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The time was 7:30. While most of my friends were still asleep, I was hovering on the roof of Titan tower deep in meditation. It had snowed the last night and the sky promised more of it. I loved the snow, the beautiful endless fields of white, and the way everything seemed muted or somehow repressed underneath it. In about half an hour, everyone would be up and about, talking, shouting, playing around each other, being what they were, friends. "I wish I could be like that" I thought to my self, I immediately shook my head trying to get rid of that thought. I knew the reason I couldn't be their friend and I couldn't afford to let my emotions get the upper hand, but my head still went to one titan on its own. Beast Boy. "Oh god "I thought to myself why can't I get him out of my head

"Isn't it obvious "happy replied?

"No its not" I told her in my head

"It's because you and therefore us are in love with him" she replied

"What" I practically screamed at her "I don't love him, I don't even like him, he's so annoying, he's stupid, and he knows nothing about me"

"Well whose fault is that hum…" a new voice said

"Who's there, show yourself"

"It's me the feeling that you've been subconsciously repressing all this time".

"Who is this tell me NOW"

"It's me Love"

"WHAT I screamed Love"

Just then I heard someone walking through the snow towards the outdoor training grounds.

"Well talk later Love"

"Yes we will" I heard her smirk

I floated over the edge and looked down and saw a little dot walking leaving a set of footprints. Curious to see who it was, I flew above who ever it was and shadowed them. When they got to the training ground they bypassed the obstacle court, and made for the circle of computer tech disguised a rocks. They formed a circle that was pretty big, about the size of a football field they walked right to the center and shouted in a loud voice

"Computer level 10"

When he said that I freaked out robin had absolutely forbade anybody from trying level 10 unless their was 3 to a team, but out here was only one person, and one person only who looked strangely familiar.

As he said that he threw off his coat and his shirt, even thought it was like 50 degrees outside. When I saw who it was I started to panic and started to debate with my self if I should intervene cause the person who was in the middle of the freezing cold about to commit suicide was Beast Boy.

It had started snowing again big, large snowflakes that chilled me down to the bone, but I couldn't leave yet so I wrapped my cloak around me and felt some warmth come back to me. Beast boy was apparently ready because he shouted at the top of his voice


Their was a second of silence then the sound of gears and pistons moving, and in the ground several trapdoors opened and gray robots drifted up like ghosts from a mist and proceeded to stomp towards beast boy I was horrified yet I couldn't look away and what happened next shocked me.