"Hey Bella!" Emmett called out as soon as Edward and I walked into the Cullen's spacious living room.
"Hey Emmett!" I called out before taking a bite of the cookie that was leftover from the lunch I'd grabbed at home.
"Absolutely not." Edward said through gritted teeth
"Aww come on!" Emmett protested.
"Bella is not doing that." Edward answered firmly.
"What?" I asked, a little annoyed that they were leaving me out of a conversation about that was me… and that it was mostly mental.
"Emmett thought it would be fun, to take you skydiving in Seattle today… He wanted to see how you would handle it." Edward said in his smooth, silky voice, glaring at Emmett.
"I think it'd be fun to see how bad she would freak." Emmett chuckled.
Then Rosalie, Alice and Jasper walked inside. Rosalie and Alice walked over and sat on the couch, Jasper sat in the recliner, in the corner of the room, far away from me.
Edward closed his eyes and sighed. "Emmett, please try and control your thoughts." He said, in frustrated voice. Well… the most frustrated velvet can ever sound.
I looked up at Edward, confused.
Then I looked back at Alice and Rosalie. The only thing that would have changed the course of Emmett's thoughts was their arrival.
My eyes widened as I took into consideration what Rosalie was wearing, a halter-top dress, and it was a deep purple color. The main thing though, was that it was tight- very tight- and was extremely short, the skirt was probably only six inches long!
When you added that to the mix…I blushed. It wasn't hard to figure out what type of thoughts Edward was hearing.
"You don't have to listen!" Emmett half growled. Then his face lit up. He opened his mouth to speak, but Edward spoke first.
"No bungee jumping either. I hardly think Charlie would approve."
"Aw come on!" Emmett protested once again. "This isn't about Charlie, you're just overprotective.
Edward paid no attention to Emmett's comment; in fact, he seemed to be pretending Emmett wasn't there at all.
Emmett opened his mouth to speak again, but Alice interrupted him.
"Oh give it a rest Emmett! You're not going to win…" Her eyes glazed over, but then she focused on Emmett again, almost immediately. "Trust me."
Emmett made a face, then turned around and sat on a barstool.
"Bella!" Alice chimed, jumping off the couch. She ran over to where I was standing, and tackled me in a hug so hard, I involuntarily swallowed part of my cookie I'd just taken another bite of.
Alice's greetings usually reminded me of a five-year-old on a sugar high, normally this makes me laugh- but not with food in my mouth.
I made a loud sound, that must have been a cross between gagging and choking, and Alice pulled away instantly, apologetically crying out. "Oops, sorry!"
I kept coughing and gagging while Alice and Edward stared at me. "Are you okay?" Edward asked.
I tried to nod, but only ended up coughing more. I could feel my face turning red from all my coughing.
I took in a big gulp of air and tried to talk. "I'm …fine." I said, surprised at how raspy my voice sounded. "But, can I have some water?"
I heard Emmett call out from the kitchen signaling that he would get me something. I walked over to the other couch, which was facing Rosalie, and sat down.
Emmett handed me the glass a huge glass, it was probably closer to a normal pitchers size then a normal glass. Then he surprised me again by placing a huge pitcher of Lemonade down on the middle of the glass coffee table. The pitcher could probably hold 10 of my now-miniscule-in-comparison glasses.
By now, my coughing had subsided, but my throat was very dry. Surprisingly, I downed my whole glass in no time, and even thirstily poured myself another glass.
I barely noticed that the lemonade tasted a little different, I guessed that it was sugar free or something, I was a bit surprised that the Cullens had a pitcher of lemonade in their refrigerator, anyway. I didn't want to be picky.
As I drank my second glass, I paid more attention to the burning aftertaste it left in my throat. I blamed it on how sore my throat had been lately, thanks to stupid allergies.
Somehow, I was still thirsty. I had poured my third glass and had started to drink it, when Alice and Edward both gasped simultaneity.
"What?" I tried to ask against my glass, but it came out sounding like a strangled gargle.
As soon as I started to pour my fourth glass, Edward swiftly took the pitcher away from me.
He turned and glared viciously at Emmett, who was leaning against the wall to my left…or was it my right? Maybe it was in front of me… "Emmett." Edward snarled the word and made a disgusted face, as if it burned his throat on the way out.
Emmett said nothing; he only smiled smugly in return.
"How did you not see this?!" Edward asked after turning to face Alice, perhaps a bit harsher then he should, but I could have imagined that, everything was hazy.
"It wasn't like I was looking for it, and it was a last minute decision, Edward." Alice snapped back, and then they both turned to look at Emmett again.
The next thing I knew I was lying down on the couch, Edwards was beside me, he had his stone arms wrapped comfortably around me, and a dark green blanket was wrapped around me like a cocoon. I felt stiff, like I hadn't moved in a while.
My head was killing me, and to make things worse every light and sound I heard hit my migraine like a flash of lighting, making it burn and throb with pain.
I felt sick to my stomach, and had to jump off the couch despite my headache, to run to the bathroom.
After I'd emptied the contents of my stomach into the Cullen's rarely used toilet, and rinsed my mouth out, Alice came in. "I'd figured you need these." He marble hands made a striking comparison against the dark blue countertop, when she place two red pills on it.
She smiled sympathetically and then turned to walk away. I murmured my thanks, and quickly swallowed the Advil.
My thoughts were a confused jumble of questions and my pathetic answers.
How had Alice known my head hurt? "Maybe she'd seen me complain about it…?" I mouthed to myself.
Why did my head hurt? "Maybe it was related to my allergies...?
I sighed and started to walk out of the bathroom, I stopped when I saw the wall clock
Why is it 1:00 in the afternoon, when it was already 3:00 earlier?! "Because somehow it's Sunday already."
What happened to Saturday? … I shook my head dumbstruck, somehow answering my unspoken question.
Why does your hair look like a birds nest? I tried to run my fingers through my hair again, as if I was trying to prove the point to myself.
What happened to your clothes? I glanced downed, needlessly reminding my self of the Alice-approved outfit I was wearing. Tan Capri's and a teal baby doll top- no doubt with designer tags.
I walked into the populated living room, probably with a confused look scrunched up on my face.
"Let me show her!" Emmett called out running to the t.v. He placed a disk in DVD player.
"Show me what?" I asked cautiously, as I sat back down on the couch.
I laid my head on Edwards shoulder. He wrapped his arm around my waist, and his other hand rubbed my arm soothingly.
The coldness felt nice, but his need to calm me made me worry even more about the strange DVD Emmett was showing me.
Jasper half chuckled. "I'd be just as worried as you are, Bella."
And then Emmett face showed up, on the TV screen
"Hi everyone! I'm making this video, because a while ago, I spiked Bella's drink." The Emmett on TV smiled. Then the camera was pointed at everyone else in the room.
On the screen I was still sitting in-between Alice and Edward, and Edward was asking Alice how she didn't see what happened, just like I remembered. I was looking very dazed and confused, and I was swaying back and forth a little bit, it was like I was the only one underwater.
The Rosalie on the screen was still sitting on the couch across from me. She looked mad, but was glaring at me, not Emmett. I wondered if she thought that my being drunk had just ruined her afternoon.
On the screen, Jasper looked petrified, but then his face smoothed over into a concentrated look, and I could tell he was trying to calm everybody down.
Outside of the screen, everybody was staring at the TV with expectant faces. Except Edward, he was staring at me, probably trying to see how I'd react.
I should have been freaking out, or screaming at Emmett, but I was frozen. I was just staring at the TV, mesmerized.
I didn't have time to vocalize any of my thoughts, because the Emmett on the screen said the same thing I was thinking.
"I'm going to record it all too." The camera zoomed in on my face. "Because, there is no telling what she might do!"

A.N. There is the first chapter! This is probably going to be a three shot, Five chapters at the most.