Author's Note (IMPORTANT):

Hey reader(s),

know what you were probably thinking after seeing this fic was updated: "WOW! I'LL CHECK OUT THE CHAPTER NOW!" Or something of the sort. -_-' Whatever you do when another is posted.

Anyway, this is not the next chapter; it's a message to you.

Well...from the previous chapter, you can probably tell that I'm not the best with the fight scenes. I know I'm not good with them...that's why I'm hoping to improve.

"What do I mean?" well I mean, this fic is on hold; NOT DISCONTINUED but merely ON HOLD!

I'm going to try and describe the fights better and have more...action. At least a little more; admit it, I'm not good with that. -.-

Plus, writer's block struck once again. It's pretty nasty with this fic.

So...that's it. I'm not sure how long it'll be on hold; so don't fuss if it's a short while! I hope you still look out and continue reading once it's up and running again. :)

...Well I also don't have much interest in this fic anymore. It's caused such a HUGE controversy with the readers it seems. *Rolls eyes* Despite the fact that I intended for it to stray away from canon be ALMOST an alternate universe. Some of you...don't seem to understand. *Rolls eyes again*

Well...I will still try to write the next chapter. Eventually. :(

In the meantime, here's another NaruHina fic I was thinking about posting. I wrote it last month and was thinking about posting:

'Lonely Melody'.

see that a lot of you reading this fic likes NaruHina; maybe you could check that one out if you want? It's a one-shot under the 'Spiritual/romance' category. Although...I think it leans more toward the supernatural/romance category. But that's for the readers to see.

And...there's another NaruHina fic I may or may not write. I already see it in my mind's kind of undecided at this point:

'Misadventures Of The Hyuuga Clan'.

;) That one's a comedy. Typically under 'Humor/romance'. But it does have NaruHina in there; in fact, they're actually the main characters in it. This one isn't as serious as the other one is, but it might be something to check out IF you're interested. Sorry if the title seems misleading, it's just a one-shot about what kind of trouble Naruto brings to the clan while he's dating Hinata. ^^

...Now I'm not "ADVERTISING" these; I'm just telling you. Because if you like this one, it wouldn't hurt to check them out once they're up. -_-

That's it. Please stay with me. (This author's note will be deleted as soon as the next chapter is posted.) *Smiles hopefully*