So I think I gonna go to the Cullen's house. There hunting but should be home soon.

At the cullen home

As I walked in a car pulled up I look over and it was Jasper."Hey Bella what you doing here?"he said to me"well I got really bored at charlies house what you doing here?" I asked "OH I just came to see Alice"awww that's sweet..."WAIT Alice?"

"Yeah why?"he asked questioningly

"Well Edward said that the whole family was going on the trip"i said "come on let go check this out!"so we walked into the house when we heard loud music coming from the top of the stairs. I know even vampires don't listen to music that loud. I jumped on Jasper's back and we ran upstairs to investigate. We walked in and saw something I would NEVER want to see again! Alice and Edward were on top of each other. i herd Jasper growl and we were out in his car. He look at me and said "Bella left a note it said 'Carlisle and Esme I am sorry but I have to

leave I just found out something horrible you two beloved kids (Edward/Alice) have been doing each other. Now I know this may be a surprise I know it was for me to. We as in me and Bella walked in on them and they did not notice so we walked out. i will be back next year. Bella has agreed to go with me. Call me soon as you get this.

Talk to you soon

Jasper Hail/Bella Swan'"

wait leave leave?"okay I'll leave with you when are we coming back?" I asked."when ever you want"

so we drove to Oregon and lived in Salem.

Alice POV

it was a good feeling not getting caught cheating!i got a rush and my visions would make it so we didn't get found out Edward told Bella the whole family was going out and I told jasper that I needed some "brother sister bonding time" but he didn't think literal of it. Right then I did not care if someone caught us in the act then I saw a vision of the family coming home early so we had to finish up quick. Once we were done I got dressed and went down stairs to shop on the internet wail Edward played the piano. It was all to easy! Carlisle entered first and him and Esme went strait to there room. I waited for jasper to come but he never came. Then I herd a loud shreak come from Carlisle and Esme's room. There was sobbing and out came a furious Esme "oh crap " was all I herd before I got slapped across the face by my own mother and then she screamed "you and FUCKWARD made me loos my baby girl and my my son!!!how could you?" what is she talking about Emmett and Rose is right there. Then she screamed "you fucked Edward and they left jasper and Bella left they walked in on you and you didn't even notice!"she fell to the floor sobbing then!'OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK' was all I could think. He's gone he left me!so I said "well me and Edward are going out and I am getting a divorce!" by that time Emmett and carlisle were dry sobbing and even Rose look very very sad. Well I do not give a crap about what they think!i will married Edward and we will do IT all the time! When they do come back they will see how happy we are and be super sad!HAHAHAHA I am soooo evil...i guess I am an evil pixie!

Emmett POV

wow that was a fun hunting trip!i can't wait to see my FAV human in the whole entire world!she is so nice and Rose said she would try to be nicer to her witch I am happy about!she has always loved Bella as a sister but never showed it because she was scared I guess!well I can't wait!i wonder what Edward and Alice do on a brother sister bonding date I mean I never had one. I think I'll try to get Bella to spend a day with me that would be soooooo fun!gosh will be there any second now! Yeah were home!i can't wait to tell alice of the 4 grizzly's I got!i walked in and I saw alice shopping on the internet and Edward playing the piano. well this is boring!if this is what they do all day that would not be fun AT ALL. Me and Bella will have such a better time!we will go to the amusement park and the water park and the park and I'll push her on the swings and will go for a run and will....did Esme just shreak that weird and now I here sobbing. Esme opened the door maybe I could ask her whats wrong WOW dose she look mad....maybe all ask her later!did she just slap Alice? " YOU AND FUCKWARD MADE ME LOOS MY BABYGIRL AND MY SON !!HOW COULD YOU?!?" Esme screamed at Alice...DID ESME JUST CUSS?!?! wow she must be mad wait loos her baby girl who was she talking about? " you fucked Edward and they left jasper and Bella left they walked in on you and you didn't even notice"she screamed again but then started sobbing. WAIT BELLA LEFT? W-what no she can't she can't!!then the manly Emmett started sobbing yes sobbing!my baby sister is gone!

ME-yo diggity dog waz upzz

bella-what the hell was that!

ME-idk got bored!soo guess what?!?!?

bella- let me guess you own twilight?


bella-no you don't you own nothing and you suck at spelling and....

ME-OKAY OKAY man i get it i own nothin not even jasper!

bella-well allrighty then

ME-come on jasper lets go get icecream!!

jasper-i don't eat....HUMAN FOOD OKAY?

ME-FINE!!bye and revew LOTS...and i'll give you a day with jasper...coughnotcough