Moonlight Over Mordor
by SkyFire

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A/N: 1) This is from a plot made up by the beta version of my 4th generation LotR plotbunny
generator. The plot came out as: "Sauron gets a letter from a ticked-off orc while watching the
Moon in Mordor." To get to the first two versions of the generator, go to my website at There is a third generator up there as well, in honor of
Valentine's day.

2)There is one single, tiny reference to my fic, "What Happened to Glorfindel." You don't need to
read that to understand this, though.

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Moonlight Over Mordor
by SkyFire

Sauron was watching the moon as it shone on the beautiful evil barrenness that was his kingdom of
Mordor when one of his lesser goblin servants came to him, holding a sealed scroll.

"This came for you, Master," the goblin said. He gave the scroll to the Dark Lord, then quickly
scurried away.

Sauron broke the seal, unrolled the letter. It was an old, stained scrap of leather written on
in a rust-colored ink that was probably blood.


"I'm leaving. It's just too much. I could take being sent against overwhelming odds into the
certainty of glorious, bloody death. I could take being made fun of by the traitor Saruman's
Uruk-hai. I could take being routinely tortured for no reason but whim.

"But it's just too much to ask for me to go up against those armies and not stop to eat the dead
along the way. To be denied the chance to sink my fangs into sun-ripened Man-flesh, or the
delicacy that is Elf-meat. Even the evil putrescence that is our own dead.

"And so I'm leaving now. I'll be far away by the time this message reaches your hand.

"Perhaps I'll visit Rivendell for a while. There's always wandering Elf-buffets there.

"In hate,


/Very eloquent for an orc,/ Sauron mused. /Grunt obviously suffers from the defect common to the
first orcs; they were still too close to their Elven selves. Imagine, an orc with discriminating
tastes! As well as the obvious insubordination./

Sauron turned to his scrying bowl, and in it found Grunt's location. He saw the orc there,
crouched in a thicket, getting ready to pounce on an unsuspecting Elf. He sent a small surge of
his power at the orc.

Glorfindel was nocked off his feet by the blast from an explosion in a thicket near to where he
was walking. He flew briefly through the air before colliding with a tree. He hit his head on
impact with it, cursed aloud at the pain. He was just finishing healing from what Arwen had done,
and now he probably had another concussion!

He climbed to his feet, went to the source of the explosion. He saw the charred remains of what
had at one time been an orc. It crumbled to ash in the slight breeze. The thicket the orc had
been hiding in had been blasted apart, the ground scorched.

Glorfindel shrugged. "Orcs," he muttered.

Then he turned and continued on his walk around Rivendell. The moon shone beautifully that night,
he noticed.


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