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As Raven ran from the battle behind her cloak fluttering behind her as she frantically looked for an exit and hoping that she didn't meet anyone else that as a threat to her, her breathing ragged she finally stopped and scanned the area peering into the brush around her, hearing the sounds of animals around her putting her nerves on edge as she sent a wave of energy out looking for enemies even as she tried to catch her breath.

"Its gotta be around here somewhere" She thought to herself. She wrapped her cloak around her and started walking again the gentle patter of her feet seeming to echo as she got farther and farther from the animals until the only sound she could hear was the roar of a waterfall ahead of her.

"Water" she thought to herself as she thought that maybe she could follow the river. She kept walking noticing that een thought she had walked for what seemed hours the green tinged sun hadn't moved from its place in the sky.

As she finally breached the treeline surrounding the waterfall she noticed only two things.

One was that she had found the portal that she had been looked for except that there was not just one but that there was two right next to each other with a podium in between them flanked by a raven standing on the top of one and a fox lying in front of the other.

Two was the portals seemed to be made of some black material, The rock-like material was so black that it seemed like the doors themselves sucked in the light around them and forced it to sparkle like diamonds inside it. The water that splashed from the waterfall behind it didn't even seem to touch the material even through it was on more than a few feet n front of it sitting on rock bridge with the water flowing around it. The mist itself seemed to flow around it and into the black maw of the portals.

It was hypnotic to watch as she felt her vision get sucked in getting harder and harder to tear her eyes from it s she walked closer and it was only until she walked into the water and she felt the cold of the water flow into her shoe did she look away the cold of the water shocking her back to her senses. She was more wary as she approached cautiously keeping her eyes on the animals and er eyes off the strange rock. The raven cawed at her like it was daring her to come closer while the fox just lied there staring at her seeming to grin at her as she approached the podium.

The podium itself was made out of the same material and it as war she noticed as she put the palm of her hand on it feeling the warmth radiate from it, the words inscribed on it seemed to be pure gold that sparkled like yellow fire. It was beautiful and Raven just wanted to stare at it and might had, if she hadn't nicked her finger on a sharpened letter. She tore her eyes away and slapped herself and focused her eyes back on it reading what was on it.

"There are two doors in front of you" She read out loud "One door leads closer to your destination while the other door will lead you to your death. There are two creatures guarding the doors, one animal will lie and the other will tell the truth, you have one question. Ask wisely" She stepped back and tried to find any kind of differences but only felt her eyes getting sucked back in and turned her head.

"Hmmm which one is it" She said out loud.

"It's a riddle" she heard her yellow emoticon say in her head "and its a good one too" She said seeming to get excited.

"I always knew that Beast Boy was secretly smart but knowing this riddle and knowing the answer" She giggled softly "I love him" Raven face palmed and said "Unless you're gonna help, stay quiet"

"Right" said the emoticon "may I come out?" she inquired

"Sure why not" Raven said sarcastically and was almost not surprised when she felt and saw intelligences hand come out of her chest followed by her arm, shoulder, chest and body.

Intelligence adjusted her glasses and proceeded to walk back and forth keeping her gaze averted from the rock and instead looking at the guardians.

"I got it" she suddenly chirped and walked to the first door and stopped in front of it. She looked at the raven and suddenly asked "What door would the fox point to if I asked him which led to death?" The raven cawed and flew to the door that the fox was guarding and pecked it than proceeded to fall to the ground, dead.

"It's this door" Intelligence said standing in front of the door that the raven had abandoned.

"Are you sure?" Raven asked eying the dead raven and feeling bad for it

"Yes" The yellow emoticlone said.

She walked to Raven and grabbed her hand and took a deep breath, "Here goes nothing" Raven uttered and stepped through the ravens gate stepping into the darkness letting it shroud them, the noises around them growing silenced,both ravens hoping that they hadn't made a serious if not fatal mistake.

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