My Little Sister Bellsy,

All is well in and Eddie and Jazz have kicked some major ass today. Today we were in a small village and some ding bat Iraqi was carrying a child and we went to do some civil affair stuff and I heard a ticking noise and we were told not to pick up any children or nothing. So when the woman went to hand us her child, she handed it to me, then I told her no and then she handed it to Eddie and he said no. The woman put the kid down and when the kid stumbled to get his balance, he fell backwards on the ground and the damn kid exploded. A mother bombed her own damn kid. I heard the Congs did that in the Nam war, but to me that was so old school, but I guess not. Eddie and Jazz are safe no worries. On to a better topic, there's this chick, Sergeant Hale and she is a babe, I mean hot damn. She's a bottle blonde at times but I mean damn. I want to know why she is in war and not on the runway or red carpet. I mean holy crap she is gorgeous. Anyway tell the new coming Squirt her daddy and two uncles love her very much. Edward misses you a lot too, and sometimes I see him shed a few tears when he looks at your picture. Then again that's just Eddie. I'll be home in 8 weeks. Yeah, I'm counting down. I can't believe Eddie and Jazz have been with me for 2 weeks. But I want to get out of here. This place gives me the chills. I'll probably move in with you because of the baby and all. That and Edward says I have to since I'm getting out first, so make room! :) haha well I have to go, we have patrol duty, see you soon and write back soon.

Love your older twin brother,