This is the end. Thank you so much for reading and supporting this. You guys were great. But unfortunately this will be my last Psych story for a while. I need to branch out and I think I fried my Psych imagination.

But don't fret, I will return sooner or later with new angst for the Psych gang... just not right away.

Thanks again...


Everything had happened so fast. Shawn's voice came from the hallway, Steinberg panicked and snatched Juliet's gun before she could react, and Lindsey Leikin appeared in the doorway, carrying a gun of her own. Both Steinberg and Leikin opened fire at the same time, Lassiter pulling Juliet to the ground a split second before the bullets could do any damage.

He scrambled for his gun while Lindsey screamed, "Nobody tries to kill me!"

"You deserved it," Steinberg hollered back, picking himself off the floor from when he fell out of bed. "It was all a part of the plan, you knew the risks when I broke you out of jail." Crap, Spencer was right. "I mean, do you honestly think I was going to just let you walk free? A murderer?

"But it doesn't matter, now. I'm going to kill you." Before Steinberg could fire, Lassiter reacting firing his own gun. The bullet pierced the taller detective's chest, sending him to the ground. Carlton pushed himself to his feet, peaking over the bed to look at the downed cop.

He turned to watch Leikin try to run, but Spencer grabbed her before she could get very far. Lassiter stepped forward, taking his cuffs from his pocket, and said, "You have the…"

"Juliet," the slightly panicked voice nearly startled Lassiter. He watched as Spencer raced forward, crouching down next to the bleeding O'Hara.

"Crap," Carlton hissed. He snapped the cuffs around Leikin's wrist, threw her into a chair, and crossed the room to kneel next to his downed partner.

She had been hit in the side, her gray jacket and blue blouse slowly soaking with her blood. Lassiter removed his own jacket, pressing it against her side to help staunch the flow.

"Go get help," he snapped at Spencer, but realized a second later it was pointless. The gunshots had already attracted two doctors. They ran in, followed by a nurse, and set to work.

The next thing Carlton knew, he and Shawn were being questioned about what had happened while Leikin was being carted back to jail. He was quick with the details, more worried about his partner. Spencer was past panicked, more like catatonic. He looked as if he were going to puke at any second.

They were released several minutes later, Henry rushing his son back to his room. Lassiter followed, needing something to do. If he lost Juliet, the best partner he had ever had, he didn't know what he'd do. And he didn't want to think how Spencer would take it.

They ended up only having to wait a couple hours. A doctor stopped by to tell them the bullet had gone through, barely missing anything vital. She had survived, and she was going to be okay. But both Lassiter and Shawn had to be sure, so together they headed toward her room.


Juliet was groggy and her side hurt a bit, but she was glad to be alive. She sat up in bed, watching television, waiting for Shawn and Lassiter to burst in. She had been out of surgery for over an hour, she was surprised they hadn't shown up sooner.

"Detective O'Hara," a voice said. She turned, noticing a nurse standing in the doorway. "You have visitors." Lassiter practically pushed past the poor woman, Shawn followed closely behind him. A disgruntled Henry was steps behind both, obviously wishing his son would have stayed in bed.

"Hey guys," Juliet said flipping the television off.

"How are you?" Shawn and Carlton said together, sharing a quick glance. They tried to step forward at the same time, both glaring when they ran into each other. Then Juliet said, "There's another side."
It was a long visit. Both just wanted to know that she was okay, but ended when Carlton got a phone call and Shawn's concussion started wearing on him. When they left, Juliet leaned into her pillow, intending to go to sleep, but a doctor walked in.

"You are a very lucky young woman, Detective O'Hara," he said checking her chart. "The bullet could have been fatal."

"Yeah, that's what they tell me," she replied quietly.

"No, not just to you, but to your baby, too."

Wait what? "What?" Baby? What baby?

"Your baby. Your test came back an hour ago. You're at least two months…" he kept talking, but Juliet didn't take anything in. How could she be…? She and Shawn had always been careful. And what would Shawn say? It was no secret he hated children. He found them sticky and loud. Of course, he could also be sticky and loud. And he was always getting into stuff, just like this kid would. They weren't ready for this. They weren't even married, yet.

Touching her stomach, she couldn't help thinking, Oh, baby, what are we gonna do?


3 days later…

Lassiter found his brother packing. He needed to talk to him, apologize, but had been too busy to do that. He had to deal with the ramifications of shooting Steinberg, getting off lightly when Leikin and Spencer vouched that Steinberg wasn't all there. Then he had to endure fifteen minutes of Guster complaining about how he always ended up with the raw end of the deal. The bitching hadn't been directed at him, but he still heard it when Shawn and Gus were heading out of the precinct. He then spent every free moment with Juliet until she was released from the hospital. She had been pretty quiet, but it had to be some woman thing so he didn't ask. And then there was the paperwork he had to do that left his hand aching, his eyes itching with tiredness, and his brain threatening to leak out of his ears. It was a wonder at all that he caught Danny.

"So, come to see me off?" Danny asked zipping his bag.

"I'm…" Carlton cleared his throat. He had never been very good at apologies. "I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it." Danny headed toward the door, trying to push past his brother.

"No." Lassiter grabbed his arm. "I shouldn't have said any of that. It wasn't fair to you, and I don't want you to think I hate you or anything."

"Really Carlton. Don't worry about it. Besides, maybe I like the honestly for once." Danny pulled his arm free from his brother, continuing toward the door. One hand on the knob, without turning around, he said, "I love you, bro. See you later." And he was gone, leaving Lassiter by himself. It hadn't been the greatest brotherly reunion, but Carlton had a feeling their relationship was never going to get any better. They were from two different worlds, and no amount of sharing and caring was going to fix that.

So, he would let it go. He had to let it go. Danny had made his decisions in life, just like Carlton, and he would have to live with them…


"Come on, Gus. I said we wouldn't work cases for the rest of the week, but aren't you a little curious…"

"Nobody called, Shawn. Let's go," Gus snapped, arms crossed, sitting behind the wheel of the blueberry.

"But what about…?"

"No Shawn."

"And if someone needs…"

"They can wait until Monday."

Gus wasn't happy with Psych right now. The place had gotten him framed for murder. If Shawn hadn't of started the business, put Lindsey Leikin in jail, then none of this wouldn't have happened. He would have blamed Shawn personally, but his best friend had been too nice to blame. He even gave Gus the whole week to do whatever he wanted. Gus spent half of it getting caught up with his route, and the other half hanging with Shawn. Until his best friend wanted to check the messages at Psych.

"Can we please go?"

Shawn sighed, "Fine, fine. Go." Gus started his car, backing out of his spot. They drove a few blocks when Shawn's phone rang.

"You've reached the most delectable piece of eye candy…" he trailed off, Gus' eyebrows rising. Never had Shawn let an opportunity to flirt with Jules (he could only assume it was her) pass. Something had to be up. "Are you sure?" again the faux-psychic was quiet. "Scared I would what? Leave you? I'm not leaving you…" he listened, nodding. "Jules, I can always get another pineapple mug. It's okay that you broke mine. Yeah, don't worry about it. Okay? Love you. Bye." He hung up, shaking his head. "She's been acting strange since she got home."

"Shawn, she was shot. Wouldn't you be acting strange?" Gus asked driving past a Jamaican restaurant.

"Yeah, but I mean really strange. I just don't know why…" Shawn trailed off, biting his lower lip. He then sighed and said, "Oh well. You wanna go back for Jerk Chicken?"

"You know that's right." Gus turned down a street that would take him back to the restaurant. He was happy to be free, happy to be with his best friend, and knew he'd get over his issues with Psych. He always did…

The End…