Scribbled out. Kind of a weird chapter name, I know, but whatever. Glad I came back with this surprise? You're welcome!

I decided this would be a mainly Raven/Beast Boy story, but Kid Flash/Jinx coupling would remain a majority of it too. Hope you like it.

It Wants a Friend
Chapter 1
"Scribbled Out

Christmas was one of the main holidays at the castle. In truth, every holiday was blown way out of proportion, by all standards (Chris Kringle himself would go blind at the sight of so many lights and other decorative pieces to celebrate the festivity) but Christmas was a favorite. Especially for Starfire, who, on her first Christmas on Earth, had given everyone the pleasure of asking as many questions about every detail of everything. What was a Christmas tree? Why was there a specific tree for this holiday? Who was Santa and why was he breaking into homes? Why did this 'Santa Clause' have so many names? Why did he require payment in the pastry form for the presents he gave? Such questions were mainly answered by Robin because he was the one to offer to show her around the whole 'idea of Christmas' thing. But anyone in the same room as them was also snagged and asked so politely and innocently what they were doing (if said person was putting up decorations, or even wearing a sweater with a reindeer on it) that they couldn't deny the alien princess an answer. And then she'd want to know so much about a 'reindeer sweater' and why they wore it the conversation could (and normally would) last for hours.

This year was so much worse, in my personal opinion.

My name is Raven, I have a boyfriend named Beast Boy, and its been one year since he and his 'family' joined the team. Well, almost a year, but it doesn't really matter, does it? The point is, we're all happy now. That's all we can ask for, right?

Currently, it was Christmas Eve, and the place was buzzing with guests, invited because of politics and appearances, people that hardly knew us and every single Teen Titans that was in existence, each greeting me with a 'glad to have you back' and 'merry Christmas'. Beast Boy was beside me the whole time, holding my hand and making a joke or crack about every politician or senator that tried to show off their superiority over someone as myself (me having the reputation of a surprisingly smart teenager) in which I would smile and say something about said subject (a few times they'd spoken in a different language about mathematics, and I answered in the same language with a much more intricate phrasing) and their smile would drop and they'd look uncomfortable and nervous as they made an excuse to leave and hurried away.

"Geez, you think they'd stop after a while," He muttered to me eventually. Surprisingly, no one had commented about our new found and thriving relationship. For that we were both silently thankful.

I shrugged, whispering back, "They're all too full of arrogance to deflate until I 'prove myself' to them."

Beast Boy's eyes narrowed. "You shouldn't have to prove anything to them. All of them owe you at least ten favors for saving their banks and what not."

I squeezed his hand reassuringly. "Don't worry about it. I like how they all cower after I win." I smiled. He smiled in turn, rolling his eyes and looking straight ahead again.

"You're such a show off."

"Don't act like you don't like it."

He turned back to look at me, one brow up. "Are you trying to throw me off my act?"

I leaned towards him, smirking. "I like throwing you off."

His expression turned smug as well. "You better watch it, Rae. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were hitting on me."

"Yes, hitting on my boyfriend. A real crime."

And then another person came to introduce themselves to the kidnapped Titan and her hero boyfriend. Beast Boy was disgusted when the press had called him the hero, even though he thought himself the villain, but he hid it well, accepting the praise kindly and politely, with the grace of someone who'd been trained to do this. It was almost funny to see his face, as soon as it was out of sight of the people, switch from happy to irritated. I always made a remark about it, which he'd only figure out a way to try and seduce me. Most of the time it worked, to be honest.

But the thing about people was, they always liked you. If you had superpowers, or even, say, someone like the notorious Batman, who lived in some city called Gotham. He didn't even have powers, we hear, yet he still runs the city. Arella checks in on him every once in a while. The council doesn't like vigilantes unsupervised. But anyways, if you did things like we do, they will always want to meet you, always wants to be your friend. Every one of the people in the room would do anything I asked them, without a second thought. Though the politicians tried to outsmart me, and the actresses giving Starfire (in her beautiful gown, showing off her slim figure and petite features more then usual, though it covered more then usual) nasty and envious looks, all of them loved us. The politicians loved the challenge, the hope, that maybe one day, one question, I'll slip up and not know (which was unlikely) the answer to some riddle or not know the language they spoke in. The actresses eying Starfire's looks hungrily wanted to hate her but couldn't. They all wanted to be her best friend, maybe even like a sister to her, just to say that, at any time, they could call her and say 'hi' just because. Because they were friends. Even some of the male actors or rather good looking young men here on business (although none of them interested me) were envious of Beast Boy, Robin, and some of our boys. Even Red X (most of the girls were hanging on him, hearing that he preferred the completely human type). All of them had a secret hatred of the boys because they were or could date a female Titan, such as myself or Starfire. I smiled at that thought, remembering the mistake of an abnormally hopeful male guest.

(Earlier That Evening)


"I don't get why these parties are such I big deal," Cyborg said, looking around at the uncountable amount of guests. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against big events-."

"Yes you do," Kole interrupted, flicking the straw in her soda around and not looking up.

She was ignored. Cyborg continued as if she hadn't spoken. "Or parties or anything, but this is ridiculous."

I nodded, my legs crossed after Kid Flash made me take my feet off the table. Nobody saw me but only because he'd seen as soon as I'd done it and, well, he'd pretty much said if I didn't do as he said, he'd do it for me. I'd glared but did and he'd rolled his eyes at my stubbornness.

"Well, at least you're not Robin and Starfire, mate." Argent said, jerking her chin towards the couple that had been 'meeting and greeting' all night so far. "They've got a fan club the size of a continent."

That was true. We all had a moment of pity for the Titans most good looking couple. Although Raven and Beast Boy were still being forced to socialize with the hopefuls that figured if they talked to us enough, they'd know us. And if they knew us, they could be us. Some girl had actually dyed her hair from blond to red to match Starfire's. A few had even tried out Kole, Myself, and Raven's hairstyles. All failed miserably and it was proven we were the only ones who could truly pull our looks off. But to be fair, the girl looked . . . alright. But she was a model. They'd probably make her change it back later. Starfire was flattered, but, had asked me if that girl was alright. Confused, I asked what she meant and Starfire said 'She is the bleeding from her head, it seems. Do you not see the abnormal red color of her hair?' And I had to excuse myself to start laughing in a corner, and during that, which Kid Flash managed to explain the girl was not bleeding, she'd just dyed her hair to look like Starfire's.

That had made the night for me.

"Well, at least we managed to squeeze away from the crowd," Kid Flash commented. "Man, some of these European girls really can talk."

"Tell me about it," Argent said. Her eyes then roamed the crowd and she smirked. "But it doesn't seem Red X really minds the attention."

We turned to see Red X, my beloved 'brother', talking to some girl. Others scowled at the attention she was taking from them, the other females interested in him. I laughed and rolled my eyes. However 'cool' he seemed (he was the only one not out of uniform, refusing to do it, not that it really mattered) I saw the small signs of him being uncomfortable. He obviously didn't like being around so many people. It had taken him a while just to get used to the Titans, let alone the rest of these strangers. Especially when some were giving him extra attention.

I got up. "I'll go save him. Be right back."

"If you can get through the swarm!" See-More shouted after me, in which everyone laughed heartily. I rolled my eyes and had maneuvered myself through the crowd when someone caught me.

"Miss Jinx!" I heard someone shout. I swore under my breath before turning to see a young man, pushing through the crowd to get to me. I was tempted to just keep going but I'd already turned around to look. He'd known I was ignoring him and it was against the rules to be rude at a party. Yes, we have rules. Damn. When he did reach me, he seemed a little out of breath. He stood up straight, revealing himself to be only a little taller then me, maybe around Red X's height. He wasn't half-bad looking, but everyone here was distinguished or beautiful. It was almost like that was rule too (which its not, by the way). He smiled at me. "I've been trying to catch you all night, but, you disappeared."

I put on a sincere smile. "Oh, I'm sorry. I've been running around doing errands and things." That was complete crap but oh darn, I'd already said it hadn't I? Couldn't take it back now. "And you are?"

"Aden," he said.

"Nice to meet you, Aden," I replied. I held my hand out for him to shake.

Aden took my hand, but kissed it rather then shook it. I was tempted to shock him, claim it was an accident, and then run off to do more 'errands' but I didn't, simply slipped my hand away after the first second of him not stopping. He smiled up at me a suggestive sort of smile (or my temper was having me imagine things) and I answered with a polite and curt one. Aden wasn't all too bright, it seemed.

"So, Jinx, are you enjoying the party?"

Small talk. Ugh. If I'd had a dollar for every time someone had started with this line . . .

"Yes, actually. But I really have to be-."

"Well thats good. Say, you wouldn't mind um, showing a guy around the castle huh? Kind of curious as to what such a big place could-." He was trying to be sly about it, but he wasn't succeeding. He wanted alone time with me. That wouldn't have been suspicious, just normal, but their was something about him that automatically made my eyes narrow as he looked everywhere but me, as if being shy. If he'd used this on Kole or even Starfire, I'm sure it would have worked.

But not me.

"Aden, was it?" I interrupted. He nodded, looking back at me finally. My eyes were scanning his clothes and he looked confused.

"Is there something on my clothes?" He asked, looking at them too.

I smirked when I found it. "Yes, actually," Aden didn't move quick enough to stop me as I snatched the small device from his collar, almost invisible and looking like a piece of lint, unless you were looking for it. I held it in two fingers. His eyes widened.

"I-I-t-that isn't m-mine-!" He began, stuttered.

"Save it," I snapped. My look silenced him completely. I smirked then. The look on his face was like I'd slapped him: stunned and terrified. "I believe you know this, since you've taken the car to hide it, but cameras nor press are allowed at this party. Sexually harassing the guests is also not allowed." His mouth flapped uselessly, trying to form an excuse or even words but coming up short of either. "You intended to let me show you around the castle, taking pictures all the while, without my noticing and then do something stupid. Probably kiss me. That would be a good picture too. It is known I'm dating Kid Flash and all, and a picture of my infidelity would be priceless to people like you. And even afterwards, you'd still get more gold, because you probably have a microphone in your ear," I stood up on my toes and looked, smiling as I did in fact find a small mic, skin colored, hidden in his ear. "Ah, there it is." I plucked it out and held both the mini camera and mic in my palm. "Anyways, I'm the one famous for my temper. You figured after you kissed me I'd get angry, and start shouting foul things at you for you to record and show to your boss, whose probably listening and seeing everything through these lovely devices. Am I correct in assuming so?"

"I-I . . . there wasn't . . . th-those aren't-!"

"That's what I thought. Unfortunately for you, you didn't have much faith in a Teen Titan, who solves crimes so complicated just hearing them would make your brain tie in a knot every day, could figure your little charade out. Although I am impressed they got past Cyborg's check. Its probably malfunctioning, thanks to something you probably did. But you also didn't count on the facts that I can control myself, you are a pig, and I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

I motioned with my fingers for security, and they walked up behind me; two larger, serious looking men with sunglasses and suits, typical stereo-type in a bundle.

I tossed one the camera and mic. "Trace those back to the system and arrest the people or company who it belongs to." I turned back to smirk at Aden, if that was even his real name. "And call the authorities to let them know what happened. Take him to the temporary prisons in the meantime. Oh, and check the detectors. If he got in, there's bound to be somebody else who got in too. Someone's probably tampered with them." They nodded obediently, one gripping Aden rather tightly and the other already talking into a headphone about the machine repairs. I smugly walked past the still stunned boy, as if solving him was easy. Probably because it was.

I finally reached Red X, who was regretful (glad) he had to be taken from the company of such pleasant (annoying) young ladies (tramps) but he had business to attend to (people to make fun of with his real friends) and so he must bid them farewell (gladly).

I told him what happened with Aden and that. He started laughing as I led him back to our table, where I explained the situation again and we all joked about it.


(Later That Evening)

Eventually, the guests we're mingling with themselves and the rest of us we're silently stolen from crowds of people, one by one (or, if we had latched onto someone else stuck here, two at a time). When we had all been rounded up, we were on the upper level. This party room was originally a theater, although the stage had been removed. It was flat ground now, extravagant as the old theater though. It was once a 'box seating area' (I believe is the term) but now it was our hideout, spreading across the whole roof for us to run around and sit in. It was oddly relaxing up there. Besides the fact that no one could bother us up here or ask for an autograph, being surrounded by the lull voices that echoed up to us was almost making me sleepy. I rested my head on the back of the chair, pushing some disobedient strand of hair out of my eyes. Beast Boy, beside me, with his arms folded behind his head, turned to look at me, sitting up.

"Tired?" He questioned. I shrugged. He smiled and let his arm draped around my shoulders, which automatically made my head rest on his shoulder. "Thought so," Beast Boy muttered, and I heard the smile in his voice. Then he lowered his voice, although the closest people were Jericho and Kole, who, being the youngest, were leaning over the rail (ignoring us completely) and throwing grapes at guests before ducking back down so they'd look up in confusion before deciding they'd imagined it. "By the way, you look really pretty tonight."

I smiled, rolling my eyes. "Fourty nine."

He grinned triumphantly. We'd been keeping count of how many times he'd say I was pretty, or give me an sort of compliment, and if he'd reach fifty by the end of the night.

"I'm still winning," he breathed, snickering.

"By a hairline." I retorted. "And remember, the night ends at midnight. You still have," I looked at his watch. "Three hours."

"I can make it." Beast Boy said arrogantly.

I smirked. "We'll see."

Beast Boy changed the subject. "Want me to sing you to sleep?"

"I can't sleep yet," I informed him. "But you can sing if you want to."

By now, Kole and Jericho had moved to the other side of the area. Most likely the guests would get suspicious if they stayed in the same spot and got hit there every time. It was a smart move and it left Beast Boy and I alone.

He frowned. "Nah, when I'll sing to you if you have trouble sleeping or something."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever."

Eventually everyone migrated back towards where we'd originally started, just because, and we began talking comfortably.

And then the door flew open, making us all jump, ready to attack whatever it was that-.

"There you all are!" Arella hissed, glaring but relieved at the same time. "The guests will be leaving soon, you have to say goodbye."

Anyone who had a watch looked at it and anyone who didn't scanned the closest person next to them who had one. 10:00. An hour had gone by like that. We groaned.

"Don't give me that," My mother snapped. "Now come on. The trouble you all give me . . ." She began muttering to herself as we filed out the door and then composed her features.

The 'goodbyes' took an hour. One entire hour. By the time we were done we were beat and Arella quickly dismissed us to bed, going off to overlook the cleaning process. We gratefully took off, each to our own rooms, except Beast Boy felt it necessary to escort me back towards my room.

"So, did you have fun?" Beast Boy asked me.

I rolled my eyes, "Only during that hour before the last. That was awful wasn't it?"

"I think even Cyborg, Mr. Party-Guy, was getting a little fed up back there."

"He wasn't the only one."


"Well," we reached my door and I turned to him, smiling. "Goodnight, Beast Boy."

I leaned in and kissed him, his hand snaking down my waist, lightly, and I felt the smile in his mouth. I pulled away lightly and began to walk into my room, backwards, as the door was already open.

"You need my help sleeping tonight?" He asked, winking. Beast Boy and I had yet to be . . . that intimate. Any contact we had, our clothes had remained on the whole time. Neither of us wanted to go there any time soon.

I snorted, "I think I'll be fine."

"Oh darn," He said, snapping his fingers. "Well, goodnight, beautiful."

I smiled, the door only open a small amount so he could only see half my smile. "Fifty."

And I shut the door on his dumbstruck face, realizing he'd just lost the bet, and began laughing to myself. I undressed myself, removing the makeup and accessories I'd reluctantly allowed Starfire to use on me. It all took about half an hour. I was ready to go to bed, in my leotard, since I'd become accustomed to sleeping in uniform. We all slept in uniform, just in case something happened in the middle of the night. It was our job to be ready for those kinds of things. But something felt off. I looked up at the former window-seat, now two see-through sliding glass doors that led out to a balcony, since I liked that more. The dark blue, luminescent light from the darkness shown through, reflecting on my face and adding a slight blue tinge to my pale skin. I glared at them suspiciously.

I opened my drawer, grabbing my communicator just in case and pulling my cloak over myself, since it was pretty cold outside. I silently slid the doors open, padding quietly to the edge of the railing before bending over it, looking up, down, everywhere. All I saw was a bird, on the roof, and that was it. It was now 10:57 p.m. Eventually, I decided there was nothing outside and went back inside to find my room now rather cold, since I hadn't closed the doors, and left my cape on for extra warmth. My shoes were kicked aside as I crept into bed, hearing nothing outside. I rolled and felt a sharp pinch in my spine. I figured I must have rolled on something as I drifted tiredly into sleep.


I was in everything but my shoes. My tights were still on as I sat up directly in bed, my eyes having snapped open and looking around the room, alarmed, trying to find the source of my disturbed sleep. I was wide awake. We had to be trained to work all day, sleep for ten minutes, and still be able to do another full day of work. As a Teen Titan, you had to have more endurance then your city combined. You also had to be a light sleeper (the result of my sitting up in bewilderment now), so you didn't get murdered in your sleep by some villain who had somehow managed to break into your home or hideout undetected. The slightest sound woke us up. That's why we all had sound-proof rooms. Even a mouse (although we had no mice in the castle) could and would wake us up.

But now, as I looked around my room, I could find no disturbance. I was prepared to sit there the rest of the night when a slight buzzing filled my ears. A fly zipped around, taking sharp turns of imaginary corners like they always did, and I glared at it.

"Stupid fly," I hissed. "Waking me up at frickin' 11:00 at night." I muttered. "Stupid Robin and those light-sleeper training crap . . ." I muttered as I lay back into bed. I was there a moment or two before my eyes snapped back open, though the fly had made no sound.

I had been living here for about five or so years. Never once had I seen a bug inside the castle, of any sorts. Not a single ant or fly or spider in the entire estate. Arella kept the place immaculate and bug-free (arachnids included). Besides that, no bug would be attracted to the messiest of all of us, Beast Boy's room, let alone mine. I never had any type of food or old garbage product within yards of my room. There was no way a fly could or would even want to get into my room. There was a window but I never opened it. Ever.

Conclusion: This was not a fly.

I waited about ten minutes, tossing and turning every once in a while to make it realistic before groaning and sitting up in bed, glaring at the faux fly, now resting on the lamp atop my bedside table. "Damned fly," I snapped at it, as if it could talk (which it probably could). "Now I can't go back to sleep."

Angrily, I snatched the communicator from my table and stormed out of my room, putting my shoes on and fixing my hair up as I usually did in the morning, when I wanted to wake up. But this was serious. I stormed down the hallway and ever so faintly and quietly, I heard the fly buzzing, following me. I knew then this wasn't just me being paranoid and I pulled out my communicator. I heard it rest on a wall, listening.

"Kid Flash, meet me in the library. I can't sleep." And I hung up. I knew whoever it was had relaxed now, thinking I was just really mad at being woken up, and heard the buzzing go off into the distance, carefree and in the clear once more.

I forced myself to walk the seemingly endless trek to library. I found Kid Flash by the fireplace, his leg bouncing impatiently. As soon as he saw me concern flashed across his features and he was standing. "What's wrong? Are you alright-?"

"Be quiet. Someone's in the building." I interrupted.

His eyes widened in alarm. "What?"

"I saw them. Its a shape-shifter."

"But, how would they get past the security system?"

We were both silent, thinking. Then our eyes widened in unison and we looked at each other.

"You don't think . . ." He began.

"The party?" I added, nervously.

Then our jaws dropped. And together we hissed, "The prisoner!"

I slapped my forehead. "I played right into their trap. Damnit!" I hissed, storming over to the computer and hacking- I mean entering the security system and looking at the prisoner's feed from the camera. It had a bed, no window, white walls/floor, and a button to press if the prisoners needed anything. There was a long lump under the blankets on the bed. My eyes narrowed at the shape.

"Got get Robin. I'm going down to the prison cells to inform the guards they have an escaped prisoner."

"Why? He's right-!"

"That's a pillow."

"Oh." He said, but did not move.

I scowled. "I said go!"

"But I don't want to leave you alone if there's really an intruder!"

My teeth clenched but I kept my temper. This was serious. "First off, I know there's someone in the castle, so its not an 'if'. And secondly, I can take care of myself. Now go!"

With a last hesitant look at me, he zipped off, leaving nothing but a blur and a small wind behind. It barely ruffled my hair, my face set in a hardy expression. I looked around the room suspiciously before heading off to the door. I then stiffened as a sharp prick shot up my spine.

The last thing I heard was a small, smug snort before I blacked out.


I heard Kid Flash's wind displacement from across the whole building, and I waited, in uniform and irritated. Soon he appeared in front of my door, shocked and confused to find me already up and appearing angry (which I was).

"This better be good," I growled.

He shut the door behind him, looking around suspiciously. He didn't even seem to trust that, as he walked over and whispered, ever so quietly. "Jinx saw an intruder in the castle. Who or whatever it is is a shapeshifter."

I was out of my bed immediately, already dressed and everything, from head to toe. Shoes and all. I pulled my communicator out from my pocket, flipping it open and sending the codes to everyone. "Titans, Alert! Intruder in the vicinity, sound off."

A majority of the Titans had left, to go back to their stations. Not many were left, mostly the main of us.

There was a moment of static before I got responses from my now wide-awake team.

"Cyborg charged and up."

"Bumblebee checkin in."

"Kole here!"

"Red X is here too."

"Gizmo up."

"Mammoth awake."

"See-More kickin'."

"Speedy up."

"Argent here, mate."

"Beast Boy ready to go."

"And Kid Flash is with me."

There was a pause. No one else responded.

"Raven? Jinx? Star? You there?" I asked, a little nervous.

"Yo, guys, come on!" Cyborg shouted, after they didn't answer after another few seconds or so. "Seriously, you there?"

"Kid Flash, where did you leave Jinx?" I demanded.

He looked terrified and guilty, both emotions centered around his still unofficially announced girlfriend. "The library. Man, I told her we shouldn't separate when someone was in here with us!"

"Well too late now, Speed Boy," Bumblebee cut in. "Hey Sparky, do you have a lock on-?"

Something clanged in the background of someones transition, and then. "Robin-Mmph!"

"Star!?" I shouted, at once. There was no response. "Cyborg, where are they?"

"Uh, let me see." Cyborg said hurriedly. "Uh, it cut off really randomly. I got a general idea, but the area isn't small enough to center. They're somewhere in the west wing."

"That's too much space to cover, we need more then that!" I snapped.

"Hey Gel Boy, cool it." Red X warned. I stopped. "Getting hot-headed isn't going to help anybody. My sister is out there too ya know, not just your's and Beast Boy's girlfriend."

Beast Boy said nothing. Everyone knew Red X, Jinx, and Kole weren't really siblings, but they sure acted like it. They even referred to each other as 'brother' and 'sister'. We got the whole story a month after they officially joined us. Jinx found Kole through her powers, by accident, and offered to protect her. Shortly after Red X found them and then the three had stayed together all until they'd found the family; Cyborg, Beast Boy (absent mostly), Argent, See-More, Mammoth, and Gizmo. Now they were all a part of our team and we were all like a family, some of us in more serious relationships, but Jinx, Kole, and Red X were the closest.

"Right," I agreed. "Sorry. Titans, head over to west wing. Cyborg, try and see if you can get a better signal there."

"Got it dude."

"Beast Boy, when you get there, try tracking the girl's scent."

"Gotcha." Beast Boy's voice was oddly stiff. The concern for Raven was clear in his words.

"Titans, move out."

And we all dropped out. Making sure to keep it on speaker in case we got another short message from the girls, Kid Flash and I ran over to the west wing, meeting our team there. Cyborg was already trying to get a reading and glaring at his arm as it continued to tell him 'Signal Unavailable'. Beast Boy was sniffing around carefully, every inch of the floor sniffed and sniffed again. He growled as he found nothing, still in dog form and unable to swear. He took off down the hallway, away from everyone else, trying to find a sign elsewhere.

It seemed like forever when Cyborg's eyes suddenly widened and he shouted. "Hey, the lines back on!"

"Where are they?" I demanded at once.

"Old theater room," he informed.

Gizmo looked confused, "I thought the clean up crew were still in there."

"No, not that one, the really old one." Cyborg corrected. "Come on!"


When I woke up, I was strapped tightly to a dusty pole, that was probably turning my cape gray with filth. I was happy to find my shoes on my feet (though I remembered nothing of actually putting them on) but unhappy at the sight before me. I watched from under my eyelashes, keeping perfectly still and not missing a beat in my breathing.

A female figure was adjusting Jinx, fixing her against a box. I glanced beside me to see Starfire, beside me, head limp as she remained unconscious. I gently slid my hand over towards her, healing her through my finger tips. I tasted the Novocaine of sleeping medication being drained from my friend, and as it faded from her, it faded from my taste, telling my she was now fully healed. I let my fingers slide away, still going unnoticed my the extremely thing woman fussing over Jinx. Starfire's green eyes opened wide immediately. She looked at me, confused.


Just as the woman whirled around, I burst the chains off of us, both of us now ready for a fight. Starfire's eyes were now glowing, and her hands were a matching shade.

"We do not wish to fight you," I snorted but was ignored. I knew I wanted to fight whoever had kidnapped me. Or at least tried to, since I recognized this room, and knew we were still in the castle. "Surrender now or we shall have to inflict the pain upon you."

The woman snorted but far more arrogantly that I had. "I vould like to see you try." Her accent was thick, she was Russian or something.

Then I saw a piece of yellow sticking out of Jinx's pocket.

"Starfire," I breathed. "Get Jinx's communicator out of her pocket and tell Robin where we are."

Starfire nodded fractionally. It was so small it almost appeared like she was sizing the woman up. It was a skill she'd probably learned from Robin, being the masterminds girlfriend and all you were sure to pick up something.

With a loud grunt, I flexed my fingers, shooting black tendrils around the woman, holding her as Starfire snatched up the communicator.

"Robin-Mmph!" She was interrupted as the woman escaped my grasp, like elastic, simply stretching around my hold and snagging Starfire, making her drop the communicator. It shattered upon impact with the floor but I summoned the pieces to me anyways, staring at them helplessly as Starfire struggled*.

"Children, please do not insult me vis such tacky escape attempts." She said, irritated. Then she cried out as Starfire inflamed herself in her own green powers, most likely burning the woman's arm. It recoiled and the woman, still hidden in shadow, clutched it in pain as she glared at us. I gritted my teeth, Starfire still shooting starbolts at the woman, who was dodging them flexibly while still keeping Starfire away from Jinx. It was clear we couldn't win this. Not with the communicator dead and just us two. And I wasn't teleporting out of here with both Jinx and Starfire. I wasn't a coward. I looked up.

Well, if we weren't going to get out of here, we might as well give the boys our kidnappers face. I found the light switch in the room and turned it on as soon as the woman was facing the direction of the camera. The light bulb was so old it only lasted a few seconds, but it was enough time. The woman, momentarily blinded by the sudden change in lighting, became disoriented. I grabbed Starfire's arm, racing towards the hallway-maze that would eventually lead to a dead end, but would at least buy me time for what I needed to do. We ran and made as many twists and turns as possibly, going the most complicated way we knew. As soon as we were safely inside, Starfire sealed us in, pushing things with a great effort in front of the door. The 'hallway maze' used to be old prison cells but when we rebuilt them, we just never got rid of the old ones. There was only one problem about them, which was why Starfire had had so much trouble locking us in.

Powers were deactivated in this room. We we're powerless as of now. But I'd already been fixing the communicator, since both Starfire's and mine seemed to be missing. I thought it was kind of dumb luck this woman had forgotten to take Jinx's. Rookie mistake but her loss was our gain. I only had one chip to put back, to fix it, but did not. Instead I turned to look at Starfire sadly.

She looked anxious and alarmed. "Friend, what are you doing? We must-!"

"I'm sorry Starfire, but you're staying here," I interrupted quietly. She gasped. "Someone has to tell them what happened. Someone has to tell about the cameras and her description."

Protest and disagreement was all across her features. "But-!"

"Starfire, please."I begged, my voice quiet. "Just please."

She swallowed hard, but knew what I knew. "V-Very well, Raven."

I nodded and slipped the last chip in. "I need to . . . make a call," I informed her. She nodded, turning with her hands over her ears and facing the wall, trying to give me as much privacy as possible. I took a deep breath.

"Beast Boy?"

There was a moment of static before I got response, which was filled with relief. "Raven? Oh thank god! Are you-?"

"Beast Boy, please, just be quiet." I interrupted. He was silent. "I know I've said it before, but I just wanted to remind you, I love you. I love you more then anything, okay? I don't know if I'll be coming back after this, but, just know I wanted to. Okay? I love you."

"Raven . . . no . . ." He sounded winded, like someone had just punched him in the gut.

"I know, Beast Boy, I know." Tears were streaming down my face. I imagined his own eyes were watering, but it went unnoticed to him. "I'm so sorry but . . . Jinx could be hurt and . . . Starfire can't heal her."

"Raven please!"

"It has to be me, Beast Boy." I could feel his agony, event through the phone. "I'm so sorry."

"Rae . . . I love you to. More then my life."

"I . . ." I closed my eyes tight, trying to picture a happier version of him. This Beast Boy now was tearing my heart in two. But I knew my chest would have felt that anyways, leaving him like this.

"Try and come back in one piece, okay?" He spoke, since he knew I couldn't. "Do whatever you have to to protect yourself."

I laughed sadly, through my tears. "And Jinx too right?"

His laugh mirrored mine. "Sure. Jinx too." He became a little more serious. "Promise me, Rae."

"I promise, I'll do what I can."

I heard him take a deep breath. "I guess . . . that'll have to be enough for me then."

"I'm so sorry." My voice cracked and I knew his ears had picked it up, even through the crappy signal. I corrected it quickly. "This is what being a hero is, right? Sacrificing yourself to protect others . . ."

There was a pause. "I don't want to lose you, Rae. Not again."

My head was shaking, even though he couldn't see me. "You won't lose me. You'll find me, I know you will. You'll all find us. I'll keep us alive until that day okay?"



"No, not goodbye." I could feel the false optimism in his voice, even from here. "See you later."

"Right." I said, smiling at his attempt to keep hope, as always. "See you later."

And then the signal went dead as I removed the chip, clutching both in my hand as I sobbed. I could imagine him, leaning up against the wall and looking up at the ceiling. I could see him slowly sinking to the floor before hugging his knees and placing his forehead on them as he realized there was a possibility he would never see me again. That he could also never see me alive again, and shuddering at the image of me, dead, somewhere, because he couldn't find us in time. I looked around until I found a pen and paper, scribbling a note on it and being unable to really see what I was writing. I then took the communicator and closed the note in on it.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up.

"Friend . . ." Starfire was biting her lip and her eyes were glazed with oncoming tears. "I did not mean to intrude but I wanted to know if you were done . . . I . . ." Starfire was completely speechless for once. She, who always had something to say, had nothing. But this wasn't a time for words. I threw my arms around her and it was something I never did, Starfire normally the one to initiate a hug which I awkwardly returned. But this was different. She hugged me back, wetting my cape as she cried.

"If I don't come back, tell him I loved him, okay? Always tell him I loved him." I whispered. She didn't ask who I was talking about, she just knew.

"I shall, friend." Her voice was stable but wreaked with sadness. "But I shall miss you greatly if you do not return. Please, Raven, try to return yourself and friend Jinx."

"I'll try Starfire." I sighed, slipping the communicator into her hand. She gave me a confused expression but I said nothing, for there was no time to explain, since the woman could come at any minute. It was going to take all of my energy to break the power-block in the cell and transfer Starfire out of here.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos."

I opened my eyes just in time to see Starfire encased in my black aura, disappearing, before I channeled the remaining energy to see what happened in my dreams before I passed out on the floor.

Amazingly though, I stayed awake, but my energy was draining fast. I was lying on the floor, on my side, when I felt the lithe, rubbery arms snatch me up from nowhere. When I broke the power-block, I allowed this woman her powers back too. She carried me quickly, retracing her steps with ease. My eyes were drooping but I fought to stay awake. Jinx was still unconscious and simply kicked into the white portal, which I had no idea where it had come from.

I blacked out then and saw the rest in a dream.

I saw Starfire, hitting the floor outside the theater room on her side. She looked back at the door in horror, scared and frightened before looking at the communicator, with a missing piece to it. Robin was instantly next to her, relieved at finding her okay and helped her up. The rest of the Titans were right beside him, Kid Flash struggling to get the large doors open. Beast Boy came out of nowhere, in elephant form, and charged, forcing the doors to burst open. He morphed back into a human and ran down the hallway, everyone behind him and struggling to keep up with Kid Flash and him. When that hallway opened up they saw me, limp and unconscious, Jinx missing and the woman's back to them, simply walking into the portal. They were just in time to be too late. Beast Boy fell to his knees, slamming his fist on the floor.

Starfire came up behind him, touching his shoulder, just as she had done to me. He turned to look at her and she handed him the communicator, knowing that it was not for her. He gave her a funny look but took it, opening it and seeing the slip of paper. He unfolded it quickly as people began searching for Jinx, who they would not find, and clues as to where we had gone. Starfire was gesturing to the camera as Beast Boy read my note.

'Beast Boy,
I love you. You'll never lose me. No
matter what happens I'll always be
with you and you with me. I promise
you that. I love you.


I woke with a start, tired and uneasy, as I sat up. Jinx was on her hands and knees, formerly leaning over me with a startled expression on her face at having me sit up so suddenly. She watched me with wide eyes.

I shook the weariness off, turning to look over her. "Jinx? Are you alright?"

She nodded, uncomfortable herself now, and looked over my shoulder. "Fine but . . . where are we?"

I turned in the same direction, my mouth dropping slightly as I gaped at the sight before me.

"What in the world . . . ?" I breathed.

*Imagine the "Sisters" episode, when she was attacked by that tentacle thing.

So, now bad for a first chapter huh? I normally make my first chapters pretty short so making this REALLY long one was actually pretty fun. Hope you liked it!