Dear Mom and Dad,

Life is good here at the Cherry Point base in North Carolina. Edward and I just got news that we will be having a little girl come July. We are both very excited. We also got some other news that isn't as exciting. Edward is being shipped out to Iraq for a tour. I'll be okay now that Emmett will be coming home in 11 weeks. No need to worry, Emmett will probably move in with me under Edward's orders. Edward's excited to go to Iraq but he would like to post pone his tour until he sees his baby girl. He wants to be there for when she is born but I don't think he can come back for that. He already loves that little girl growing inside me and I love her too. Alice is with me when it comes to being left home alone, Jasper is going with Edward. Isn't it funny that they put the Whitlock's and the Cullens together? Well, I have to go, Edward and I are going to go pick out colors for the nursery. We hope in the next 3 weeks we can get the nursery finished before Edward leaves. He sends his love along with mine.

Love your daughter,