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Tom, Kaz, Sarah, and Peyton were all having some pizza in Chaotic.

"Man Sarah you were all over that guy in your match today," Tom said

"Yeah she laid some Danian smackdown on that clown. Booyah!" Peyton said

"Well that's what happens when you mess with IIIexia, the Danian queen," Sarah said as she pulled out her scanner and showed the others the scan of the powerful Danian.

"How'd you can her anyway?" Tom asked

"Let's just say that I got it before I became part of hive," Sarah said not wanting to relive the terrible experience she had at Mount Pillar

"Yes IIIexia is defiently the number one female in Perium," Sarah boasted

"Yeah right?" Kaz said

"What do you mean Kaz?" Sarah said

"Sure IIIexia's a queen and all, but we all know Takinom's the true powerhouse chick in Perium,"

"I beleve you two are both mistaken," Peyton said showing them a scan of Kinnianne (the Overworlder ambassadorto the Mipedians. A light brown fox creature) "This chick got's brains and brawn, plus she can cast mujic from two tribes. How many chick creatures got that kinda skill?

"Okay you guys settle down," Tom said breaking up the argument

"This argument's just nuts. Besides we all know it's Intress who's the best female creature,"

"No way!" the other three chaotic players said in unison

This little argument lasted about five minutes longer

Then Klay and Kristella walked over

"Ugh will the four of you just shut up!" Klay said

"Yeah you four and being more ridiculous than normal," Kristella added "What can you all possibly be fighting over anyway?"

"Who's the best female creature," Tom answered

"Oh that's easy," Klay said "It's obliously Nevenna,"

"No it's Silv," Kristella said

This now six person argument went on a bit longer until finally even the codemasters began to get annoyed and said that if they really wanted to find out who the number one creature was, that they should settle it in a six player battle royale. Female creatures only

And with that the ultimate beata drome match was on its way

How do you like it so far?

By the way, who do you think the number one creature in Perium is?

I vote Kinnianne cause she's on Foxy fighting machine