"But you said I could eat as much as I want! You said I could kill people all night long!" Zack whined as he tried to keep up with Genesis' quick, determined pace. "You said - "

"I wasn't thinking clearly. Shut up and get over it," Genesis muttered, striding a carriage length in front of Zack. Cloud had left at sundown to be with Sephiroth at the prison, and it had been up to Genesis to get Zack dressed and fed that evening. The demon demanded sex, blood, and constant attention, and Genesis simply didn't have the patience that Cloud did when caring for him. He was seriously considering finding someplace small and dark and filled with insects to lock Zack up until Sephiroth was freed.

Genesis hadn't slept the previous day; he was plotting a way to get Sephiroth safely and quietly out of that cell. The angels had trapped him with a legitimate Earthly accusation, so he had to find a legitimate Earthly way to bust him out of the prison. It was frustrating, because Genesis could simply rip a hole in reality and simply pull Sephiroth through it to safety, but no supernatural means could be used when dealing with situations like this. If he didn't play the game by Satan and God's rules, they would pull his family off of Earth.

God and Satan lived to play these games. They liked to see which team members could be smarter. Satan's children were condemned to the dark, preferring to remain silent and stick to the shadows to perform their evil deeds. Meanwhile, God's children were loud, annoying, accusatory, and quick to pull humans into the mess to get as many witnesses as possible to expose evil.

They were so fucking obnoxious.

With a clearer idea of where Sephiroth was being kept and a more sober attitude, he'd decided that a festival of carnage wasn't exactly the smartest course of action. What he needed to do was to ensure that Sephiroth's cell was secure, and that he wasn't being mistreated by those fucking angels. He wouldn't put it past them to physically break down one of Sephiroth's walls from the outside to expose him to sunlight.

There were twelve hours in the day in which he couldn't protect Sephiroth, so they needed someone who could brave the daylight. Their only hope was Zack's human boyfriend Angeal. With the proper convincing Genesis was sure that he could enlist the man's help.

"I'm hungry!" Zack whined pitifully.

"You just ate!"

"I'm still hungry!" Zack cried, drawing out his words as he reached out to yank the back of Genesis' coat. "And you said - !"

Genesis stopped on the pathway and whirled around to seize Zack's face. "You have never listened to anything I've ever said. Ever! Then I happen to say one stupid thing out of hysteria, and you act like its fucking gospel!"

"Fucking gothpel!" Zack agreed, nodding between Genesis' fingers.

"We're going to see Angeal. You'll like that won't you?"

Zack nodded vehemently. "Yeah!"

Genesis managed to at least get his little demon there without any further complaints. Zack was bouncing a little in place as he knocked on Angeal's workshop door. After a few beats it opened, and the man immediately scooped Zack into a fierce hug.

"Hi Angeal!" Zack squealed in delight.

"Hey kid, where've you been?" He murmured back, a hand running up Zack's leather clad back. He turned to pull the teenager inside before he realized that they were not alone.

"How do you do?" Genesis asked, taking a moment to quickly sweep Angeal's mind, and found himself in a variety of erotic positions. He liked when people found him sexually attractive; it made getting what he wanted so much easier. "My name is Genesis Rhapsodos."

Angeal's eyes widened a little. "Zack's told me all about you..."

Apparently Zack had told Angeal all about their adventurous sex life, because snippets began to fly through the human's brain, although his face was a pool of handsome, chiseled calm.

"Zack's told me all about you, too," Genesis said, attempting to remain open and friendly to calm the man's nerves. "Do you think I might come inside for a moment? There's something I need to discuss with you."

"Of course." Angeal nodded, and moved out of the doorway to usher the two leather clad men inside. He closed it behind them and quickly led them both to a seat, dusting it off like any generous host might. "I'm sorry about the sawdust everywhere; I've had a lot of orders lately."

"It's not a problem. In fact your work is exactly what I came here to discuss." Genesis made himself comfortable on a freshly sanded wooden chair, taking a moment to arrange his coat and straighten his suit. Even if his mind was a shattered plane of nerves, he could at least keep up the appearance of being in control. "... You're clearly very talented at designing furnishings, but do you also repair buildings? Roofs, walls, windows - that sort of thing?"

"Of course," Angeal nodded.

"Excellent. I have a job for you, and I'll need you to begin immediately - tonight before dawn. I'm willing to pay more for such short notice."

Angeal seemed embarrassed by the offer. "That won't be necessary. I'm glad to help such a close friend of Zack's."

Genesis leaned forward, his expression dropping into seriousness. "I'm more than a close friend. Zack is a member of my family. Another member is in terrible danger, and we need your help to ensure his safety."

Angeal's brain was teeming with curiosity. "... Zack's told me that he lives with three other men. You, Sephiroth, and another named Cloud. Is that true?"

"Very true. Sephiroth is... he's in prison. The conditions are not only terrible, but he's fair, anemic, and has a fatal sensitivity to sunlight. I need you to reinforce his cell. Ensure that no light can reach him, and that he's protected from outside elements."

Angeal wanted to know what the man had done in order to be locked away, but didn't ask. Genesis scoured his mind, searching for any inkling that Angeal suspected they were vampires. It wasn't even in Angeal's psyche to think of such a thing. He was a simple man with no superstitious inclinations.

His eyes were deep blue, humble and honest, and burned into Genesis' with hope, "... If I do this... Will you allow me to continue seeing Zack?"

"It was never my intention to prevent you and Zack from being together. You clearly make him happy, and that makes me think highly of you." Genesis' smile warmed at the sight of Zack nearly sleeping in Angeal's arms. "... He's been worried sick about Sephiroth the past two days. This is the most relaxed I've seen him."

"You say you're a family, but Zack's told me..." Angeal turned his eyes away, remembering waves of intimate details that Zack had told him about his adopted family. Zack seemed especially proud of the times that he had taken Sephiroth and Genesis' cocks simultaneously.

"We're closer than family." Genesis smiled. "And we're more than happy to share Zack with a man like you... and I speak for all three of us when I say that we'd be willing to share a lot more."

"I don't need sexual favors in order to do this job for you, Mr. Rhapsodos." Angeal blushed, although the images behind his eyes didn't portray him as a shy lover. "I don't need money, either. I'll do it for you because I want to help."

Genesis tried to remind himself where Sephiroth was... but he was a creature of habit, and two days without any release or relaxation was difficult. Surely Sephiroth would understand and encourage him to indulge... just a little.

"But you're a tradesman, Mr. Hewley. You'd be a fool to do a job for free, especially when your customer is so willing to pay." Genesis unbuttoned his jacket and let it drape backwards onto the chair. Angeal blushed even deeper, and the pink color looked absurd on his stubbled, rugged features. Genesis couldn't remember the last time he'd felt stubble against his face that didn't end in death, and he felt his throat grow hot and thirsty in response.

"Well... if you insist," Angeal said carefully, attempting not to appear overly eager.

A big, grown man who felt the need to keep up a shy pretense... Angeal was a special specimen, and Genesis inwardly praised Zack's good taste. He shifted to the edge of his chair and called to his demon puppy. "Zack."

The littlest vampire snapped to attention, looking over his shoulder at Genesis from his perch on Angeal's lap. "Gen?"

"Come here, baby..." Genesis called, leaning back on his palms as he spread his legs a little.

Zack gave a small cry of carnal joy at the seductive invitation. He clamored off of Angeal's lap and approached Genesis on his hands and knees, eagerly awaiting further instruction.

Genesis stood up from the chair, running the tip of his shoe down Zack's firm stomach to the hard line of his cock pressing through leather. "... Sit down on the chair."

Zack got up from the floor and took Genesis' seat, biting his lower lip in delicious expectation.

"Stay," Genesis ordered.

"Stay with me!" Zack bargained, dropping to the floor and turning in a little circle on his hands and knees as Genesis passed him by and approached Angeal. He crept forward a few inches before he received a sharper warning.

"I told you to stay," Genesis repeated. "Get on the chair."

Zack whimpered and plopped onto the chair, looking forlorn as Genesis took his prior spot on Angeal's broad, strong lap.

"Angeal," Genesis said, testing the name out in his mouth as he regarded the man up close. His eyes were gentle a calm, gentle shade of blue, and thick, dark lashes framed them. Genesis raised his hand to feel the rough texture of his face, and enjoyed the way he tilted his head into the touch.

"Genesis?" Angeal replied bashfully. This was only the second man he'd ever touched this way, and experimentally ran his hands over the firm, strong frame resting against him.

"Do you like being kissed?" Genesis asked him.

Angeal didn't bother with words, and instead pressed a sweet kiss against Genesis' lips. Genesis pushed forward to deepen it, filing away the sensation of kissing someone so different than what he was used to. Sephiroth's lips were pillowy, full and soft, and both Cloud and Zack possessed warm, small cherubic mouths. Angeal's lips were thin, masculine and rough, surrounded by coarse facial hair.

Genesis found it easy to relax into the kiss, sighing as Angeal's warm tongue brushed against his. He cupped his hand against Angeal's neck, running his thumb over a tight, throbbing vein... and instead pushed his hand up into Angeal's dark, tousled hair.

A few strands had fallen into his eyes when their lips came apart, and Genesis felt strong, thick fingers pulling at the neat row of buttons lining his vest.

Angeal paused then. "May I?"

Genesis smiled wider than he'd intended, completely charmed by the big man's insecurity and shyness. "You may."

Angeal returned the smile, and it showed deep dimples in his cheeks. Genesis sighed and tumbled into another kiss, leaving enough room between them to allow Angeal space to unbutton his vest, and then his shirt.

He moved his rough hands over Genesis' silky skin, and broke away to look at him, to behold what felt like a marble statue come to life. "Where are you guys from?"

"Far away."

"I'm... just an ordinary man. Compared to you and Zack..." Angeal confessed. "I'm not - "

Genesis interrupted by moving quick fingers over the simple ties and buckles holding Angeal's shirt closed. He pushed greedy hands up into the garment impatiently until it was on the ground and Angeal was shirtless.

Genesis raked his fingertips over the chiseled, raw curves of muscle formed by manual labor. Dark hair covered his lower stomach, and Genesis didn't hesitate to follow the trail it led down to Angeal's pants and work to unravel the buckles. Angeal shifted his thick hips to allow Genesis access into his trousers, and sucked in his breath when his cool, slim hands were on him.

Genesis carefully pulled it out of Angeal's pants, and paused a moment to stare at the thickest cock he'd ever seen in his centuries spent on Earth. "You call yourself ordinary?"

"It's big!" Zack chimed in from the edge of his chair.

Angeal was bright red, utterly self-conscious about the pretty red head's eyes and hands on him. "... Is it to your liking?"

Genesis had to laugh at that. He wrapped both hands around it, working the foreskin back over the fat, dewy head. Genesis puckered his lips and let a string of saliva drop down, admiring the way it pooled in the slit and ran down the rounded tip.

Genesis slid down to his knees and sucked the drop of saliva from the indented hole before he swallowed it down. Angeal wasn't at all prepared, and gave a loud sigh as he gripped the stool of his chair.

With a thick, meaty cock down his throat, all was right with the world. Genesis gagged himself on it, one hand gripping the base while the other wriggled into Angeal's pants to cup his balls and reach underneath. It was like a fucking feast, all hard flesh, dark hair and an incredible, masculine, living mortal scent... it was taboo in its impermanence, and all attached to a big man who was bright red and trying hard not to whimper like a child.

One tittering, high pitched sound escaped, and it brought an avalanche of words with it. "Genesis, fuck, yes, fuck you're a good whore."

Genesis' head shot up, "Whore?"

"Ah-uh," Angeal stammered. "... Do you... do you prefer 'escort'?"

"I'm not a prostitute!" Genesis balked.

Zack found something funny in what was being said. He had no idea what they were talking about, but Genesis was amusing when he was upset.

"I didn't mean to imply anything!" Angeal's blush was so severe it was reaching down to his chest. "I just... I was caught up in the moment. I don't care what you do to earn money, everyone needs to make a living - "

"We are not prostitutes," Genesis repeated, indignantly including Zack... who was currently masturbating through his leather catsuit while looking at Angeal's exposed cock longingly.

"From what Zack and you have told me, it's what I gathered! I apologize if I've assumed wrongly - "

"You have!" Genesis squawked, standing up from Angeal's lap.

Angeal began to practically grovel, "I'm so sorry Mr. Rhapsodos, I didn't mean to offend you -"

"Make it up to me," Genesis demanded, crossing his arms.

"I'll do anything you ask," Angeal agreed eagerly.

"I wanna feel your stubble against my ass..." Genesis growled, unbuckling his pants in one fluid motion and taking a step forward to stand between Angeal's legs. "I want you to fuck me like the whore that I am not, and then I want you to go take care of Sephiroth before the sun comes up."

"Me too!" Zack wailed.

"Alright, you too," Genesis pulled the key to Zack's catsuit out of his pocket before he felt Angeal's hands pushing the leather down his thighs. With a chill of goose bumps at new hands on his bare skin, Genesis turned around in front of Angeal and stepped out of his pants. He then bent forward slightly, reaching back to spread his ass open.

Angeal growled in his throat as he met Genesis' pink hole with his tongue. He shook his head slightly, rubbing the harsh, tiny hairs on his face against his smooth, delicate ass.

Genesis' mind was temporarily blank, and he completely forgot about Zack until he felt a hot, bottomless throat engulf his cock whole. He nearly dropped the key to Zack's clothes, but quickly tightened his fingers on it, and bent down to unlock him. He gave Angeal even better access to his ass, and he felt his hot, long tongue pause to drag a wet trail over the back of his balls.

Zack huffed on excitement, arching his neck to allow Genesis maximum access to the lock on his collar, which was necessary to keep the demon clothed in public. Once the tiny metal lock clicked out of place, it took seconds for Zack to kick off his boots and strip down to nothing. His smooth skin was kissed by hell's fire and burnt to a rich honey color, which Genesis always thought was such a sensual contrast against the light colors and fair ivory skin that Cloud and Sephiroth shared.

His dark skin stretched taut over pulsing muscle as Zack leaned back on his knees, flicking a glance at Angeal before returning his bright blue eyes to Genesis, utterly thrilled to be in this situation with both men.

Genesis reached out to bury fingers in his coarse hair, and urged him closer. "Bite it."

"Mm!" Zack purred, his head falling against Genesis' thigh as he arched his back in delight. His never waning enthusiasm was one of the things Genesis treasured most about him, and he delighted in nibbling against the weeping head of his cock. His teeth were prominent, hungry and extended, and he dug one of his canines into the slit of Genesis' cock.

Genesis moaned a little as Zack's burning mouth then dropped down onto him, swallowing him down to the balls. He loved to give head, and did it with the same fervor he used when bleeding a human's blood dry. He was hungry, greedy, and always wanted more.

Genesis' eyes drifted to Angeal, knowing that with his size he could twist Zack into positions that not even Sephiroth could. Watching the two of them in the flesh and not through the fog of a memory was going to be a true delight. Not to mention feeling that enormous fucking cock shove up into his own ass... if that big, thick thing could satisfy an earthbound demon, Genesis could only imagine what it could do for him.

He wanted to watch Angeal fuck and torment his entire family... Cloud would adore him, and Sephiroth would probably be terrified, but would eventually...

Genesis felt his desire wane at the thought of Sephiroth. His heart rate slowed, and he bit his lip against a tremble of sorrow. Sephiroth was trapped in prison, and he was getting hot over Zack and his human. It didn't feel right.

Genesis reached out to Sephiroth with his mind. He was sitting on the floor of his cell, stroking Cloud's hair as he slept beside him on the other side of the bars. He was safe, full of Cloud's sweet blood, and content.

'I'm sending help,' Genesis thought to Sephiroth. 'I'm sending Angeal.'

Sephiroth didn't think back in words, but rather an emotion of acknowledgement.

'I'm testing him out,' Genesis then admitted to his imprisoned lover. 'If you like what you see, we'll keep him.'

Sephiroth responded with a smile.

It was as good as permission. Genesis yanked Zack's hair back, pulling him off of his twitching, saliva-slick cock. He pumped himself a few times, coaxing out a pearl of his own precome. He touched it to Zack's lips, then pulled away slowly to watch it stretch between the head of his cock and Zack's outstretched tongue.

"Angeal," Genesis sighed, turning slightly to look behind at him.

The human pulled his tongue out of the vampire's ass with a series of kisses up his spine and over his hip. "... Yes?"

"Sephiroth doesn't have much time... as much as I'd love to spend all night just like this... we need to hurry. What do you want to do, Mr. Hewley?" Genesis asked, turning to stare down into his kind, blue eyes. "... Make your time worth it."

"First... kiss him," Angeal whispered. He'd never witnessed a kiss between two men in his entire life.

Genesis obliged his innocent request. He tilted Zack's face up and took his wet lips in a tender kiss. He made a show of pushing his tongue into Zack's mouth, and was met with such earnest desire that he nearly lost himself in it.

Genesis eyes popped open when he felt the sudden thunder of Angeal's thoughts. Behind his kind eyes, Angeal had different, stronger desires. He liked seeing Zack in pain. He liked feeling sensitive tissue tear around his cock. He like the pop of broken bones, the taste of tears. He understood what the demon needed innately, and the roar of his hellish thoughts shocked Genesis.

He pulled away from the tender kiss and snarled at Angeal, "What are you waiting for?"

Angeal leaned back in his chair and yanked on Genesis' hips. The redhead clumsily fell into his lap, that big cock sliding between his thighs and pushing up against the back of his balls. Zack reached forward to push up on Genesis' thighs, lifting him up so the tip of Angeal's wide cock was pushing against his hole.

Genesis shuddered in the grip of both men, letting out a groan when Zack pushed down on his hips, forcing him to sink onto Angeal. The shock of it all took Genesis' breath away entirely, and he choked for air against the impossibly thick intrusion.

Something about the sight drove Zack to hysteria, and he made a purely animal noise as he pumped his cock and immediately shot out a load onto Genesis' face.

The oldest vampire was not expecting it, and blinked in annoyance as some of it hit his eye. "Zack!"

Not a shred of human thought was occurring in the demon's mind, and he panted as he leaned forward and licked Genesis' face clean, rubbing that never-waning erection against his stomach. Angeal huffed behind him, lifting his thighs and using all his leverage to buck up into Genesis' tight hole.

"Come on his face again, baby..." Angeal muttered to Zack.

Genesis soon realized that he was not at all in control of this situation. Zack was standing before him, pumping his cock and working towards another release, while Angeal was still pushing some of his length up inside. It actually grew thicker at the base, and Genesis' legs were shaking uncontrollably, pain and shock shooting through his entire body down to the soles of his feet.

"It doesn't fit," Genesis heard himself whisper.

"Yet," Angeal told him, wrapping an arm around Genesis' slim waist to lift him up, only to let him drop back down again.

Zack pushed his face up into where the two bodies were meeting, licking the stretched pink ring of Genesis' asshole where it was pulled from his body to choke Angeal's cock. He sucked Genesis's upper thighs into several sharp teethed kisses, before dropping down to lick the sweat and Genesis' blood from Angeal's tight, hanging balls.

The taste put Zack into euphoria, and he stood up with a lazy smile to present Genesis with another face full of sticky semen. Genesis was ready for it this time, and stuck his tongue out to at least give the demon a target. Angeal leaned forward to lick some of the mess from Genesis' cheeks, meeting him in a salty, tongue labored kiss.

"I'm gonna come inside you," Angeal told him, breathing the scent of beer into Genesis' face.

Genesis nodded desperately, for the first time in his long life, eager for a partner to finish before he did. "Do it! Please!"

Zack was on his knees, watching in delight to see the pulsing twitch of the base of Angeal's cock as it released inside of his pretty redhead. Angeal was staring at Genesis in a silent moan, then chewed his bottom lip as another rush hit him. Zack shoved up on Genesis' ass, then greedily sucked Angeal's bucking cock, forcing the man to cry out in shock.

Zack drank down the remainder of his semen to the last drop, torturing the bigger man until he cried out for mercy, "Zack! Okay!"

Without missing a beat, Zack then went to Genesis' cock, shoving fingers up into his semen-slick ass just the way he knew his redheaded master liked. Genesis' lower stomach tightened as he wrapped his legs around Zack's shoulders and arched his back. Angeal was holding him tight, kissing his neck and the side of his face before rubbing that scratchy facial hair against his shoulder and forcing a shuddering climax from him.

Genesis yanked on Zack's hair, forcing the demon to suck him at the perfect pace before pushing his head away entirely. Zack licked his lips with a wide smile, before standing up to place his cock near Genesis' mouth.

"Again?" He chuckled breathlessly, rolling his eyes a bit as he took the head of the demon's cock in his mouth and sucking out just a few droplets of a mostly dry orgasm.

Zack trembled gently, the climax brief and subtle. He then dropped to the floor to hug Genesis' waist. "I love you!"

Genesis sighed with a smile. "I love you, too."

Angeal's chin was resting against Genesis' shoulder. "... Are you alright?"

Genesis looked over at him with an unreadable expression. "Consider yourself tested out and kept."

Angeal laughed, giving Genesis a little kiss in response. He had no idea how literal that statement had been.


Angeal wasn't sure what he was going to find when he went to one of the town's most filthy and infamous prisons. It was where the worst debtors, murderers, witches and insane were kept.

Zack had described Sephiroth as being an old man with silver hair, leaving Angeal to picture some sort of aging wizard who'd bumbled and accidently committed some sort of unforgivable offense. Zack had then described Cloud as being approximately seven years old, with a yellow hedgehog sitting on top of his head.

He wanted to help his lover's family, even if he didn't fully understand what he was walking into.

"Hello," Angeal greeted the warden, coming to a halt with his wheel barrel full of tools and supplies to patch up Sephiroth's cell. He then went on to recite Genesis' instructed lie : "I was called in today for repair work. The night watch should have told you I was coming today."

The man was reclined and disinterested, and barely looked up from the previous evening's newspaper. "He might have mentioned something."

Angeal could barely believe his ears. "So... I'm clear to go through?"

"Certainly," he said, turning the page with a fatigued sigh.

Angeal made his way to Sephiroth's cell with his wheel barrel, trying not to stare into the cells and into the desolate eyes of the starving, dirty, and diseased prisoners. He slowed to a stop when he arrived at his destination, and discovered a lean, smooth, blond teenager sleeping on the filthy floor in front of the bars. He was gorgeous, and dressed similarly to what Zack often wore... shiny, form fitting leather stretched over lovely young flesh.

Leaning against the bars from inside was a platinum-haired beauty with dark, thick eyelashes fanned across his cheeks. It was a bit too dark to notice what he was wearing, but something told Angeal that he liked wearing leather, too. They were like two fairy tale princes who were trapped in the dirty prison by a sleeping spell, too beautiful to be real.

Angeal noticed a rodent creeping near Cloud, and with the black plague still a recent memory he didn't hesitate to lift the young man off the floor. He was a bit heavier than he appeared to be, but still light enough to cradle. Either by instinct or gratitude, Cloud sleepily wrapped his arms around Angeal's neck, before going rigid when he realized he was in a stranger's arms.

Before he could panic, Angeal quickly spoke. "It's alright. I assume you're Cloud? I'm Angeal. Genesis asked me to come here."

"Oh..." Cloud said, lifting his head to reveal a pair of blue eyes that were even brighter than Zack's. "... It's nice to finally meet you."

"You too. Zack's told me a lot about you. So far he's completely wrong," Angeal said politely, setting Cloud onto his feet.

"From what he's told me about you, he's completely right." Cloud smiled back up at him, sleepy but still mischievous. "Thank you for coming to help."

"My pleasure," Angeal mumbled, then noticed that the angel behind the bars was awake and watching them. His eyes were an alarming shade of green, vibrant even in the dark. Angeal nearly wanted to pinch himself. Zack and Genesis... now Cloud and Sephiroth. These were easily the most beautiful collection of males he'd ever set eyes upon in his entire life... How could he live in the same city as these gods and not have ever met them, or at least have heard of them?

"Cloud, it's almost sunrise. You need to go," Sephiroth warned. His voice was far huskier than Angeal imagined it would be, and found himself anxious for the silver haired man to say more.

"Seph," Cloud cooed, going to the bars and reaching through to the man on the other side. "... We'll be back tonight. It's going to be okay."

"I know," Sephiroth said, cupping his fingers tightly. "I'll be alright."

"I love you," Cloud whispered to Sephiroth.

Sephiroth's reply was inaudible, but the sound of lips pressing together was unmistakable. It last for only a heartbeat or two before Cloud let go and backed away. He smiled and quickly walked past Angeal, but then seemed to have a drastic change of heart. He reached up and took a handful of the dark hair on the back of Angeal's head, and used it to tug him down to his eye level.

"Take care of him; he means everything to me," Cloud said, staring into Angeal's dark blue eyes with the confidence and an air of a much older man. He then pressed a moist kiss near the side of Angeal's mouth, tightening the grip on his dark hair to the point of pain. "Don't let anyone touch him."

Angeal had never felt such a virginal blush in his entire life. The fact that it was due to a short blonde teenager, easily half his age made it feel especially awkward. "Of course... It's my pleasure to help Zack's family."

"It will be..." Cloud assured him. He eased his grip on Angeal's hair and smoothed it back down against his neck, tickling his fingertips over the exposed bit of skin. "Zack and I will be back tonight."

Angeal was speechless as he watched Cloud throw one last soft glance towards Sephiroth's cell and turn to quietly slip down the dark corridor, avoiding the catcalls and outreached, grabbing hands of the other prisoners. Angeal then stepped up to Sephiroth's cell and peered inside. The other man had seated himself in one of the darkest corners, and almost disappeared completely.

"... Hello Sephiroth," Angeal greeted, and the words sounded trite in the silence.

In the dark two vibrant, green lights appeared. "... Hello."

"I'm Angeal," he said. Although it seemed awkward, he still felt the need to give an introduction when addressing someone for the first time.

Sephiroth's face tilted a bit. "I know who you are."

Angeal swallowed thickly, anxious for morning and to see Sephiroth in a much clearer light. From what he could tell from the torch's light, he was nothing short of ethereal. "I'm going to be fixing your cell today. I'll stay here with you until Cloud and Zack return."

"It's not necessary." Sephiroth shifted a little bit, clearly uncomfortable on the mossy, wet floor. "But if Genesis wants it that way, I suppose that's what will happen."

Angeal sat where Cloud had previously been sleeping. It was still too dark to do any work, but the sun would rise soon. Angeal closed his eyes and leaned his head against the bars, allowing himself a moment to doze off. It was difficult to relax with his back to Sephiroth, as he could feel the weight of his stare.

Angeal eventually glanced over his shoulder, and in the pinkish light he could make out the outline of Sephiroth sitting in the shadows. Angeal offered a small smile, but couldn't make out any change in the other man.

"Do you smoke?" Angeal asked as he pulled his pipe from his coat pocket.


He hesitated. "Do you mind if I do?"

"It's not as if it would make this place smell worse," Sephiroth responded evenly.

Angeal shrugged in agreement and spent the next few moments consumed in readying his pipe. It was a good distraction from the green eyed angel staring at him, and forgave him of not finding anything worthy of speaking to him about.

Lighting the pipe was a challenge with the chilly early morning draft coming in from the hole in Sephiroth's ceiling. He eventually got it lit, and motioned to the opening, "Genesis asked me to fix that for you, but isn't it nicer to have some fresh air and daylight coming in?"


"So you'd rather be in the dark?"


"In that case, I'll stop sitting around and get to work." Angeal took one quick puff of his pipe, and then placed it on the other side of the bars for safe keeping. He then smiled at the fair man. "... A beauty like you should be kept comfortable."

Sephiroth eyes widened in the dark, but he didn't respond. Angeal then took his tool belt and shifted up, and disappeared from sight. A short time later, Sephiroth heard some scuffling around on the roof, and soon the hole letting in the pink, early morning daylight was covered, and he was left in blissful darkness. He sighed in relief and closed his eyes to get some actual sleep.

Outside, Angeal found several other weak spots in the building's rotten, ancient roof. He was surprised the entire thing didn't collapse; the prison was as good as rubble, but at least Sephiroth would be comfortable for the duration of his sentence.

He made his way back inside, taking his time to appear busy, when some of the other guards questioned him on why he was there. Then they produced actual maintenance tasks for him to complete, which he was forced to comply with to appear legitimate.

It was hours later that he finally made his way back to Sephiroth's cell. He was lying in a pool of silver hair that had spilled across the floor, and he was sleeping deeply. He jolted a bit at the sound of footsteps, and blinked wearily up at Angeal.

"I'm just me," Angeal said.

Sephiroth rolled away from him to face the wall, saying nothing.

"There's some food here for you," Angeal called, noticing a small plate with bread on it and a cup of some discolored water.

"That's not food."

"You should eat something," Angeal insisted.

"Cloud will bring something later."

"At least take this." Angeal quickly took off his cloak and threw it through the bars.

It landed on Sephiroth's shoulder, and he bunched it under his head in a makeshift pillow, and said nothing more. Although they'd only shared a few words, Angeal found the man's standoffishness perfectly acceptable. He knew that if the roles were reversed and it was himself who was faced with a sentence in this hell hole, he wouldn't be particularly talkative, either.

Angeal then reached to where he'd left his pipe. It was then that he realized his matches were in the cloak that was currently nestled underneath Sephiroth's head. He was about to set the pipe back down when he realized that it was lit. And not a small ember remaining from when he'd previously lit it, but a full flame was dancing in the chamber.

He paused, before glancing all around. Then he slowly looked over his shoulder at Sephiroth, who was dozing peacefully. He'd never given much thought to witchcraft... but he'd also never seen fire spark before his eyes out of nowhere.

Although the man's back was to him and he couldn't see Sephiroth face, Angeal could tell that he was smiling.


The day was long and uneventful for Angeal. He was alone with his thoughts, with only the occasional cry or fit of coughing from a neighboring prisoner to remind him that he wasn't alone. More food came for Sephiroth but he didn't respond to Angeal at all.

Angeal didn't eat the food either because, upon further inspection, it was teeming with insects. He threw it into another prisoner's cell, who hastily consumed it. He didn't blame Genesis for wanting someone to sit with Sephiroth. The place was truly a pit of humanity.

Sephiroth slept silently, and Angeal waited for nightfall.

It was nearly dark when Angeal had become weary, and needed a few moments to stretch his legs. He took another look at Sephiroth, who hadn't moved since turning down his food hours prior. He was sleeping so deeply he didn't even seem to be breathing, so Angeal decided it was probably safe to step away for a few minutes.

The sun had gone down and the others would arrive soon.

He walked outside, finding the cool, clean air to almost burn in his lungs compared to the shit stained environment inside. He took a walk around the building, finding a private spot to relieve himself. He considered going to find something to eat, but decided not to leave the premises before making sure that Sephiroth had company.

He went back into the prison after one last huff of fresh air, and wearily made his way to Sephiroth's corridor. His brow lowered when he heard the distant sound of weeping. Sephiroth didn't strike him as the weeping kind, but he certainly wouldn't hold it against him if he woke up after a long rest to wake up alone in this place.

Angeal hurried to his cell, where he found Cloud and Zack. Instead of tight leather, they were wearing innocent, loose robes - something altar boys might wear. It took years off their ages, and he and Cloud looked like a couple of children.

"Seph, answer me..." Cloud moaned out, and the sound was almost too heartbroken to bear.

Angeal quickly peered into the bars and found Sephiroth where he'd been lying silently all day.

... And it struck him.

Cloud turned when he heard footsteps approach. "... We're too late... he was so sick... being in this prison must have finally finished him..."

"I'm so sorry..." Angeal said gently, unsure of how to even articulate it when faced with two red faced, grieving young men looking up at him. "... I didn't think about trying to call to him or move him. He was just... I thought he was sleeping."

"We need the warden... I can't leave him in there like this," Cloud choked out. "He deserves... more respect than this. Will you bring the warden, please?"

Angeal broke into a run, hoping that perhaps Sephiroth could be revived if they were able to get into the cell. He found the warden sitting in the same place, "There's an unresponsive prisoner! It's Sephiroth in Block 2! He needs help! He may be dead!"

The man grunted. "He probably is."

"He was up and talking only a few hours ago! Please call the doctor!"

"If I called the doctor for every dead prisoner, the man would do nothing else."

"His family is here! At least open his cell and let them try to help him!"

"You're unfamiliar with how things are done around here, aren't you?" The warden shook his head, annoyed at having to explain their policies. "Just because the man died doesn't mean he won't complete his sentence."

"... What?"

"Everyone completes their sentence in this prison. Dead or alive."

"He was still awaiting trial!" A sobbing voice came from the hallway. Cloud approached the warden with bloodshot, striking blue eyes. "Sephiroth didn't do anything! I'm not letting him lay in here for a moment longer! Open his cell or I'm calling the police!"

The warden didn't get along particularly well with the police chief, who would relish any excuse to make his life harder than it had to be. "Alright, fine. I have to call his accusers so that they can verify he's dead. But if there's a single breath left in that prisoner, he's staying right where he's at. Understood?"

Cloud hurried the Warden to the cell, and pushed past him once the door was open. He knelt by Sephiroth, making a show of feeling his pulse and then sobbing uncontrollably at the result. "He's dead! He's cold! Feel him!"

"I'm not touching him," the man declared indignantly.

Cloud hugged onto the lifeless body, while Zack wept with an uncharacteristic silence, his fingers wrapped around the bars with wide eyes. Angeal put a hand on his back. "I'm sorry... I didn't know. I thought he was sleeping... I never..."

"Please don't fall for these scheming witchcraft practitioners," said a blond woman as she came marching down the corridor with a cross extended. She was accompanied by three men in dark suits, and all of them stayed back a great distance from the open cell.

Angeal reared back at the accusation. "Who are you?"

"My name is Elena, and I'm a witch hunter. That monster lying in there attacked me two nights ago, meaning to drink my blood and use my body in witchcraft rituals," she declared.

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" Cloud howled from Sephiroth's side. "He thought you were a fucking prostitute! You look like one!"

"He bit me!" she accused, proudly showing a small wound on her neck.

"He was into that!" Cloud yelled back.

The sound of an argument roused the surrounding prison into a lustful hostility, and voices echoed their opinions against the crumbling stone walls. Angeal peered down at Zack, who still said nothing. He hadn't said a single word this entire time, and instead looked like a kicked puppy. Angeal then stared down at Sephiroth... who was a pale picture of youth and health... why should he have dropped dead?...

What if they really were witches?

Angeal decided he didn't care, he was on their side. He turned to the accusing woman with a snarl. "You probably are just a prostitute."

"How dare you?!" She came closer, her crucifix still at arm's length to shield her from any curses. "My accusation still stands! That thing in there needs to prove he's not a witch if he's going to leave this prison!"

"He's dead, you bitch!" Cloud sobbed. "What more do you want from him?"

"Put him in the sunlight!" one of her men suggested with a triumphant smile.

"Night just fell!" Cloud shook his head, holding Sephiroth's body closer. "I won't leave him here all night long to be eaten by insects! I'm taking him home with me right now!"

"How convenient that you discover him dead just as night fell!"

The rest of the prisoners were banging against their cell bars and howling at the roof. The warden realized he might soon have a prison riot on his hands if he didn't deal with this situation quickly. "Miss Elena, come here and inspect the body. If you can prove that he lives, we'll leave him here. If he's dead, the family have the right to take his body. He has not yet been sentenced."

Elena shook her head. "I won't enter the cell with that blonde boy in there. Make him get out!"

"I'm not going anywhere!" Cloud told her defiantly.

"Boy, step back and let the woman see the body," the Warden instructed.

Cloud reluctantly let Sephiroth's head rest on the floor, and stood back in the corner, giving the woman room to enter. She stared at Cloud, the cross still extended to protect herself if he decided to lunge for her. Elena then rested on one knee, and took a look at Sephiroth up close.

"... His soul must be so hideous to wear a mask so pretty," she tsked. "I'd hate to see his true form."

"He's gorgeous, you jealous cunt!" Cloud screeched, taking a step forward.

"Don't come any closer!"

The Warden was sick of this routine. "Hurry up and inspect the body, Miss Elena."

Elena then carefully picked up one of Sephiroth's hands. "... He is cold... but there's no rigor mortis at all."

"He was alive just a while ago," Angeal interjected.

Elena shot him a venomous glare, and set Sephiroth's hands back down. "I want to see if he has three nipples."

Zack laughed suddenly. It was the only noise he'd made all evening, and he apologetically began to gnaw on the metal cell bars.

"Open his shirt," the Warden instructed Cloud.

"I can't believe this sick bitch is trying to get a look at a naked dead body!" Cloud pointed his nose in the air but kneeled down to unbutton Sephiroth's shirt. A smooth, toned chest appeared, sporting two pale nipples. "See?"

Elena put her hand over Sephiroth's heart, feeling no beat. "... I want to stake him. Just to be sure."

"No!" Cloud screamed. "I won't have my dear older brother's body be mutilated!"

Angeal wrinkled his nose at that. Brother?

"That's enough, Miss Elena," the Warden finally said. "Even I can see the man isn't breathing, he's got no color, and no pulse. I declare him dead. The family is free to remove the body."

Cloud didn't smile in victory, but instead began to sob as he re-buttoned Sephiroth's shirt. "I'm so sorry... my beloved brother..."

Elena stormed out of the cell, but not before extending the cross towards Angeal and Zack. "This isn't the last time you're going to see us, demons! I'm going to expose you for the monsters you really are! I've seen you hunt at night! I know what you do!"

Zack thought she was offering him the cross, and reached out to take it. He popped it in his mouth with began to chew on it. Elena was dumbfounded, and turned with her men to vacate the noisy, putrid smelling prison.

"Angeal..." Cloud called, sniffing against his tears. "Do you still have your wheel barrel? Could we use it to get him out of here?"

"Of course," Angeal nodded. He emptied the wheel barrel of its contents and gave them to Zack to hold. He then scooped Sephiroth up off the floor, finding the man's tall, lanky form to be nearly too heavy to move. But he was able to carry him to the wheel barrel and carefully set him down in it, taking the time to cross Sephiroth's hands over his chest prettily. He had a burlap sack, and ripped the seams to create a makeshift blanket, and tucked Sephiroth's upper body in.

He wheeled the body out of the prison, thankful to leave the place and get some fresh air. He was glad none of them would ever have to return, but greatly saddened at the senseless loss of such a young life, and such a gorgeous man.

"Where do you guys live?" Angeal asked as they approached the main street.

Elena and her men were standing across the street, waiting to follow. Cloud was blotting the corners of his eye with a hankie. "Genesis should be here any moment..."

As if on cue, a carriage turned the corner. Genesis was driving, and pulled on the reins to stop the horses. "Load up the body and let's get him home."

Angeal obeyed, but not without wondering how Genesis knew about the death... and where he'd been this entire time. He picked Sephiroth up and laid him on the seat inside the carriage, and paused when he discovered that there was a bound, gagged, and naked woman inside.

Before he could say a word, Cloud and Zack shoved him in and yanked the door shut behind them.

"Fucking go!" Cloud cried, slapping the window behind Genesis' head.

Sephiroth then sat up on the seat, throwing the burlap sack off and shuddering, "Jesus Christ, could you people have taken any longer?"

"You have bugs in your hair!" Cloud frowned, combing through the tangled silver tresses.

"Tell me about it, they're all over me," Sephiroth shook his head, brushing himself all over before he hastily began to remove his soiled clothes.

"Eat something!" Cloud urged him.

"I need to be clean before I eat," Sephiroth shuddered as he removed his shirt, brushing more small insects off of his skin.

"... You really are witches," Angeal whispered.

"Don't be childish," Sephiroth rolled his eyes, not hesitating to strip down to his bare nudity in front of the newcomer. There was a steaming bowl of water underneath their seat, and Cloud took it and fresh washcloth and soap, and began to scrub his lover's dirty skin.

The naked woman was screaming behind her gag, looking at Angeal with watery, imploring eyes. Angeal stared at her before turning his eyes to Zack, awaiting some sort of explanation that was never offered. Zack was still gnawing on his new toy crucifix.

Cloud paused in his work to sanitize Sephiroth, "Is there anything you need at your house? Because I'm pretty sure Genesis isn't stopping."

"What?" Angeal asked.

"We're leaving," Sephiroth said, pulling on a clean pair of leather pants.

Cloud nodded, opening the window to toss the entire washbowl out of the swiftly moving carriage. "We're taking you with us."

Still shirtless, Sephiroth pulled the girl into his lap. He inhaled against her neck appreciatively before sinking his teeth in and swallowing deeply like a baby from a bottle. She didn't fight against this, and instead became pliant and limp. Eventually she closed her eyes.

When Sephiroth was satisfied, he pulled away from her with a sigh. Cloud was quick to take her by the hair, kick the carriage door open and shove her out onto the street. He then pulled it closed, bolted it, and fell back against the seat in fatigue. "This has been the worst three days of my life."

Sephiroth pulled him into an embrace, "You had a hard three days?"

"Seph... can I talk now?" Zack howled pitifully, his tongue outstretched and moving over the nicked and gnawed crucifix. "I wanna hug! I wanna kiss!"

"Come here," Sephiroth reached out, catching the little demon in an embrace. "Did you miss me?"

"Missed you!" Zack howled, rubbing his face against Sephiroth's cheek. He then licked Sephiroth's face from chin to forehead.

Sephiroth blinked a little at the odd show of affection, but smiled as his youngest lover continued to kiss, nibble and lick him all over.

Cloud was staring at Angeal, ready to pounce if the human attempted to escape the carriage. "So do you have any questions?"

"What are you?"

"Vampires," Cloud answered. "Surprised?"

"I suppose not..." Angeal swallowed. "Are you going to kill me?"

"Genesis says no." Cloud seemed to be listening to something. "... He says we're going to keep you, unless you don't want to be kept. He says he'll stop the carriage and let you go right now, if you want. So make the choice right now, because we're almost to the edge of town."

"I'll go with you," Angeal told him immediately.

"Are you sure?" Sephiroth asked.

"... Yes," Angeal answered. "There's nothing in this city that I want."

"Good!" Cloud said, crossing over to sit beside Angeal. "Because if you'd said no, I would have eaten you."



1 - Seriously, who wouldn't go along with these sexy dudes after seeing one of them rise from the dead and murder a naked woman? Angeal is living the way hipster edits tells us we should live! Seizing the day and then sexing it up!

2 - It's time that Sephiroth got treated like a lady. Until next time!