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Now, before we get started, I just have to say that I figured out a way to do a Naruto/Matrix cross that works while still being believable. I'll get the first chapter out soon so you can tell me what you think, but here is a preview.

"A signal. That's all it ever was, a signal. Even years after nearly all of the machines were destroyed, after the humans cleared the sky and forgot about them, and after the world shifted and swallowed the machine city into the sea, the signal was still there. Still working. The trapped humans powered the machines, not the Matrix itself, and the machines, even with the humans gone, could manage to keep the signal alive. For nearly a million years it held strong, as if the machines… and the programs inside the Matrix, were waiting for something, or someone.

Falling. He didn't know how it came to this. The last thing he remembered before things went black was Sasuke taking a fatal hit for him from Zabuza's masked helper. He remembered seeing red and throwing a punch, but couldn't remember how he got into the position he was in now, falling from the bridge being built by the man he was attempting to protect, into the cold dark water below.

Feeling a crash, he registered hitting the water, but didn't fight the waves as they pulled him under into the dark. "What's the point" he thought. "Maybe the village would be happier if I just drowned. I doubt more than five people care whether I live or die."

He suddenly felt a great deal of pain as, while he wasn't fighting against the water, the Fox certainly was. Naruto wasn't fully sure if the pain was from the seal, red chakra still leaking from it, or from the water that filled his lungs with each gasp.

As he was ready to pass out, Naruto felt a surge of the Fox's chakra flair and seem to cause a pulse in the water. Not two seconds later, a red light flickered on and what appeared to be a squid made of metal shot out of nowhere and carried the half-dead boy away. And all was black again.


Naruto awoke in a coughing fit, spitting out water onto the metal floor of the strange room he found himself in. Standing up, he saw several screens of black with strange green symbols raining down. And then, to his amazement and horror, he noticed a skeleton, but what was odd was that this skeleton seemed to be lying in a chair with a large plug in the base of its skull.

Taking a closer look, Naruto touched the skeleton, a very bad move, considering as he did so, more of the Fox's chakra flared from the seal. Naruto suddenly felt a great pain near the base of his skull and all went black for a third time that day.

When he awoke this time, it was in a pure white, circular room covered in what appeared to be television screens. And he was not alone. Four people stood around an old man in the chair who was wearing a suit and had a white beard and serious looking demeanor (the Architect).

One was an old woman with dark skin, who gave off an air of kindness and gave Naruto a comforting smile (The Oracle). Another of them, this one male, wore a white shirt and black pants and had circular sunglasses (Seraph). Another male stood with almost the same stance and expression as the one in white, but he wore a black shirt, black pants, and wore a leather jacket with slightly rounded sunglasses (Neo). And the last one, a little old man with dark hair and glasses with several rings of keys on his belt (Do I need to say it?).

The old man in the chair looked at Naruto and said, in a no nonsense type of voice "We've been waiting for you"

Preview end

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You all know the speech stuff. However, if anyone is new to the site (or me in particular) I will post it on this chapter only.

Normal talking: "Hello"
Normal Thinking: "Hello"
Demon/Boss Summon/Naruto (as 'The Fox'): "What's up"
Demon/Boss Summon Thinking: "What an Idiot"

Now, on with the story.

White. All around him was an endless void of white, threatening to enter him and take him into the nothingness. Naruto clutched his head in pain, trying to figure out how it had come to this…


Rasengan/Chidori! The two incredible genin fought their hardest. They knew this was it. The last stand of two opposing powers, one fighting to protect, the other to kill. The power of the seals both boys were marked with empowering them, forcing them on.

From Naruto, the power of the Kyuubi no Kitsune coursed through him, giving off a red aura and the killing intent of a feral beast.

From Sasuke, the power of the cursed seal urged him on, whispering dark thoughts to him as he prepared to kill his best friend, someone he looked to as a brother. Through the corrupted power, his entire physical being had changed. He now had a black four-pointed star across his nose, grey skin, and sported to wings that almost seemed to look like webbed hands

As much as Sasuke hated to admit it, the two were fighting as equals, and Naruto knew it.

He remembered being swallowed by a sphere of energy and a pain in his chest, then…nothing…

Flashback end

Another flair of demonic chakra surged from the seal, and Naruto did everything in his power to stay conscious. Sadly, he soon found himself in the dark, sewer of his mindscape.

Feeling a sudden jerking sensation, the blonde ninja was pulled into the very center of his mindscape. To a place he had already come to know. The cage of the most powerful demon in history, the Kyuubi.

"You very nearly got the both of us killed Runt. Lucky for you, I'm not ready to die yet." Boomed a voice Naruto knew well by this point. Sure enough, two gigantic eyes appeared, along with the smirking mouth of the great beast.

"Since when do you think you have a say in when I get to die. Maybe I wanted it, you never know."

"As a matter of fact, I DO know whelp. Like every weak human, you are afraid to die, I have seen your fears, and I have heard your thought. Like it or not, I know more about you than you do. Now, the reason I called you here is that, if you haven't noticed, you are trapped in limbo, the space between worlds. Stay here to long and we both die."

"I myself have never been here personally. Though I can phase through dimensions, I pass through so fast it's as if I move from one world to the next. You got into this mess through a major power surge caused by yours and that bastard son of an Uchiha's strongest attacks. So, only an even greater power surge will get you out."

"So, I'm stuck here. DAMN IT!!!!!!!"

"SILENCE!!!!!!!!!! As I was saying, only a greater power surge will get you out. I can help you."

"And what do you get in return? If it's freedom, than no deal."

"What I gain is someone who will take over my titles of Fox King, Lord of the Nine Hells, and Emperor of the Demon Realm. The Deal is, you become my successor. I give you the whole of my power, and all my knowledge. Using them will take training, but I can teach you what you need to know. I have knowledge of nearly every jutsu your world has created among other things. You will have the knowledge to perform them, but like I said, you will have to work to gain the skill to use them."

"There's a catch to this, I just know it."

"You catch on quick. The catch is that you must choose two females to mate with and continue the Fox Clan legacy."

"What happens to you?"

"I will become a mere thought, a voice and teacher in your head. I wouldn't ask any more questions boy. Time may go drastically faster here, but your time in limbo is almost up. It's now or never. Live or die… make your choice."

"Fine… I'll do it."


Suddenly, a claw shot out from between the cage bars and, grabbing Naruto, hoisted him into the air. Naruto watched as the Fox's tails shot between the cage bars as well, slamming into him and causing immense pain as they were seemingly being absorbed while a tail grew from his tailbone with every one that he absorbed.

"The first five tails are each gifted with an element. Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, and Lightning. The Sixth tail is the tail of Insight and Foresight. And the last three tails are the tails of Mind, Body, and Soul. When all combine, you become a force that can only be stopped win your own will fails. You become a force of nature."

As he spoke, the final three tails were absorbed and Naruto became a dark silhouette illuminated by a strange white light from within. It expanded as red, demonic chakra merged with him and Naruto screamed as the power overtook him and in a flash of light and pain, he was shot from his mindscape into the waiting new world.

The Fox fell to the floor, exhausted, but happy at what it had done.

"Give 'em Hell, runt… give 'em Hell."

With that, the once great and powerful Kyuubi fell into an easy sleep.

Titans' Tower
Jump City

Raven shot up in bed, her body soaked in a cold sweat. She had felt something. What she felt she had no idea, but it was coming, and it had more power than she had yet to ever feel, even from her father.

Suddenly, a red light began flashing and the Tower alert had activated. Looking out her window at Jump City, she could deftly hear the team leader, Robin, calling them over the intercom system. Getting dressed, she was overtaken by a black silhouette of a raven and phased through the floor.

In the main control room, which also happened to be the teams' living room and kitchen, Robin watched the rest file in. First in was Cyborg, the half-man half-machine member of the team, yawned as he entered Next was Starfire, the orange-skinned, red-haired beauty of the team, dragging in the fourth team member, Beast Boy, who was still clutching his pillow and attempting to sleep as he was dragged across the floor.

Last but not least, came the final team member Raven, who phased through the ceiling.

"Duuuuude! What could be so important that we couldn't wait 'till morning?" shouted Beast Boy, the green-skinned teen, who had been smacked awake by Raven, earning the dark girl a glare that, if it could kill, would put her six feet under.

Bringing up a live view of the city on the monitors, though the group could see it clearly from the windows, the Titans watched as the power steadily went out around the whole city, even darkening Titans' Tower, which shouldn't have been possible from a normal power outage as they had separate generators powering the Tower, meaning whatever caused this blackout wasn't natural.

Forming a green sphere of energy around her hand, Starfire lit the tower enough for everyone to see.

"Cyborg, can you scan to find out where the blackout originated?" asked Robin. No answer. Turning, the group, even the usually stoic Raven were shocked, as Cyborg stood there, motionless, his normally blue areas turned grey, and his cybertronic eye no longer glowing.

"Cyborg?" said Starfire warily, as Beast Boy, now totally awake, began to poke and prod the half-machine man, only to pull back as Cyborg, deactivated and unable to support himself, tipped over.

Suddenly, all the power began to turn back on, the city once again lighting up, the Tower alarms once again blaring.

"Someone mind tellin' me why I'm on the floor?" The group looked to see Cyborg standing up and dusting himself off, but was suddenly under attack by Starfire, who had him in one of her "Death grip" hugs.

Pulling himself out of her grip, he turned to Robin with a face that said I'm ready for an explanation.

"By the looks of what happened, that wasn't just a power outage. Something must have caused a major EMP, but the question is what" said Robin, once again staring at the monitors, looking for the source of said EMP.

He eventually found what he was looking for, and with a shout of "Titans, Go" they were off to the docks.

Naruto awoke, his head still throbbing, and took in his new surroundings. Tall buildings were everywhere, and he appeared to be near a source of water, based on the gulls. Sure enough, he turned and saw the ocean.

Looking down at himself, he figured he would need to change his appearance, as he wasn't thinking that someone with Fox ears, claws, and nine tails would be a common sight.

It was then that he felt it. A pain shot through the base of his skull, and he was flooded with the information on how to shape-shift, one of the many abilities he now possessed thanks to the former kitsune king. Stepping into a dark ally, he changed into something simple until he could actually get clothes.

His animalistic features were gone, replaced with his normal looks, though he had grown himself to the height of an average 18 year old. Though he was really only 16, he had the mind of a 500,000,000 year old demon…though still the immaturity of a teenager, though that may just be him.

He wore a black hoodie to cover his hair, with a bandanna covering his face. He was also sporting his usual ninja sandals and a pair of black jeans. Not the best clothes for fighting, but if he got into a brawl, he could change his form accordingly.

Now there were only two things left to do.

"Now to gather some info, and learn the language" whispered Naruto.

"I can help with that" spoke the disembodied voice of Kyuubi. Suddenly, Naruto felt another pain in the base of his skull as more of Kyuubi's knowledge was accessed by Naruto.

"Now, just find some poor sap and lock eyes. Once you do that, focus chakra to your eyes and focus on what you need to know."

"I know, you just gave me the info on how to do it, idiot" replied Naruto.

"Quiet Brat. You need only think your words and I shall hear them."

"Gotcha" thought back Naruto. And so he waited for a few minutes for a dock worker to pass by. Sure enough, someone who appeared to be a welder walked past the alley. Taking this opportunity, Naruto grew out three of his tails, grabbed the man, and pulled him into the alley.

With the Titans

"Yeah, I saw what happened. I couldn't make it out clearly, but it looked like someone or something just appeared in a red flash. The thing stood up and ran off somewhere. But as it was first appearing, lights started flickering, and than just shut off completely. Some of them even blew up."

"Thank you for your time" said Robin as the man walked off.

"Man, that's the third guy we talked to, and we still barely got anything! How much longer do we have to stay out here!" shouted Beast Boy.

Getting in his face and poking him in the chest, Cyborg yelled "Until we find out who shut down my Tower, AND my systems! That's how long!"

Suddenly, the five teen heroes heard a scream as the worker who they had just questioned was dragged into an alley by three long, what looked to be tails.

"I think we found him" said Robin. Getting into a battle stance, he yelled out the signature "Titans, Go!" and the team sprang into action. As they got closer, the man ran out screaming. Though most of it was just your normal everyday terror-filled screams, Raven happened to hear him yelling "In my head, in my head, Oh god he got in my head!!!!!!!!!"

Entering the alley, the team saw nobody and nothing. Running a scan, Cyborg picked up heat and a heartbeat from beneath a large cardboard box. Knocking it over, the group appeared to have disturbed an old homeless man from his sleep.

The man woke up, saw the group and shouted "Don't hurt me, I have no money."

The group exited the alley, utterly confused as to where the thing could have gone in such short notice. Suddenly, without warning, sparks started flying as electricity sparked over Cyborg, said teen screaming as he fell to the ground in a heap.

As Cyborg fell, he revealed the old homeless man standing behind him, electricity sparking from his outstretched hand. Then, before everyone's eyes, the old man transformed into a teen about 18 years old, a bandanna and hood covering his face, but the group could still see his eyes and that is what weirded them out the most. They were blood red with slitted pupils.

From the ground, Naruto heard the large one yell out "Man, you did NOT just CRASH MY SYSTEMS!!!!!"

Leaning down, Naruto chuckled and said, "Oh, but I did. You gonna cry about it?"

Suddenly, Naruto was hit with several starbolts, knocking him back several feet, but not beating him. As he saw Starfire prepare another one, he quickly channeled chakra to his hand. Sending the starbolt at the team's masked assailant, Starfire was shocked when he reached out, caught her starbolt, seemed to examine it for a moment and throw it back at her. She was so stunned she didn't move in time to dodge it and fell to the ground, unconscious.

Hearing a shout, Naruto turned to see Robin in the air, preparing to strike him with a metal staff. Naruto once again channeled chakra to his hand and grabbed the staff in the air. Whipping around, he used Robin's momentum against himself and flung the Boy Wonder into the water.

Naruto then felt a great pain in his arm. It would seem that the green one, Beast Boy, had morphed into a wolf and was currently biting his arm. This was the Fox's turn. He flared an enormous amount of what it liked to call "Predator Killing Intent" causing Beast Boy, with his animal instincts to let go of Naruto, turn around and run for his life.

The only one left was Raven, who formed a shield of dark energy between her and this strange guy who was beating the entire team. After beating on it, Naruto tried channeling chakra again, this time, forming a red aura of demon chakra around himself. Leaning forward, he went right through the shield.

Deciding that he had caused enough trouble, he simply rushed her and knocked her out. Looking back at his work, Naruto ran up the side of the building and was off to see the city.

Gaining his nerve, as the rest of the beaten team gathered, returning to the world of consciousness, or in Robin's case, dryness, Beast Boy asked the question on the whole teams mind.

"Dudes? Did we just get our butts handed to us?"

Chapter End

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