-smiles brightly- Love you! .

Alrighty then questions..

1} If suddenly and randomly, romantically out of the blue Spain asked you to marry him..Would you!

2} Would you become one with Russia?

3} Do you want to join Spain's 'gang'?..aka the Bad Touch Trio~

4} Do you read the fanfiction about you and Spain?

5} I want one of those pics! I'll give you 65 boxes of tomatoes for one!

PS. You are so the Uke! .

Great... just started and there's already a love proclaimation. Here we go again...

1}That all depends on whose definition of 'romantically' you're asking about. If it's mine, his bribe better be REALLY high if he expects a yes.

2} No, I wouldn't. Why do you guys keep asking that? That's not one of your pairings, is it? ... Wait, NO! Don't answer that, I really don't want to know what you sick bastards are thinking!

3} Why in Hell would I ever want to? It's got Spain, France, and Prussia. ... Where's the redeeming factor?

4} I'm coming to the realization that I could probably answer all your questions with NO, bastard!

5}You... you drive a hard bargain. I guess I could- NO! There, no you don't get any! Oh? Well, then I'll take you up on the offer! What kind of shot do you want? NO! What part of that word don't you get? Hmm... I think it's the 'n'- SHUT UP!

P.S. You are so the next name I scratch of my Hit List!


YAIY! SOMEONE HAS FINALLY MADE A ASK ROMANO FIC! SO Imma just ask or comment and I want you to answer!

1. Any feelings about America?

2. TI AMO!

3. How is your economy right now?

4. I really wish I can go to Italy! Most likely the southern part if I do go there! It will probably be the first place I go to! Have any tips on any city to go to?

5. You are my favorite character in Hetalia and I'm going to cosplay as you! Any tips?


Luffles and Lurve


No! Not yaiy! What the Hell even is 'yaiy'? Whatever it is, this is not yaiy!

1. You mean that fat, idiotic bastard with too much food and even more guns? …I'll put it this way: I'm not going to be surprised the next time he messes up, but I'll probably be pissed off.

2. That's not a question; I don't have to answer it!

3. Economies are economies. It could always be better.

4. Well, personally I'd suggest you travel all of South Italy because that would help my economy (since you seemed curious about it in your last question), but specifically, Rome is great. I know it's not exactly in the South, but it's got some beautiful sights.

5. I'd say thanks if I didn't find that so creepy. But, I've seen some cosplay shots and the basics for you are: for the love of God put the curl on the proper side, at least try to have similar personality, and no yaoi with the Spain cosplayers!

'Luffles and Lurve'? I'm pretty sure you have the ability to you use real words, so use them and stop confusing me, damn it!


Caio Romano, so I was surfing the internet and I came a cross this news article were this American woman drowned in your country trying to save her twelve year old son, it was really sad, the boy lived, but of course you already know that cause it happen at your house, um was it hard telling the news to America cause it was one of he's citizens who drown? and if it was the opposite way were one of your citizens drown in America trying to save there kid, would you be a little (if not a lot) mad at America for not being able to save her in time?

don't worry Romano, *hug* America not mad at you, as a hero (OK I know he's self proclaim but at least he tries to live up to it) he knows how hard it is to save someone, if any thing I think he respects you more for being so brave in a scary situation.

I didn't personally break the news, he knew before I got to tell him, but it was still rough. As countries we've been through a lot of tough times and wars, and we lose our people in the name of fights we don't even remember why we started, and it hurts each time. He wasn't mad and I don't think I could really be too mad at him in the same situation, because we all know the pain of losing innocent people.

Honestly…, thank you.

But, don't go and think I'm soft! It's just right of me to honor noble people!


Bonjour, romano. Tout simplement pour vous faire chier, je vous écris en français! (or for those waaay too busy or lazy to BOTHER copying and pasting in google translate, the English will be in all caps)HI ROMANO. JUST TO PISS YOU OFF, I'M WRITING IN FRENCH!

D'accrod, le premiere question...


Trouvez-vous pas étrange que certains pays poussent à la même taille que les nations qui sont plus âgés qu'eux? Comme l'Amérique et l'Angleterre, ou vous et l'Espagne ou l'Italie et l'Autriche?


Quel est votre nourriture favorite? Et ne ditez pas des tomates!


Quel est votre pays préféré a vistier, autre que le vôtre?


Dites-moi quels sont les pays que vous pensez avoir une romance de départ. :D


Muahahaha! Je comprend si vous n'aimez pas parce que j'ai beaucoup des question, mais je me fous! Adieu, vous nation épineux! 3


AHHH! FRANCE! Uh…, Lovino? She's only speaking French. You can let go of me. Oh… Ahem! No, I knew that!

By the way, congratulations on successfully PISSING ME OFF!

1) Being a country, I don't really find it strange because I've gotten used to the fact that we don't work like humans, but I can understand that some of you might be confused by it.

2) TOMATOES! That's what you get for speaking French!

3) Visiting Feli, because our lands really are quite different, but the food is still good.

4) Gossip? Have we really sunk that low? Oooh, gossip! Yes, do tell! This is kind of one of those things where I don't want to talk because I don't want to DIE, but as long as you don't bring it up with them, I won't have to kill you… Ok! Switzerland is definitely having some confusion, and Austria has to be confused if he's not still married to a pretty girl like Hungary, if you catch my drift. Japan…, Japan better watch himself, even if he's not interested in them, there are still some eyes resting on him, more than you'd think. America's much too dull and England's much too proud to figure out whether they actually hate of like each other, so their field could slip either way. My ignorant little brother and that damn Potato Bastard? Well, let's just say I do kind of pity Germany for Veneziano's stupidity, even if I HATE the idea of them. France and Prussia have both discovered the wonderful world of mirrors, and Spain has a basket of tomatoes. …Then again, I don't get see others very often and it's easy to mess up translations across border, so don't hold me to any of this being accurate!

Does it really matter if I don't like you? You all keep coming back either way! But as for now, good riddance to you and your French ways!


G'day mate it's nice to speak to you Romano. I'll try to make my questions as least embarasing as possible

1) So what do you think of your brother?

2) What is your favorite colour?

3) What is your opinion on Tasmanian devils? Cute or evil?

4) Do you like horror movies?

That is all for now =)

P.S. Spain my man thank's so much for the pictures you sent me! I asked for a tomato baised recipe but got something even better XD Gonna share them with my friends *nose bleed*

Ciao and thanks for having at least a bit of a soul.

1) He's my brother, he's stupid and clumsy, but he's my brother. Family is important to me, so as long as he doesn't REALLY bother, I'll let him live.

2) I'm partial to brown, but red is nice too, I guess.

3) They're fine when they aren't tearing flesh from bone. I don't exactly want one for a pet. I think Australia has a death wish.

4) I like horror/gore, but I hate horror/suspense! Suspense just isn't fair! You keep waiting because you know what's going to happen, but it just needs to hurry up and scare the shit out of you before you explode! I hate that feeling!

P.S. … …WHAT? NO! Nononononononono! Oh… Hell… I should probably rename some of my files. YOU WHAT? You know how I like clever titles…, and since there was a fair bit of tomato sauce involved, I thought it would be a clever title. Sorry. How did she get a hold of them? YOU SAID YOU WOULDN'T SEND THEM! I DIDN'T! I guess when Spain stopped by with that box of tomatoes he must have used the computer and read 'recipe'. It's really not my fault! Then it's not really my fault if you don't wake up tomorrow! IF I DIE YOU, GET NO TOMATOES! …You cold-hearted bastard… Fine! You say those pictures are forged and no one gets hurt! GOT IT?


Hi Sweetheart. Hope she isn't doing anything to bad to you.

So my questions...

1) How are you? Obviosly not good by its the thought that counts

2) Where's the best place to get tomatoes? (I love tomatoes eat em like apples... Freaks my family out)

3) You probably don't even know where this is but what's you view on South Dakota?

4) Last one... Do you have a favorite fandom?

Stay safe sweetheart!

Well, she marginally wasn't TOO bad, until a few minutes ago. I said sorry and you got to make a death threat. What more do you want? Tomatoes, bastard, lots of them!

1) If the thought truly counts, you should think up a way to get me out of this damn situation! Needless to say: life sucks balls!

2) I'd hate to say it, but Spain has the best tomatoes in the world. Te-he… Double entendre. Leave!

3) … It's familiar. It's American, right? Feliciano would probably have a better view since he and America get along pretty well. As for me, I can't give a proper opinion, but if it starts with 'South', it can't be too bad.

4) … Hetalia? Was that a trick question?

I'll try my best. Though, I can't say the same for the author!


Ciao Lovino!

First off I want to say that you're one of my top favourite nations, everything about you is awesome :)

1. Are you ever shy around girls?

2. How is your current relationship with Belgium?

3. If you were dared to not swear for a whole day would you do it?

4. How do you feel about the fact your brother wore dresses when he was little?

5. Do you have a favourite eye colour?

6. I've always wondered but how come you and your brother have two names? like North Italy is called Feliciano and Veneciano and you're called Lovino and Romano. Do you prefer being called one over the other?

Thanks for your time! *gives lots of tomatoes*

Ciao and thanks, kind of.

1) When I was younger, yeah, but not so much anymore. Ladies are to be respected, and it's hard to be kind and respectful if you can't talk or keep eye-contact. Just for the record, though, when you're on this page, I don't count any of you bastards as ladies!

2) I don't see her too often, but we're alright friends, I guess. She can be a lot to handle over extended periods of time, though. It's not exactly a bad thing. She just tends to speak her mind, which can be kind of embarrassing when she thinks you're cute.

3) That depends on whether or not you fucking dare me, bastard!

4) Same way I feel about the fact that I wore them too. Looking back, I really wish we would have noticed and fixed, because now we just get questioned about it!

5) I haven't really thought about it, but dark green seems good.

6) It's because North Italy and Italy Veneziano, same with South Italy and Italy Romano, are basically the same names, just the phrasing of the first is more widely recognized and the phrasing of the second is more specifically Italian. Then, both of our specific country names are shortened to Italy or Veneziano, for Feli, and Romano, for me. Feliciano and Lovino are our human names or the ones that we use in public to be less awkward and detract attention. However, they're considered to be more personal, not that that's stopping any of you.

Not too much of a problem. And thank you for the tomatoes. You might not be such a bastard, after all.




1) There must be one thing about Spain and your nii-chan that doesn't bother you TOO much. My God, man, have you no love? ;o;

2) What would you do if your brother said he was going to become one with the potato freak (I'm sure you know the one)?


4) I'm going to Italy soon on a class trip. Any sightseeing you recommend?

5) What's your opinion of America? England? China?

6) What would you do if your brother died? (Not anyone's fault, just if he got sick or something.)

7) Do you watch any televised sports? Which ones?

8) Ah, Romano, you're so funny and cute. Like a tomate. I lub joo, Romano.



Excuse me?

…Caffeine side effects? No, I really have to ask: Did you hurt yourself?

1) First off: yes, I have love; I have tomatoes! Secondly: They do have their redeeming factors. Without Spain, the world's best tomatoes wouldn't exist. And if Italy weren't my brother, I wouldn't be South Italy.

2) You seem like the kind of bastard who would have the firepower to lend to me under that circumstance.

3) That wasn't a question, but I still agree. And, I think this clears my suspicion from question 2; you would, indeed, be the bastard to lend my heavy-firepower weaponry against the Potato Freak.

4) It depends on which part of Italy you're visiting, but wherever you go, make it a point to notice any classic architecture, visit all the museums you can, and definitely sample the cuisine. If this goes up too late, I hope you did at least one of those. If you didn't, then go back! Your tourism helps my money!

5) America: loud with a really crappy view on sports and lots of other things. England: proud and rude but has a very strong war record, he's welcome to stay as far away as possible. China: nice guy who cook relatively good food though he is kind of feminine, but I suppose that helps me to not hate him.

6) I don't really want to think about that. We could be closer, but still he's my brother, the other Italy. It'd be like losing half of myself, even if it was the useless half that I wasn't always fond of, I still wouldn't really be me without it.

7) I'm a huge football fan. The real one, not the shitty American version!

8) Once again, not a question. However this time, I disagree. Then again, there are worse things than being compared to a tomato or, well no, there's not much worse than 'lub joo', but whatever. You bastards never seem to sop being you.

Oh! You're American. Well that explains everything.

…Fuck no…


Hello, Lovi. To be honest, I'm not a fangirl who would glomp you. Oh no, I'm more terrifying. A SPAMANO SMUT FANGIRL. And probably the youngest of my kind, too! A 6th grader! Ve~! Now for questions!


2. What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say 'Itacest'?

3. The first thing that comes to mind about 'Spamano'?

4. Youv'e been impregnated by Spain. You can not hurt him or have him hurt in any way whatsoever. Oh, and you now must live together. What do you do?

5. HONESTLY, of all the male nations, you have to have sex with ONE of them. Which do you choose and why?

Hope this was torture,

What the fuck? How old does that make you? 11? 12? 13, at best! You need help, kid! REALLY!

1. Maybe when that stop being so many smutty bastards waiting for it! And judging from your personality, and especially your age, that will be NEVER!

2. That you better not be addicted to that too!

3. That you're too young to view it like you do, you sick, little pervert!

4. In the case that I have no choice of what to do in my own life, I hire someone to either kill you or at least fix your mental health! You might need both!

5. MYSELF! Because I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of it being anyone else, especially Antonio!

You win; it was torture. But if you are supposed to treat others as you want to be treated, I know someone who can return the favor, so watch out!


Hello Romano,

I'm only going to ask one question since I'm quite tired and a bit scared what might happen if I ask more than one.

If you saw a girl that had sight long, wavy hair like France that was brown like Spain's, a mix of their skin tones and hazel eyes, what would you be thinking?

Don't worry I don't like Spain or France, since I have friends like them. Real annoying and kinda creepy.

From, Rose.


Wait! Did a fangirl really just use my proper name and say she was afraid of me? Miss, you are not grouped in with the bastards before you and therefore deserve to be respected.

Automatic thought: Oh no. Spain really is that stupid! Secondary thought: Blame Prussia, because out of sherry, wine, and beer, beer will get you drunkest. At least it's a plausible explanation.

Thank you for not liking them and seeing what they're truly like, it makes you even more respectable.

Addio, Ms. Rose.