A/N- Could I be anymore ridiculous? You tell me after reading this pointless story. I don't think I can stretch pointless enough. I just wanted to write, so this is fairly short.

"It's nothing but a cancer stick."

"Who would put their lips on that?"

"I can't look." Ted turned his head away.

"Man up, DiBiase." Adam turned him back towards the scene in front of them.

" Who would want that in their mouth?" Jay cringed.

"I wouldn't want anything that comes of it in my body."

"It'll kill you in the end."

"I'd never let my kids around that."

Comment after comment filled their little circle. Adam, Ted, and Jay sat in Adam's basement watching Jericho on the other side of the room, who was paying them no attention.

"Do you know the diseases you could get from that?" Ted asked, looking at the other two men.

"I don't even want to watch this." Jay turned around for a split second, before changing his mind.

"I bet he'd share with you, Ted. You're the youngest." Adam pushed him forward but Ted resisted, keeping all of his weight in place.

"Stop! That's sick."

All three remained quiet for a while, their eyes flickering to Jericho once in a while.

"That's sick!" All three guys jumped and turned towards the steps.

"Randy, when did you get here?" Randy paid Ted no attention and made his way over to Chris, with Kait, Mack, and Sunny following him like lovesick puppies.

"Ha, this is great! Jericho, why are you jerking off to Randy's picture?" Kait wondered.

"Chris! You promised me this picture wouldn't be used for self pleasuring purposes." Mack grabbed the picture and put it in her pocket, despite Jericho and his left hand reaching for it.

"Why the hell...you know what, I don't care." Adam shut up, knowing all three ladies love for Randy.

"Mack, I need that picture. I'm almost done." They had to give Chris credit...with a room full of people, his right hand never slowed down.

"What are you doing?" Randy asked, his voice raising.

"Donating my semen so there can be productive children in the world someday."

"Why the fuck were you three pervs watching him?" Sunny asked, slapping her boyfriend behind the head and glaring at the other two.

"Hey! He's the one who whipped out his dick, not me." Ted defended himself.

"Quick, give me that jar!." Jericho pointed to the stand a few feet away and Kait grabbed it for him.

"You know, I love how Chris is masturbating with seven people in the room, and no one bats an eyelash at it. But if it were me, well then I'd be getting hell." Jay mumbled, sitting down on the couch.

"Hurry up, Chris, we're all going to dinner." Chris was too busying begging Kait to hold the cup to pay any mind to Sunny. Kait flat out refused though.

"I'll hold it myself." Chris grabbed the cup and positioned it. After another minute or two, he was done. After he was all cleaned up and everyone was ready to go, he turned to look at the other guys.

"And my dick is not a cancer stick. Right Randy?"