Bella POV

Their they were Alice and Edward Cullen. HA! I bet they don't even now who we are yet. This will be funny.

Rose told me what a player he has become so I bet he will just walk over here with his crooked smile and try to take me just like the rest of these girls.

I feel bad for Angela. I hope she will still be my friend.

" Jazz you have to act like were not dating so we can trick Fuckward and pixie-shit" I said in a whisper so only jazz could hear. Then I told him the plan!

He started laughing so hard he had to hold on to the car. After he got over his laughing fit we started the plan. I put on my I-pod and turned it to womanizer And went to sit on the top of the car that's when I took are smell away and turned us back into humans.

Jazz had blue eyes and I had brown. That's when they walked over. Alice went strait towards Jazz and Edward came towards me with that crooked smile of his. " Hello I'm Edward cullen, lets go make out now " he said to me trying to be seductive. " Oh, hello my name is Izzy and hmmm let me think you would not then so I will not now ." I said in a overly happy voice.

He looked dumbfounded. I looked over at Jazz and Alice was up on him trying to do the same thing Edward was doing. That's when I did my human changing thing I turned Jazzy's eyes red Alice jumped about two feet away then I changed him to look like he dose when hes a vampire then I turned my self back into a vampire.

Edward them started screaming like a little girl."No fucking way did fuckward really just scream like a little girl?"by the end of that sentence both of us were holding on to each other laughing are ass's off.

Fuckword and pixy-shit got into a fighting crouch. me s we can go back to being and Jazz just walked away that's when Rose and Em came up to us. "Hey guys sorry I let it get that far but I knew you had something up your sleeves!" Rose said still laughing.

I whisper to Jazz in his ear "its okay I promise in class we can stop acting okay."he look at me then nodded. He knew that I had something planed.(YOU thought I was going to stop their but no!HAHAHA)

we walked in to get are schedules ."ha look's like we have all are class's together except one! I wonder how that happened?" I said eying jazz.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(In Class)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

no fucking way Edward is in the only class I have without Jazz. Fuck fuck fuckedy fuck. Look her he comes now with that cocky grin.

I bet he still dose not know who I am!

Fuckwards(i mean) Edwards POV

here igo with the smile damn she is hot man I can't wait to fuck her! she turned on her Ipod to womanizer. I came over to her and said in a seductive voice "Hello I'm Edward cullen, lets go make out now." "Oh, Hello I'm Izzy and hmmm let me think you would not then so I will not now."

WHAT THE FUCK!no girl has EVER and I mean ever talked to me like that!what the hell was she...! that all I got to think before Alice jumped about three feet away. That when I looked when I look at this Izzy girl and her eyes were purple and was a vampire!i screamed and ran to alice. They started laughing. What the hell. Dude! Did I just say dude!ahhh I'm starting to act my age!NOOOO! then they just started to walk away!WITH ROSE AND EM!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(in class)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

no way I have this class with her! man (day dreams about having sex with Izzy) oh man I can't wait!so I walked over to her and slapped that nice ass of hers!damn that thang was firm!she turnd to me an punched me in my face and thats when it went black!

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