Drabble 1

Anything For You

Embry groaned as he slid his hand between his legs and grazed the rapidly growing bulge. He rubbed his had up and towards the waist band of his shorts sliding his hand in and letting the skin of his fingers dance on the sensitive skin of his cock. He felt pre cum dribble on his knuckles. He moaned loudly and he pushed his shorts down and started stroking. He hand tugging the uncut skin up and down. More beads of pre-cum leaking on his fingers. He slowly increased the rhythm of his stroking, he breathing becoming faster and more laboured with every stroke. His other hand traveled to his testicles, he squeezed them gently and let out a cry and he shot out to liquid white ribbons on his stomach and chest. He lay there panting, he dick softening in his looked up at the man kneeling in front of him. His cock and hand dripping with his own come from watching Embry pleasure himself.

"That...fuck...so fucking hot Em."

"Anything for you Paul." Embry smiled.

Drabble 2


Embry gasped loudly as he felt the hot wetness of tongue drag up his swollen, weeping cock. The tongue's tip licking the beads of pre-cum off greedily. The tongue licked back down as Embry felt his dick become encased in a hot mouth. Lips and tongue moved together like a dance up and down Embry's hard dick. He all but screamed when he felt teeth gently graze the vein on the underside of is cock. The mouth released him with a popping sounds and for a moment he was disappointed. The disappointment wore off when he felt that hot tongue and mouth lapping at his testicles. Lips grazing the delicate skin. He was close now. When the mouth plunged back on his throbbing dick he cried out, the sensation to much, shooting his hot seed down the more than willing throat. He open his eyes to watch the face between his legs swallowed every drop greedily like it was liquid candy.

"Jesus..damn. Amazing...." Embry breathed in soft gasps.

A warm smile met Embry's eyes. "I know you are." Paul said kissing the tip of Embry's now soft cock.