Full Summary:

Dr. Grace Augastine brought with her to Pandora, her daughter of five years when she was first recruited as lead scientist. To make sure Dr. Augastine would do her work without any distractions, Quarritch was ordered to take Annie to a station in the Hallelujiah mountains that was never used. They forgot about her and slowly, she had to learn how to survive by herself. The only one who would bring her food was Trudy. Now, with RDA gone from Pandora, Grace and Trudy dead, and nobody knowing that she is even alive, Annie has to decided what to do next. Will the Omaticaya people take her in even though she is huma? And how can she breathe the air of Pandora when no other human can?

Annie Augastine:

Tirey (Life):

Life had gotten dificult when my mother and I came to Pandora. I had just been five years old, my father hated my mother and wanted nothing to do with me. My mother, a renound scientist on Earth, was loved among the Omaticaya people when she opened her school. She used to tell me all about it. But that was when I was on the main base with everyone else. My life had gotten complicated when she had come back from the school at Hometree one day and Quarritch had grabbed me. She never even got to say goodbye or that she would see me soon. I was eight when I was brought out to the station. I soon learned to call it the Forgotten Station, or the Fikem Hawnu: This Shelter.

The Fikem Hawnu was small and only had one video screen. I had everything from my home on Earth with me to keep me company. To make sure I had enough food, Trudy Chacon, the pilot that took my mother and her 'Avatar' program to places for research, brought me food every month. I got used to the Pandora air. The Fikem Hawnu had a small whole in the structure that let the air in little by little, which is why Trudy always had to wear her mask inside. But because I had lived within the Fkiem Hawnu practically my whole life, I was used to the air. My mother had written a book about the Na'vi people or Omaticaya people and Truday had brought it to me to read which is how I learned how to talk in the Na'vi language, that and my mother had had me learn it before we came to Pandora so that if I ever came in contact with a Na'vi person I would know what to say.

Life within the Fikem Hawnu was simple and hard. I missed being around people so normally I would venture out and see what I could see. A few times, when I was younger and didn't know my way around the mountains, I got lost and the local animals would come around and wonder what I was doing. When I got older, the animals had learned to live with me and because I never killed them, they learned to be my friends. One of them, which according to my mothers book was the Palulukan: 'Dry Mouth Bringer of Fear' or Thantor. I didn't have any way of connecting with it but it seemed to know that I was alone in the world. There were two of them near my Fikem Hawnu and they moved their nest and cubs near me so as to always be protected from those that wished to hurt them. I learned to ride the Palulukan when I was fourteen. I happened to have twisted my ankle coming back from collecting samples of the forest and Palulukan was swimming in the river next to me. She was just watching me, minding her own business but keeping a keen eye one me. As of yet, they hadn't let me ride them. I had no braid to connect with them so I couldn't tell it what to do.

When I started back to the Fikem Hawnu I stepped off a branch and my ankle went one way and my body the other. I cried out and Palulukan was next to me as if I was one of her own cubs. I rubbed my ankle and tired to stand. I fell twice before she turned her body towards me and allowed me to climb on. I held onto her as she made her way back to my home. She helped me inside the Hawnu and then left me to tend to my ankle. That was the first time she allowed me on her back. I worte everything down so nobody would think I was crazy. A few Nantang's or viperwolf's had also decided it was best to keep this friend of the Palulukan safe. I had started naming my friends and when the banshee's arrived I knew this was going to be a weird family. The banshee's seemed to know that I was special in some way. They became more friendly and the ones that allowed me to ride them seemed to know I couldn't make a connection with them so they had to help out. Nina, the Palulukan that allowed me to ride her when I twisted my ankle was always watching me, always making sure that I was safe at all times.

When Trudy stopped coming with the food and Nina brought back proof that their had been a war, I knew I was truly alone in this world except for my friends. Nina, my Palulukan, Cora, my Nantang, Creole, my Ikran, Polo, my Angtsik or Hammerhead Titanothere and Levi, my Pa'li made ready to move. I knew that I couldn't bring the Hawnu with, so we packed everything in bags and suitcases and made for whatever was waiting for us once off the mountain. I left all unnecessary materials and equpiment behind but brought with me my mother's book and everything I had learned about Pandora (all my samples and experiments). Nina knew that she needed to get me off the mountain in order for someone to know that I was there. The food and company had stopped coming nearly three months ago and she knew that nobody was coming back for me.

Once everything was packed up and put onto my friends, we headed out. Creole had nothing on his back for he wouldn't be able to fly if their was any luggage on him. Cora, who had been injured when she fell off a cliff, was constantly in my arms. She seemed to believe I was her mother. I had raised her when her parents had been killed. Her siblings hadn't made it for she was the only cub to survive. Nina had brought her to me, knowing I could do something to help. I had my backpack on and Cora in my arms when we headed out. Creole flew above us, making sure the path was clear as we were going slow down the mountain to make sure we didn't lose anything.

Nina heard the noise in the jungle first and and made it clear to Creole that we needed to hide. We found a small cave and put all the gear in it before I allowed Nina and Polo to venture out with me on Polo's back. Levi and Cora stayed with the gear just in case someone tried to grab it. I stayed hidden on Polo's back. They were causious, not knowing who was out there or even knowing if they could be trusted. Having grown up around me their whole lives, they knew barely anything about the outside world, knew barely how to react to others. With Nina hidden in the bushes and Polo moving along like he was eating, we moved into view of a band of Omaticaya people, one of them looked oddly familiar.

The people stopped and looked at Polo and wondered what it was doing so far from a herd of its own. I peeked above Polo's head and heard a scream. It was coming from behind, from the cave. I was up off Polo within seconds and had jumped off, running towards the cave. The people were surprised to see a Faketuan or alien (non-Na'vi) running from them, back towards whereever they had come from. The people were on Pa'li's and came after me. Nina moved from hiding and Polo turned around, moving back towards the cave. I made it there first.

Cora was screaming from being shot with an arrow. I scream and made a move towards her, but was stopped almost immediatley. One of the people had grabbed me and was pulling me away from the cave. I screamed and pulled out a knife, slicing the Na'vi holding me. I was able to get within the cave. Cora was dieing. I closed my eyes as I held my friend, held her as she died. The people watched me as I held her. When she was finally dead, I layed her body on the ground, kissed her head, stood up, turned around and glared.

The people hadn't known of a Faketuan who could breathe the air of Pandora. It was known to be poisonous to the Tawtute or Sky people. So when they saw me their, they were speechless.

What would become of me and my family now?


Pa'li: Direhorse

Nantang: Viperwolf

Faketuan: Alien

Tawtute: Sky People

Fikem: This

Hawnu: Shelter

Ikran: Mountain Banshee

Angtsik: Hammerhead Titanothere

Palulukan: 'Dry Mouth Bring of Fear'; Thanator

Tirey: Life