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Quiet by Light and Who Owns My Heart Remix by Miley Cyrus

Chapter 13

No One:

"Melvin, whose Bobby?" Raven asked.

"Bobby took good care of us while you were away," Timmy told her. He then looked behind him. "Didn't you Bobby?"

To their amazement, a large, somewhat disfigured Teddy Bear appeared, sitting where Timmy had looked. Everyone who wasn't the children jumped. The bear looked around, calmly, as if this wasn't even slightly odd to him.

"Melvin, what in the world is-?" Kole began.

"Everyone, this is Bobby." She walked over and hugged the large, seemingly affectionate bear. It hugged back, happily. "I created him a long time ago, and when we were separated I gave him to my brothers to they could be safe. He's only visible to the people who he wants to see him."

"Er, nice to meet you Bobby," Jinx said, as the bear looked at her. "Is he dangerous?"

"Only if you try to hurt us. But don't worry, he's smart, he doesn't make mistakes for people who are dangerous and people who are just messing around." Melvin informed them, rocking back and forth as she sat.

Robin smiled, in disbelief, walking towards a still jolly Bobby. He touched the bear's large arm. "Well Bobby, welcome to the team then."

Everyone had taken a liking to the children at the castle, and they were almost never alone. The people who visited it the most though were Starfire, Robin, Jinx, Kid Flash, Beast Boy, and Raven. No one visited them more. On occasion others did come in the room, with them, participating or watching.

Raven was recovering quickly, any sign of fatigue fading within days of her awakening. Beast Boy never spent a minute away from her, as far as anyone else could tell, a little more clingy then earlier. It was only natural. He had lost her twice, which was terrifying to him apparently. It made sense to their friends and Arella didn't appear to be bothered by it, so no one questioned it. Not that it would have made a difference. Beast Boy was set on being there for her whenever she needed it.

At the moment, Teether was being a little fussy. Beast Boy and Raven were the only ones in the room at the moment, and Melvin couldn't get her brother to calm down. Even Timmy was starting to be upset about it.

"Hey, hey!" Raven snapped her fingers a few times and everyone's attention was on her, including Beast Boy's. His brow was up. What could Raven do? "Everyone get comfortable, on this blanket.

She used her powers to summon the fluffiest blanket in the play room in front of her, which they reluctantly crawled on. It was getting late and the kids should have been asleep by now, but their restlessness was keeping them up. As the lay on their stomachs (all except for Teether, who was being held by Beast Boy), watching Raven, curiosity ignited within them.

"Any of you ever get sang a lullaby?" She asked, her eyes roaming over each of them. All of them, including Teether, shook their heads. Raven sighed, smiling slightly.

"I'm not yours, and you're not mine
But we can sit and pass the time
No fighting wars, no ringing chimes
We're just feeling fine."

Beast Boy smirked at how she stroked the children's hair, clearly trying to get them to fall asleep. The two of them had pretty much spent the whole day in the nursery, where a few people came in and out to visit and help out.

"This is where were supposed to be
Sitting by a broken tree
No tragedy, no poetry
Just staring at the sky."

Raven got up, continuing to sing as she grabbed another blanket by hand and draped it over Melvin and Timmy. She placed pillow under their arms, getting them as comfortable as possible.

"I could wait a thousand hours
Stay the same in sun and showers
Pick apart a hundred flowers
Just to be quiet
Tell me when you feel ready
I'm the one, there's not too many
Hold my hand to keep me steady
Just to be quiet
With you."

She took Teether from Beast Boy, who was smiling at her cunning. He'd never even thought of singing them to sleep, and with her voice, it would be easy enough.

"I like it here beside you dear
You're even more than you appear
And in the clouds my head is clear
Every time you say hello."

Raven rocked Teether back and forth in her arms, getting yet another blanket and wrapping him in it, keeping her voice soothing to continue to lull the children asleep. Even Bobby, up against the wall, began to curl into his own slumber, as bears did.

"Here's my heart, and here's my mouth
And I can't help if things come out
Cause there are words I want to shout
But maybe I'll stay low."

Raven crouched down to the floor, nudging Beast Boy to show just how asleep they were. He nodded his approval and then she mouthed for him to sing with her. He got it and together, they finished the song, lowering their voices slowly to push them farther in farther into a slumber."

"I could wait a thousand hours
Stay the same in sun and showers
Pick apart a hundred flowers
Just to be quiet
Tell me when you feel ready
I'm the one, there's not too many
Hold my hand to keep me steady
Just to be quiet
With you

I could wait a thousand hours
Stay the same in sun and showers
Pick apart a hundred flowers
Just to be quiet
Tell me when you feel ready
I'm the one, there's not too many
Hold my hand to keep me steady
Just to be quiet
With you."

Together they put the children in their rooms, leaving the doors open so that if one of them woke up frightened, they could see their siblings and realize it was just a dream before going back to sleep. It was a strategy that worked and anyone who decided to take care of them for a day used it. It was tradition now.

Just as the two began shutting the door behind them, Kid Flash zipped around the corner, looking beyond excited.

"Guys! We figured you were in their, so we waited till you got out, but its nine o'clock, and Jinx got Starfire to sing!" He blurted out, looking antsy and jumpy. "Come on, she's waiting for you guys!"

Beast Boy and Raven looked at each other for a moment before Beast Boy grabbed Raven's hand, running with her down the hallway. Kid Flash ran at a normal speed, backwards, egging them on. When they reached the party room, Jinx was sitting on the stage, her leg bouncing up and down with impatience. As soon as they entered the room she gave them dirty looks.

"Their you two are!"

"Hey, the kids were being restless, it took a while to get them to fall asleep." Beast Boy said in their defense, hands up. "We didn't even know you were going to throw a party."

"Well, you shouldn't have taken so long." Jinx huffed. "Starfire was beginning to get second thoughts and if she had backed out, I would've killed you, so you're lucky." She gave them an 'I'm watching you' gesture before taking the microphone. "Alright since the love-birds are finally here I think its times for our favorite alien princess to start her remixed song, via Cyborg's coolness," People cheered. "Don't you guys think?"

People began chanting Starfire's name, much to everyone's amusement. Reluctantly the princess came out from behind the curtains, her own microphone in hand and looking very nervous. Jinx gave her a few encouraging words before skipping lightly off the stage, out of sight so that Starfire was the lone performer.

A pulse-beat started and Starfire swallowed, taking a deep breath before starting.

"Creation shows me what to do I'm
Dancing on the floor with you and
When you touch my hand, I go crazy, yeah."

Starfire had a nice voice. Granted, it wasn't as good as Raven's or even nearly as close as Jinx's, but in a normal setting, Starfire would be pretty high up there.

What she lacked in voice she made up in dancing.

"The music tells me what to feel I
Like you now but is it real by
The time we say goodnight, I'll know if this is right.

"And I feel you
Pumping through my veins
Am I into you?
Or is the music to blame!"

It always started slow with her before exploding.

"Who owns my heart?
Is it love or is it art?
Cause the way you got your body moving
Got me confusing
I can't tell if its the beat or sparks.

Who owns my heart?
Is it love or is it art?
You know I wanna believe that we're a masterpiece
But sometimes its hard to tell in the dark
Who owns my heart?"

She seemed to be having fun and Robin was cheering her on, which made her blush slightly, but she was having fun nonetheless. Jinx was coaching her slightly, dancing a little herself but not really. It gave Starfire confidence.

"The room is full but all I see is
The way your eyes just blaze through me like
Fire in the dark
We're like living art."

She continuously pointed to Robin this whole time, never taking her eyes off of him. People began giving him nudges, which he let roll off of him, focused on Starfire.

Her head flipped back.

"And it hits me
Like a tidal wave
Are you feeling me
Or is the music to blame?"

She started spinning before singing again.

"Who owns my heart?
Is it love or is it art?
Cause the way you got your body moving
Got me confusing
I can't tell if its the beat or sparks."

She was shaking her hips slightly.

"Who owns my heart?
Is it love or is it art?
You know I wanna believe that we're a masterpiece
But sometimes its hard to tell in the dark
Who owns my heart?"

"So come on baby, keep provoking me
Keep on roping me
Like a rodeo
Baby, pull me close
Come on here we go
Here we go
Here we go.

And it hits me
Like a tidal wave."

Things has slowed down and her arms were more involved, her hip sticking out to the side. She was smiling.

"Are you feeling me
Or is the music to blame?"

It picked up again.

"Who owns my heart?
Is it love or is it art?
Cause the way you got your body moving
Got me confusing
I can't tell if its the beat or sparks

Who owns my heart?
Is it love or is it art?
You know I wanna believe that we're a masterpiece
But sometimes its hard to tell in the dark
Who owns my heart?"

She made a big finish, an explosion in the background and people began cheering. Starfire gave a bow.

Then the roof fell in behind her.

Starfire had always been one of the people with the quickest reaction and the roof had barely started shaking when Starfire's eyes were green, matching her hands, prepared for battle. When the figure itself fell in, there was only a shadow, its back hitting the floor first. Starfire watched carefully, as did everyone else, when the figure stood. She zipped over, her hand glowing to illuminate just enough for her to see.

This had all happened in the course of three seconds and before the Titans had any time to react, Starfire gripped the figure, forcing it to its feet and slamming it into the nearest wall. It hit its back, hard, still invisible in the dark lights. Starfire pounded her hand where its head had been, but it rolled away, too quick. This in itself was amazing, because almost no one was too fast for Starfire. What was also amazing was that this figure had been thrown into a wall, with alien strength, and it was still able to function at all.

No one could move, too shocked at how fast they were moving, to be able to help Starfire or intervene at all. Even Kid Flash was sort of confused as to what was happening.

Soon enough, the figure's own eyes shown a bright purple, making everyone jump. Her hands were doing the same thing as Starfire's. Starbolts shot from their hand in a single, tired shot. Starfire easily dodged it, diving straight towards the figure lying on the ground without any more fight left in them.

When the smoke had cleared from the impact, Starfire stood, awaiting another attack. After a few moments of finding none, she walked over and prodded the figure indented into the ground.

"Well," Jinx started. "I think its safe to say we'll be rebuilding this room."

It was true. All missed shots had hit other walls and the stage was completely destroyed. The floor also would need some remodeling. Starfire brushed the dust off of her, her eyes still illuminating slightly just in case.

Robin got up on the stage (or what was left of it) towards the crater the two had made in the floor. "Star, what's going on?"

Starfire gripped the figure, not clearly a feminine body. It appeared only slightly different then Starfire herself as she leaned over it, pinning it to the floor as she opened its eyes to make sure it was out cold for real.

"I believe I have mentioned I have siblings," She started, peering closely at the eyes of the motionless female.

"Yeah, and?" Robin pressed.

Starfire got off, picking the girl up in her arms. "This is my sister, Blackfire."

It was quiet for a while before Kole asked, "Then why did you attack her?"

Starfire frowned. "We do not get along very well. She is a traitor of my home planet, though I cannot prove it, and on multiple occasions she has tried to kill me. The reason I had to leave Tamaran for Earth was, on top of the war, it was her opportune moment to kill me by accident, so I asked to leave without anyone knowing my whereabouts, so my sister would also be unable to find me. I am unsure of how she found me now but had I given her the chance to attack, someone would have gotten hurt besides her. I do not wish her to hurt anyone besides myself, for you are all very fragile compared to the structure of the people of my planet.

"So, what do we do with her?" Cyborg asked. They'd all started to crowd around Starfire and her sister, shocked at how the two looked so alike and yet different at the same time.

Starfire had fire-red hair, long and perfect without any help besides brushing it. The length and perfected qualities seemed to have also been given to her sister, but her hair was a deep black, with an almost blue sheen to the color. Their skin tones were the same, but Blackfire seemed to have more cat-like qualities about her, even in sleep. Starfire was shapely, but Blackfire was clearly older then her. There was just something about her that made her seem more . . . advanced.

"Well let's lock her up then, in the power-cut room, before she wakes up." Red X suggested, bored. He'd barely glanced at Starfire's sister, convinced this had no interest to him.

"That would be a good idea, friend." Starfire said, flying down the hallway and not waiting for her friends to catch up.

Starfire waited patiently, watching her sister hand cuffed and chained to the wall. She'd taken careful precautions, making sure there was no room for her to slip through whatsoever. She was locked in good and if the power-cut in the room didn't work, she was laced with power inhibitors of all sorts. After an hour of working, refusing to let anyone else in the room because of the danger her sister possessed. Robin watched this disapprovingly, but Starfire was right. She could sustain almost any injury her sister tried to impose on her, but even one of the moves Blackfire tried would kill them. As much as he hated to admit it, it was too dangerous.

"Friends, the area, I believe, is now secure. I shall now try to awaken my sister, for she has been asleep long enough for her, I believe, to have recovered enough to speak."

Robin pressed the intercom button. "Go ahead, Starfire."

Starfire turned away from the window and touched her sister's shoulder, shaking her. "Sister, please awaken."

After a moment or two of this, Blackfire began to stir. Starfire retracted her hand, sitting on her legs, when Blackfire's eyes blinked open slowly. Her eyes roamed the room until she landed on Starfire's form, watching her.

"Starfire," she croaked. "I'm so glad I found you."

She reached a hand out to touch Starfire, surprised when it stopped short. She glanced down at her body to find it chained.

"I apologize for the strangeness of your awakening, Blackfire, but I felt it was best for both of us if I was sure you were incapacitated." Starfire was calm, regal almost. She was clearly showing her superiority over her sibling.

Blackfire didn't seem to mind, rolling her neck to get the cricks out. Starfire watched her carefully, stiff, at the ready for her sister to attempt to attack. "Sister, I've come to warn you. We're both in danger!"

Starfire's brow rose. "Of each other?"

Blackfire shook her head, pleading. "Look, I know what I did was wrong, but I'm telling the truth for once, Starfire. I swear on X'hal I am! Someone is going around stealing powers, similar to our own and greater."

"Why should I believe you, sister? I believe even you to be as low as to swear a false truth on our God equivalent." Starfire's eyes narrowed harshly.

Blackfire looked hurt but attempted to turn show Starfire her hands. "Sister dear, look at me. Even in the worst of times, I would've put up a better fight then I did when I fell through the roof. My powers aren't working Starfire! Look at me hands! Look what they've done to me!"

Starfire watched her, calculating the possibilities of attack before leaning forward, taking Blackfire's wrist and twisting it painfully so she could see her hand. Blackfire winced, but said nothing. Starfire peered closer before her jaw dropped and she gasped.

"Do you see? I was attacked just out of the Star Nebula's by this . . . this thing!"

"What's going on?" Arella entered the room, approaching Robin. She glanced at Starfire, in the other room, through the glass. "Whose that?"

"Blackfire, Starfire's sister. They don't get along well and Blackfire fell through the roof, so Starfire knocked her out and now we're here. She says something attacked her and now her powers aren't working. Her and Starfire have the same powers, normally."

Arella inwardly panicked, glancing at Beast Boy who noticed and glanced back. Arella directed her gaze at Raven, fearfully before turning back to the screen, completely engaged in this now. Beast Boy looked at Raven, who hadn't noticed this quick interactment, and wondered what Arella seemed so uneasy about.

"Sister, that . . . are you alright?" Starfire was checking her other hand as well, her eyes looking even more fearful as she saw the strange slash marks embedded in Blackfire's hands. They seemed to be healing quickly.

"I'm fine. But when the marks are gone Starfire, I can't get my powers back. Ever. It took me days to get here rather then minutes, like I usually could have. I was frightened they'd come after you and came to warn you. I know we don't get along very well Starfire but I wasn't going to let a petty fight get in the way of our throne-line being demolished because of someone's stupid power hunger."

"Sister, I live here now, not on Tamaran."

"The fact that you're still alive and with power keeps our peoples faith in us up. I'm deformed, so it hardly matters but you? Starfire, our parents will be rioted and killed! I can't let that happen to you or them." She whimpered out then. "And you don't know how painful it is."

"Sister," Starfire knelt to the floor. "You swear on your own life and that of our people you speak the truth?"

"I swear on my life and that of our people I speak the truth." Blackfire said solemnly.

Starfire gazed for a long while before starting to unchain her. As soon as the chains hit the floor Blackfire got up and threw her arms around her Starfire.

"Sister, what are we going to do?"

Starfire looked over Blackfire's shoulder, at her friends. "I . . . I do not know."

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