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"You done now?" Olivia asked Jeffries, staring at her from the wall of the interrogation room. "You finally got the one you wanted. I'm not even running," she said, tilting her head and opening her arms. "So what are you waiting for?" she asked, teasing. "Come get me," she whispered with narrow eyes.

Jefferies shook her head. "No idea what you're talking about, Benson," she said.

"Oh?" Olivia asked, feigning surprise. "You don't remember attacking Sanders," she said as she tossed down a photo of a young, female cop in her uniform. "Or Buchanan," she said, tossing another photo onto the table. "How about Donovan, and your latest work of art, Delaney?" She tossed the photos in front of Jeffries and sat on the edge of the metal table.

Jeffries rolled her neck, clearly feeling tense. "What reason would I have to hurt them?" she asked, trying to look away from the pictures.

Olivia smirked. "They were moving up in the world, fast. They were making headlines, getting commendation after commendation, award after award, and you…well, you aren't even a detective in the city anymore. You're a beat cop in Seattle. Seeing these girls everyday, it just reminded you of your failure."

"I failed because of you!" Jeffries yelled, standing.

Olivia chuckled. She was finally getting somewhere. "How, exactly, was I responsible for you sleeping with one of our suspects and drinking yourself stupid?" she asked.

Jeffries glared at her. "Frank got shot," she said. "There was a lead spot open, a chance to work next to Elliot, do you know what that could have done for my career?"

Olivia just raised her eyebrows. "So you wanted to be Stabler's partner? You were after the lead position," she said, standing.

Jeffries laughed. "I was so fucking close, Benson!" she yelled. "Paperwork had been on Cragen's desk for days, and all he had to do was make one phone call to the chief. But then you walked into this precinct, flashing that perfect smile and babbling about your experience and knowledge, and the minute Cragen heard you had a letter of recommendation from the goddamned Mayor, well…"

Olivia held up a hand. "Hold on," she said. "It took months for me to get transferred into the SVU, so I don't know what…"

"And when he saw you!" Jeffries interrupted. "The world fucking ended the minute you two shook hands. I mean, shit, I thought he was the type of guy to cheat on his wife, and I was damn sure trying like hell to find out, and just when I was gonna get the chance, he sees you and I have never seen him look at anyone the way he looks at you."

"Okay, so you wanted my job, and you have a thing for hot-head detectives," Olivia said, getting irritated. "When did you snap, Jeffries?" she asked, leaning over. "When did you decide that every woman on the force who was making something of themselves had to go down because you couldn't get back up? And why, if I was the one who pissed you off so much in the first place, didn't you just come after me?"

Jeffries eyes went cold, blank. She looked, not at Olivia, but at the mirror in the room, knowing people were on the other side. She, somehow, managed to find his eyes. Elliot's eyes. "I wanted him to think they were random attacks," she said. "I wanted him to follow the clues, and I wanted him to think that you were so close to catching the bastard…" she paused, raising an eyebrow and smirking at Elliot, though she couldn't see him. "And then I wanted him to watch. I wanted him to be the one to get the call, in the middle of the night. I wanted him to be the one to see your body; I wanted him to be the one who felt like shit for not figuring it out in time."

"You wanted him to be responsible," Olivia said, turning toward Jeffries. "Why?" she asked.

"Out in Seattle," Jeffries said. "I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get him. I worked with him on that child trafficking case, we were there, every day, working together for a year and he was…so cold. He never even smiled at me," Jeffries laughed. "Then one day, he walks into the briefing room late, scratching at his wrist, so I ask what the hell his problem is and he shows me this…thing…on his wrist. You." She walked closer to the window and narrowed her eyes. "I was thinking to myself, 'That's not his wife,' and I knew then that the only way to really hurt him, was to hurt you."

Olivia scoffed. "Huh," she grunted in shock. "Your plan didn't work."

Jeffries turned and shouted, "It was going to! I saw all of those other girls, when I came back to the city, and that's when it hit me. Make him work for it. Lead up to my grand finale. Get rid of everyone who could possibly…"

"Get the job after you killed me," Olivia said, realizing it. "But they would have had to volunteer for…"

"They would have," Jeffries said as tear rolled down her cheek.

From behind the glass, taking a breath, Elliot turned to Cragen. "She was going after Liv anyway," he said, thankful they got her before she could.

"Yeah, even before the press conference," Cragen said, running a hand down his face. "And what is she talking about? You have Olivia on your wrist?" he asked, confused.

Elliot cleared his throat. "So we should probably get the ADA in here to…"

"Elliot," Cragen said, stopping him. "I'm not an idiot. I know she's not just staying with you, I know things changed when you got back, and I'm glad they did. She was a wreck without you and I don't wanna think about what you were like," he explained. "I saw you two in the hospital. Just be straight with me now," he said.

Elliot closed his eyes for a moment. He unbuttoned and rolled up his sleeve, then took off his watch.

"That is…wow," Cragen said, looking at the amazing black sketch of Olivia inked into Elliot's skin. "So we're clear," he said, looking up at Elliot, "In here you are nothing more than partners. In here, there can not be any couple-like behavior, and don't bring your personal shit into this squadroom."

Elliot nodded once, putting his watch back on. "We're not idiots, Cap."

The door opened and Olivia walked through it, shaking her head. "She went completely bonkers," she said. "See what you do to people, El?" she asked, nudging him in the side.

"Yeah," Elliot said with a sigh. Then he looked at her, a serious look in his eyes. "I have the tendency to make women who love me go crazy."

Olivia looked away from him. "You do," she whispered. She turned and walked toward the squadroom and said, "I'm gonna go tell Strauss he can arraign her, and tell Fin to get her into a holding…"

Elliot followed her and interrupted her. "I'll come with you, he said, rolling down his sleeve and walking next to her. "What did Huang want?" he asked, his voice low, as they headed toward the elevator.

Olivia sighed. "Just seeing if I was okay. He wanted to make sure I was…"

"Back," Elliot said with a nod. "You are, and after what I saw in that interrogation, Liv, you're better than ever."

Olivia shrugged. "That happens when you finally get what you've wanted and are actually happy for the first time in your life," she said, stepping into the elevator.

"I know," Elliot said with a smirk. He looked up as he got into the elevator and said. "You wanna make Al happy?"

Olivia furrowed her brow. "Al? Sweaty, security guy, Al? Why the hell would I want to…" She was stopped when Elliot's lips crashed into hers and she was pushed into the side of elevator. "El," she said against his lips. "What the fuck are you…"

"We were interrupted this morning," Elliot said, sliding the zipper on her pants down and shimmying the fabric over her hips. "I have been trying to get the image of you naked, wet, beneath me, pressed against me, out of my head all damn night, and I couldn't." He pulled on her panties roughly and drove two fingers into her.

Olivia's head flew back into the panel, hitting the emergency stop button. "Shit," she hissed, rolling her hips into his hand.

"You just bought us more time," Elliot whispered, twisting his fingers inside of her as he worked his own pants down. "Hope Al's sleeping on the job right now," he joked.

"El," Olivia moaned. "The camera doesn't…"

"I know it doesn't," Elliot laughed. He kissed her as he moved his hand and pushed inside of her, keeping one hand on her and one hand up against the wall.

"God, El," Olivia cried, trying to open her eyes as she hiked one of her legs around him. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer to her, kissing him as they worked fast to bring each other over the edge before someone came to get them out of the elevator.

Stuck between floors, inside of her, making love to the woman he couldn't live without, Elliot was finally home. Back. They were better than before, happier, more in tune with each other, and finally free to love each other. And he knew, now, that if they ever had to be apart again, they would always find their way back.

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