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"Stop! Put the gun down!" Bella shouted over the roar of the car's engine. She was using the passenger side door as a barrier between the gunman and herself. A loud bang and the shattering of the car window were his response.

She jumped up and took a shot just as he was doing the same. They fell at the same time. The pain was excruciating. She struggled through it to take one more look, and another shot if needed, just as she heard another two shots and saw the gunman fall once more.

She looked under the car, towards the front, and saw Edward lying on his side, holding his gun steady in the direction the gunman had been shooting from, bleeding from his wounded leg.

Once he saw it was clear to move, Edward dragged himself to Bella. He pulled open her uniform shirt and removed her vest to get a clear view. He placed his hands on her chest in the hopes of stopping her bleeding. Their vests, though great under normal circumstances, did nothing to protect against the armor-piercing bullets the gunman used in his .338 Lapua Magnum.

Sirens began to ring out, echoing off the walls of the buildings.

He leaned over, looking into her partially shut eyes. "Come on, Bells. Don't close your eyes. Look at me."

Bella's eyes opened briefly, gazing into Edward's own emerald green ones. It was the last thing she saw as she succumbed to the agonizing burning and throbbing.