Chapter 1: Warning Ignored

Raven couldn't help but feel like her recent dreams were plaguing her with some message she couldn't quite comprehend. It wasn't until fairly recently that she realized they weren't just dreams; they were warnings. It was one night when she awoke abruptly, sweat drenched, did she realize it was a vision trying to tell her something.

And then news had cropped up out of the blue that Robin's mentor needed him back home for some reason. That sent up red flags in Raven's mind for some reason but she had a hard time trying to explain it to him exactly. How could she even question the word of the great Dark Knight himself---

Robin had been hastily packing the night before he'd depart with Raven trying one more time to try and warn him about not leaving.

"Rae, I know you get premonitions, and that you mean well, but…this is something I can't question," Robin told her, trying to sound reassuring. "I know his voice too well and I know it was him that made the request. I'm not going to be gone forever I'll be back."

"I don't question that---I'm sure you'd recognize it if there was an imposter trying to fool you," Raven replied. "I just have this sinking feeling that…as soon as you're gone---"

"Rae---everything will be fine," Robin tried once again to sound reassuring. She apparently didn't buy into that. She expressed obvious uncertainty but spoke nothing more of it.

"I---just hope you're right," Raven replied her voice oddly soft toned and harsh. She looked to be suppressing something back but she didn't express it. "And---that I'm the one who is wrong."


He would be gone only a short time---he kept telling himself over and over. He was just checking in to see what he was being summoned for and then he come right back.

At least---that's what he kept telling himself.

Raven had left just a short time ago---leaving Robin to wonder if his decision to leave really was a mistake. Reluctantly against that sense he continued to pack, be prepared to leave when the sun struck the horizons with hues of amber first thing that following morn.

"Maybe Rae's sense of warning is starting to rub off onto me," he told himself aloud. "She could be right but this is something I can't bring myself to question "

He was leaving his team behind---his team; Starfire had shared some hints of Raven's hesitance to his departure, while the other two thought nothing more of it.

The two had shown no signs of reluctance to his departure---hell; they'd even wished him well. They obviously would miss his presence---sure, but unlike the girls---

"It must be some female intuition thing or something," he told himself. "Even though it's not like Rae to worry so much about things like this---not exactly normal---"

He shrugged to himself, letting out a deep sigh.

"I leave first thing in the morning---load up and go," he told himself. "Head out, deal with what I'm being summoned for, and then come right back."

He tried to feel confident about his proclamation, but deep inside he didn't feel so wholehearted about that.


She was sure Starfire was up for a restless night---but Raven apparently was up for one of her own. When she'd finally managed to get to sleep, slow her mind enough to shut her eyes and her mind down along with them, her slumber had proven to be fitful---and not at all rewarding.

Her mind restless, unwilling to fall into the thralls of slumber for long---she woke up several times while the skies were still heavily shaded in shadows and darkness. Each moment of interrupted slumber had been set off by a series of dreams she knew all too well weren't just dreams. She'd witnessed them all before, except this time the details were more vividly intense than any time before.

She caught the scent of smoldering embers, the sky alight with the bright furious flames caught in ambers and tangerines. It flickered between that sight and darkness, moments not marked with darkness illustrating a scenario she knew she'd truly dread if she ever really witnessed it.

She could oddly physically sense that she had been marked up with lacerations and bruises---something she couldn't quite validate visually, but knew they were there regardless. How she would become injured she couldn't even begin to fathom, although the stench of burning embers and a sky on fire gave off some indications---

She'd awake sweat---drenched and panting, struggling to return to her slumber desperately---and a little shaken.

Electric blue fires of sparks all around, several instantaneous eruptions of sparks spewing forth one after another for brief moments, one at a time---coming from severed electrical cords---

She hadn't been out for long---and she found herself awake yet again.

"How does this all tie together?" she exclaimed exasperatedly. "What does all this even mean anyways? And why does it keep haunting me?"

She tried desperately for a third time to get to sleep but the effort turned out to be one made in vain.


The day that was welcomed in was not overly pleasant---skies overcast with grey drear and a light drizzle falling from above in a light blanketing. It was like even that day held a cautionary tale for the departing team leader.

Robin looked out through the glass panel at the dismal overcast city---feeling himself a bit dreary within. His packed bag rested on the couch; he was waiting just a few moments longer to see if any of the others would show---wish him farewell and good luck before he left.

The day was drawing on, as well was the extending silence. He knew he couldn't stand there and wait forever; he had a long way to go and a determination to make the trip before too many daylight hours had passed him by.

Not able to wait any longer, Robin reached for his satchel with a sigh and began his departure. Just as he was making his exit---entering the compartment of the elevator he turned his attention towards the common room. He caught a brief glimpse of Raven standing there, watching him with solemn eyes. If she was ever going to speak she hesitated long enough to not be given the opportunity. The door to the elevator slid shut---and he was no longer able to see her. He felt the elevator shift and jerk as it readied itself for the descent.

All the while, as it headed downward, he had the sight of her imprinted on his thoughts.

Her eyes watching filled with sorrow she couldn't seem to express

He would recall that imprint long after he got on the road.

He got to the garage---preparing his R-Cycle for the long trip. He secured his satchel and then revved the engine to head out.

As he was speeding out of there he couldn't help but think of what he was leaving behind and the sorrow he caught in Raven's eyes before he left.