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Althalus came out of his deep and disturbing thoughts for a second time. As a desperate attempt to answer his questions, he could let the two know of his presence. But, if they were hostile, it could spell out a major amount of trouble on his part. He decided to try to listen in on their argument once again, hoping that he could at least glean some information on his current situation. Then, if things worked out, he could leave this dreaded house, get his money, and go back to what he does best. Althalus wasn't called the best thief for nothing.

Althalus frowned inwardly in concentration while keeping up the guise of being unconscious. Luckily the two women were too absorbed in their yelling match to be concerned with his presence, it was as if they hadn't realised that he was there. His ears buzzed with the noise the two were causing already. Even though their ignorance was a good sign, he didn't want to risk discovery if he tried to escape the situation. Althalus was, as yet, unsure of their capabilities.

He then noted that their 'conversation', which was hovering irritably over his comprehension, had become a whole lot quieter. The pair were no longer yelling, but it still sounded dangerously close to an argument.

Althalus strained his ears for a moment to understand what was being said.


He paused, Althalus finally understood!

"...things weren't supposed to happen this way," the older voice was saying, somewhat calmly.

"I realise that, but how was I supposed to know?" The younger voice sounded defensive again. "All I know, was that there was no one there - until someone was practically on top of me! I reacted."

Althalus was incredulous. That was the one who attacked him?

"It was still foolish, no matter how many times you explain yourself," the older one reprimanded. "How am I going to to fix this up now?" She sighed. "I doubt I'll be trusted after this incident, thanks to you."

"Don't put your blame on me lady," the younger one spat.

"You were hiding upstairs. Why not come down and greet your expected guests, rather than sneaking around and surprising them? If I were the one you wanted, I know that I certainly wouldn't put too much faith in you." The tone in the younger woman's voice was almost venomous.

Silence followed that statement for several long minutes, and Althalus digested the information he'd just gathered. It seemed that the two had only just recently met, judging by the way the younger woman addressed her acquaintance. They weren't on the best of terms either. Apart from his own circumstances, he found himself wondering what might have caused all of this in the first place, surely there was more to it than he'd heard.

A shuffling sound alerted him that something had changed. Shadows obscured the little light that was in the room. Althalus almost held his breath, the women had come closer, and had begun to speak in low voices. He made sure to keep his eyes closed as he listened in yet again.

"So, what happens now?"

The younger one had asked this, with a curious tone in her voice. It had drifted from somewhere close to his left. A shadow fell on him.

"We can't just leave him here," she muttered indignantly, even closer this time.

"Well, I obviously can't carry him, and I'm guessing that neither can you," the older one replied evenly, from almost right next to his left ear.

How they had crept up so close to him, so fast, was beyond him. It was a wonder that they hadn't noticed he was actually awake. Althalus was quite sure that chaos would have broken loose if they knew. He wasn't about to risk that, not yet.

Althalus didn't realise that he had fallen asleep until he came to, again, on the same unforgivably cold floor of the staircase room. His head, if it was possible, felt even worse than before. It took great effort to keep quiet and still; it was also difficult to ignore. He deduced that he may have had a concussion, which he didn't find too surprising, considering recent events.

Everywhere else, apart from his arm and back, had lessened to a dull ache. Althalus found it harder to concentrate this time, so he decided to wait a while, until he felt more coherent, before revealing himself to the other two who were near him.

The voices had stopped, and there was no indication of movement nearby. Althalus opened one eye warily, before following with the second. The women were gone. He mused on his situation once again: from the corridors, to his collapse, and then the voices he had woken up to on regaining his senses. It all happened so fast, it was unbelievable to think that a woman had bested him, one of the best thieves, and knocked him out.

Looking up ahead of him, he finally understood what had happened. That girl had used the door on him, not to mention that she actually took him by surprise. Althalus had been knocked unconscious before he had any time or chance to react. That in itself bothered him to a great extent. He was not amused, and his luck was scowling at him, of that he was sure. It had gone sour ever since the incident with the poorly decorated house in the lowlands and the other with the paper money.

Althalus glanced around for his fallen sword, and located it lying off to the side, slightly out of reach. He was sure that he had dropped it after being hit with the large door that hid the set of stairs behind it. Althalus wished desperately to gain at least some control over his situation, because this whole scenario had gone too far.

His mind made up, Althalus clutched his sword tightly, and turned to face the same flight of stairs that he had failed to ascend a while ago. He took a deep breath, drew himself to his full height, and prepared to scale the large, stone steps that led up to where he heard voices. Althalus would find out what was going on, and this time, he would make sure that things went his way.

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