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Brennan fiddled idly with her pen. She was trying to write an outline for her next book, but she couldn't exactly get the details right.

Mrs. Booth, Mrs. Brennan-Booth, Temperance Booth.

She shook her head. Not only was that not her book, but she hated how all of those sounded. It was strange that she would be supposing herself as a married woman. If she decided to marry, would Booth expect her to take his name? The world knew her as Dr. Temperance Brennan. Could she handle being Dr. Temperance Booth?

"Sweetie?" Angela strode into Brennan's office. "We've got some disgusting remains here to identify. Kind of your thing." She glanced down at her friend's desk. "What's this?"

"Nothing." Brennan tried to throw the paper away, but Angela was too quick.

Angela grinned. "Mrs. Booth?" She glanced over the rest of the names and her grin widened. "Honey, what is this? Have you suddenly lost your mind?"

"No. Booth and I plan on having a child the traditional way." Brennan said plainly.

Angela's jaw dropped. "You're what? You, Temperance Brennan, who insisted she would never marry because it's archaic and insisted you didn't need a piece of paper to prove you're committed to someone. You're going to date Booth, marry Booth, and then have his child?" Angela asked, stunned.

Brennan shrugged. "I think Booth and I both can skip the dating part. Although we haven't really discussed the issue."

"Haven't discussed the issue? Yet here you are writing down your married name?" Angela laughed. "You are head-over-heels, Sweetie." She turned to head towards the forensic platform.

"I don't know what that means." Brennan responded, following Angela up onto the platform.

Angela was still chuckling as she joined the other squints around the body.

"This is funny?" Cam turned to glance at Angela, as the bones and flesh in front of them appeared to be covered in spoiled chocolate syrup.

Angela shook her head, gasping for air. "No, … Brennan."

"Dr. Brennan?" Cam turned to look at her colleague who was already surveying the remains.

Hodgins and Vincent glanced over at the good doctor who had noticeably turned red at Angela's comment.

"Dr. Brennan?" Hodgins echoed, realizing he had never seen her blush before in his life.

"So, after you're married it'll be Dr. Booth, right?" Angela elbowed her friend, she couldn't resist.

"Married...?" Cam was definitely staring at Brennan now, with a calculating gaze.

Brennan didn't even glance up from the remains although all the squints were staring at her, no longer focused on the oozing body in front of them.

"Yes. Booth and I are considering marriage." Brennan stated. She looked up from the bones and snapped off her gloves. "There seems to be damage to the parietal bone, but I won't be able to tell until all of the flesh has been removed." Brennan turned to Cam. "Mr. Nigel-Murray will clean the bones once you're done."

Everyone was still gaping as Brennan rushed off the forensic platform.

"We heard that correctly? Married?" Cam asked, glancing between her colleagues.

"Wow. Married." Hodgins whistled and shook his head.

"I know, right?" Angela was grinning like an excited schoolgirl.

"Uh, did you know that many Scottish and Welsh people did not take their husband's name until the 17th century." Vincent recited.

"Dude." Hodgins shook his head.

"Alright people, let's get back to work." Cam instructed, snapping her gloves and trying to get her team back to focus.

Brennan and Booth sat in Sweets' office. Booth was shaking his leg. He hated silence. Sweets was waiting for them to talk.

"I don't want to take your last name." Brennan announced, glancing at Booth.

"What?" Booth and Sweets asked in unison.

"It just, the world knows me as Dr. Temperance Brennan. It would be difficult making the transition." Brennan explained.

Booth cleared his throat at straightened his tie. "Does that mean you want to get married?"

"Woah, woah, woah. Hold on here." Sweets held up his hands. "Have you two have discussed this?"

"What's wrong with Dr. Booth?" Booth turned to his partner, ignoring Sweets.

"Well, I'd think they were referring to you. It's just, because I call you Booth. Although I know it's ridiculous because you don't have a doctorate." Brennan explained.

"Gee, thanks Bones." Booth sighed in irritation.

"Wait. Marriage is a big step and it would change the whole dynamic of your partnership." Sweets interjected. "This is insane." He ran his hands through his hair.

"Relax Sweets, don't give yourself a migraine." Booth instructed. "Bones decided she wanted to have a kid the right way."

"Well that's not exactly what I said." Brennan negated. "That would mean the first way I wanted to conceive was wrong. Which, it wasn't. I had no problem with it."

"Right," Booth began to backtrack. "But I had a problem with it."

Brennan nodded. "That is true, you did."

"So," Brennan turned to Booth.

Booth chuckled. "You've got to wait til I propose, Bones. Generally that's the way it goes. You want this done right, don't you?"

Sweets was at his wits end. "Hold it!"

Both partners turned to glance at their unhinged psychologist.

Suddenly, Booth's cell phone rang. "We've got a warrant. Let's go."

"Right." Brennan followed Booth out of Sweets office.

"Yeah, that's fine. Don't listen to my advice. What do I know, I'm just your psychologist." Sweets muttered petulantly to his empty office.