My life began like this. First, I ran away from home. Second, I ran through the streets looking for anything that could help me with my new, but alone, life. Third, I ran into the tracker and became marked. Isn't that just freaking perfect? Damn, I thought to myself. I ran like hell towards the closest damn Night Of House there freaking was. When I got there, I told them my name, Stark, and my age. Which, preferably, was seventeen. Then of course, the accident.

Now, since I was a vampyre, new and marked with arrows across my face, I was free to move out of the House Of Night for the remainder of my life. Of course, My life wouldn't end like that, because, for one, I was a new vampire, and vampires never age at all. They go through eternities of life as the same person, same age, same looks, and more knowledge.

For the next few years, I decided to go to Broken Arrow High, where I could start as my senior year and check out a few things for my new life. I already had everything planned, but I just needed the papers filled to join everything in my new and extraordinary life.

So, as a new vampyre, and as a new and forgiving the past Stark, I began my new life.