was looking at him with questioning eyes.

'Right, well, wolfie, we have places to be, people to see, forward slash meet.'

'Nessie's in there,' he shot me an icy glare.

'Yeah, well, she's gonna meet him some time!' Rosalie looked extremely unconcerned, though I was very worried about meeting the part-human. The faint heartbeat I could hear from the living room was already too much. 'So, please, don't let us interrupt your leaving.'

He pulled a face before opening the front door and slamming it behind him rather harder than necessary.

'Ignore Jacob,' Rosalie rolled her eyes, 'he's always been that twat-ish.'

'Alright,' I laughed, as she opened the door to the living room and gave me a mock-tense strained grin. 'Meet the fam'!'

'Well if you'll look at what the tide washed in!' A bloke shot in front of me so quickly that I didn't notice the movement, and I had to concentrate on him harder than I'd ever concentrated on anyone before to avoid inhaling the scent of that girl. 'It's great to meet you,' he held out a huge hand, and I shook it, recognising immediately that this was not a man to be messed with. He was huge! 'I'm Emmett,' he added unnecessarily.

'William,' I gave him a weak smile.

'And how's my gorgeous Rose?' He turned to her, and I felt a huge amount of gratitude that he didn't press for information.

'It's nice to meet you, William,' I turned to the other woman, and she smiled warmly. Her hair was a soft caramel, and fell in waves around her pointy face. She was wearing a pink flowery skirt and beige turtleneck. But when our eyes met, all four widened instantly. 'I'm Esme,' she said uncertainly.

'William,' I replied breathlessly, because I knew those eyes. I didn't know where from, but I definitely knew those eyes!

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