Back on the screen, Alice had grabbed my hand and started to lead me away, a huge grin on her face. But she stopped when I "ordered" her to. "What? Demon Pixie! Heel!" I shouted. "Not until after I've had muh pancakes!"

Alice had crossed her arms and pouted, but I just ignore her. Instead, I turned and looked at Edward. "Well…I'm waiting!" I said impatiently.

Edward had just stared, confused.

Emmett chuckled, and everyone else was staring at the screen with eager anticipation.

"Um… Love, we don't have any pancakes."

"Well den, make me some!"

"We don't have all the ingredients that are necessary."

"What's missing?"

"The flour."

"You has liquor but not flour?" I raise my eyebrows.

I laughed and looked at the Edward that was off the screen. "That is a little silly." he smiled. He leaned into his chest, and he wrapped his arms around me again. Then I turned my attention back to the television.

"Okay sexy Eddie, Em giving you until the end of muh makeover to find meh some pancakes. If you don't yill be in serious trouble!"

Emmett had snickered, but then tried to disguise it as a cough when I looked at him. "Um… what makes you the boss?." He asked me.

"I have Johnny." I said with and evil expression.

I laughed pretty hard at that. I mean who was this kid I thought I was holding for ransom? Emmett had snorted. "What makes you think we want him." I had stared at him, confused, but then my features smooth over and once again become the sadistic, creepy face I'd been wearing before. "No you can never have Johnny." I'd smiled. "He is my best friend and he has the power to steal powers, and to disguise himself. Right now, he is a water bottle." Everyone had tried to stifle their laughter.

"Johnny, can give meh your poweh without you knowen it… so I could be reading you minds and you wouldn't know it. " I said with a smug smile on my face. "And if Sexy Eddie doesn't give meh muh pancakes, and Demon Pixie doesn't make meh look beautiful, neither will have their powers."

"Thanks to Johnny, I can already control sugar." I crossed my arms, looking quite proud of myself.

"Oh… Okay then…" The Alice had grabbed my hand and practically dragged me up the stairs to her room.

I almost shuddered when I thought about all the tortures Alice had put me through. Then I was glad I had no memory of the day before.

"Where did she come up with Johnny?" Jasper asked.

"I have no idea." Edward had said, somewhat dazed.

Emmett chuckled. 'I sure was funny though"

Edward glared at him, and Jasper smiled, then changed the subject.

"We probably need to start sobering her up, huh?"

"Yes." Edward nodded. "Carisle and Esme will be home soon."

"Damn it." Emmett groaned. "They're going to have my ashes for this."

Edward growled. "If they don't I certainly will." Why was the present time Edward being to tolerable anyway? Perhaps it was because everything turned out fine… but still."

"What are you thinking?" Edward whispered in my ear.

"I was wondering why you haven't killed Emmett yet." I whispered back.

Emmett snorted and paused the movie. "I think it's because he's chicken."

Edward rolled his his eyes. "Oh please. You'd be in an urn by now if that's where I wanted you to be." He joked. "It's just because for some unfathomable reason, I liked you."

Emmett chuckled.

Edward turned back to me, "Because, we actually got a few things straightened out last night, and Emmett's been much more tolerable since then."

"What did you get straightened out?" I pressed.

"You'll found out soon enough." His breath tickled in my ear.

I made a face.

Edward laughed quietly, then kissed my cheek.

I tried to pretend that his kiss didn't effect me as much as it did. As always, my heartbeat betrayed me.

Once again I heard Emmett's booming laugh, I had a feeling I would be hearing it a lot that night. "Can we get on with the movie now?" he asked, still smiling.

I pressed the play button.

Emmett had ignored Edwards statement and turned the camera on Rosalie. "Can you go grab a movie out of the living room?" he asked. I don't want to provoke Johnny's wrath."

Rosalie smiled, then disappeared from my view. She was back in seconds, holding up two brightly colored dvd cases.

"My favorite movie?" she asked pointing to one. "Or hers?"

I briefly wondered how Rosalie knew what my favorite movie was.

"I say go with hers." Edward answered. "As astounding as your is, it's got some complex qualities that are quite hard to understand while sober."

Rosalie nodded. "Your right, of course. Who knows how she'd react."

"If we can get her to watch the movie, that's probably when we should start sobering her up."

"Yeah… I guess I've had my fun." Emmett said.

No on the screen did anything, but after a little while, Emmett called upstairs. "Alice! Hurry Up!"

"I'm trying! I just have to pick out her shoes!"

"Why is that taking so long!"

" If Bella wears the strappy stilettos I bought her, she'll break an ankle. During an open-internal-fixation surgery prior to that, a blood clot would form in her brain, and cause a stroke that will leave her mentally retarded!"

"Why don't you let her wear some ballet flats?" Rosalie joined in.

"If she wears them one will slip off , she'll step on a rusty nail, causing a bone infection. Her left foot will require amputation and she'll be dependant on a prosthetic limb. "

"Wedges?" Rosalie asked again.

"She chases after one of them after she accidentally kicks it off, gets hit by a car, and falls into a coma for 40 years."

I laughed at that, and looked at the Alice the was sitting on the couch beside me. "Don't you know me already? I'm clumsy enough without adding alcohol to my blood stream."

She smiled. "A girl can hope, can't she?

I chuckled and turned my attention back to the TV.

"Whatever!" Emmett had shouted. "Just let her go barefoot!"

Alice sighed then appeared at the top of the stairs. "I guess I have to" she said with a displeased look on her face.

Then I had appeared beside her, dressed in the same outfit I was still wearing, My hair looked much more tame, and was in soft curls that cascaded down my shoulders. My eyes were delicately outlined and aside from being heavily dilated, where beautiful. I looked great, graceful and poised.

And… then I tried to walk.

I stumbled and fell on my butt, Emmett snickered, but stopped when I flipped him the finger. Then everyone else laughed.

I tried to get up, but only fell on my stomach. Then I repeated the cycle several times, falling and flailing my limbs about, like a fish out of water.

Finally Alice, still giggling, helped me up and lead me down the stairs.

Then I stopped and pushed my way over to Emmett.

"Stop fantasizeeng about Rose!" I screeched.

"Oh… Johnny." Emmett whispered, almost dropping the camera/

Edward looked dazed.

"What!" Alice, Jasper and Rosalie all said at once.

"He really was fantasizing about Rose." Edward said softly.

So this chapter is dedicated to A Silent Heart. Some of the jokes in this chapter where created by hear and our crazy conversations in the Twilightdom Spam thread. Johnny is her creation, and she calls me "Sugar-high Girl" and says I have power over sugar :P.. And I call her "The Lurker" she has stalker skills!

This is the conversation in which "Johnny" was born :P (Seriously this is word for word. :D)

kaylinwriter14: Lol! oh so now your not marveling my power over sugar? ;D

A Silent Heart: *Nods with creepy eyes* I may try to steal them. XD

Kaylinwriter14: LOL! Now how would you do that ;D

A Silent Heart: I have Johnny. XD

-Creepy voice- Markie loves the precious. *Evil laugh*

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kaylinwriter14: Haha! What makes you think I want him? :D

Don't worry I love talking to the lurker XD And I'm pretty sure the lurker understands the consequences of talking to sugar high girl.

*Twitches, then eyes travel creepily to the door*

A Silent Heart: No, you can never have Johnny. He is my best friend and he has the power to steal powers, and to disguise himself. Right now, he is a water bottle. XD