Nessie shut the door behind her, completely blind in the dark office. She let out a shaky breath, controlling the sobs that were deep in her stunned lungs and asphyxiated chest. Her hand flew to the wall, where she so desperately searched for the light.

Her fingers couldn't find it.

All the emotions she'd been holding in were ready to break free, and not being able to light up this room, the room that held the scent of him, the look of him, the personality of him, made everything burst out of her and caused her to fall to her knees.

Warm tears fell fast and hard, hidden by the darkness, but they didn't go unnoticed. Nessie's head rested against the carpet, one hand beside her cheek and the other wrapped around her waist. Her knees pressed against the ground, threatening to fall over.

She took one deep breath and pushed the pain away, getting up on her feet and walked to the light switch. As soon as the bright light filled the room, her tears vanished, the pain was all but gone and she was determined to do what was best for her and best for him.