A/N: Okay guys this is like my first M story so please be gentle. =]

Rule #1: I will be (mostly) sober.

Cocky little bitch. She was standing there, staring at me again. Bridgette was talking to her but I think the blonde was too drunk to notice that her friend was opting to stare at me instead of listening.

Or maybe the bitch was doing both; fuck if I know, she was always good at multitasking. I just wished she would stop staring. It was unnerving, but I couldn't tell if it was from the raw emotion in her eyes or just how wasted I was.

Fuck Geoff and his shit-tastic beer.

Rule #2: I will do the seducing.

Somehow she'd made her way over to me without me noticing. She was standing in front of me now, hand clutched around a beer and mocha hair tousled. Her lips were parted slightly and her skirt rode up her thighs a bit too high for my liking.

"Duncan..." she whispered, leaning toward me. Husky with a hint of apprehension. Good, maybe she wasn't so cocky after all.

"Duncan. . ." she said again, dragging my attention back to her perfect, soft lips.

Fuck her.

Rule #3: I will initiate the sex.

Somehow we'd made our way to an empty bedroom, also without my noticing. (Fuck you, Geoff.) Her hands were around my neck and she was kissing me as if I were her air support. I had her pushed up against a wall and her legs were wrapped around my torso, pushing my pants to the floor.

"Du-Duncan," she gasped, grinding her hips into mine. "Do you have a condom? I-I can't without a... ahh..."

Christ. Leave it to Courtney Mariazzi to preach about using protection while wasted off her ass.

Rule #4: I will never have sex with a virgin.

Her hair was spread out on the bed, her voice was quivering, and she was so fucking sexy. Her body was shaking and she had a death grip on my shoulders as I hovered over her.

"Duncan, I-I've never..." she gasped out as I touched her entrance.

This was wrong. So, so wrong. But that fucking bitch looked at me with... with that look. Needy. Horny. Fucking sexy.

"Relax, babe... I'll be gentle."

Rule #5: I will be in control.

I had to admit it: The bitch was a bombshell. Easy on the eyes, rough on the sex. Her hips met with my every thrust and she was clawing my back with perfect fingernails. She was so goddamn tight and so goddamn wet.

And she was so goddamn horny. The bitch couldn't get enough. And when Courtney wanted more, Courtney got more.

I didn't protest when she flipped me over and started bouncing up and down on top of me. In fact, I think I moaned.

Goddamn feminists.

Rule #6: I will be gone by the time she wakes up.

Duncan Kummer was used to alcohol; therefore Duncan did not get hangovers. However, Duncan Kummer was not quite used to nights with a certain brunette.

So I did have a bit of a headache and a late start the next morning, and when did we come back to her house?

And—fuck that clever bitch—she'd left me a tray of breakfast, some aspirin, and a note. Must've figured I wasn't a morning-after person. Christ. I took the whore's virginity and she was considerate of my feelings, my hunger, and my headache.

Courtney Mariazzi really was something else.

Rule #7: I will never fall in love.

I'd finished the last piece of toast when I noticed her leaning against the doorframe in a long white nightgown. It hugged her curves, was just see-through enough, and made her smile seem all the more beautiful. Stupid, cocky bitch.

I laughed.

I was hopeless.