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Blood Drenched Scorpion- AU Fanfic


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"Where should this go, Danna?"

A redhead exhaled, turning away from the box he had set down, to face a blonde with long hair carrying a second box. The redhead's actual name was Sasori, age twenty. He was fresh out of the university and just now moving into his new two bedroom apartment. Upon arrival he had met a neighbor, Deidara, age yet to be determined… as was his gender from a first glance. Sasori pointed to a door a little ways down the short hallway.

"Be careful with those. I need them for work." Sasori explained before heading back to the moving truck out front.

The apartment complex was dubbed Akatsuki. It was unlike most of the surrounding Tokyo buildings for it had an American feel and appearance. Sasori hopped into the back of the van to grab a box for the kitchen. Although he would never admit it, he was glad the blonde had offered to help. He was somewhat of an amputee, you see. When he was young he had been in quite an accident which had claimed the lives of his parents. Now he looks like the puppets he makes in his free time. How closely in resemblance, only he knows.

He hopped back out of the vehicle and headed back inside, passing Deidara half way. Sasori gave a brief nod in greeting he returned it with a dazzling grin.

They continued to work hard 'til noon when the moving van was completely empty. The two were sitting in the living/dining room sipping tea on the hard wood floor. Deidara sat across from Sasori, both of them on their knees. His brilliant blue eyes swept across the room.

"You don't have very much furniture, hm." He noted, his eyes returning to the light brown pair.

"I've got a bed and a workbench & stool and that's about all the furniture I'll need- Konan's brother will bring some of her furniture as well." Sasori replied in a dull monotone.

"Ah, is she your roommate? That would explain the two bedrooms, hm."

"She is my girlfriend and roommate. The spare bedroom is strictly for my puppets.

"Puppets?" Was that a snicker Sasori heard?

"Puppets." His eyes narrowed.

Deidara rolled his eyes and soon rambled on to a new topic. Sasori found that the brat had quite a few shared interests. He too liked art although his vision was poor in the matter. He was nineteen, also fresh out of university- an art university. He also felt offended when mistaken for a girl or some other thing due to appearance alone. Sasori had a far younger appearance than he really was thanks to his accident. Sasori wasn't one for conversation and only heard half of what the other said.

"Well, I best be off, hmm." Deidara stood suddenly, bringing Sasori from his trance, "Maybe I'll throw you a party this weekend, hmm."

"Okay. Thanks again for the help, Brat." Sasori drawled, earning a tempered pout from him.

"I'm only a year younger than you, Danna." Deidara emphasized the title, dragging it on the way to the door.

Sasori scoffed once the door had closed. The nicknames developed somewhere along the line. The reason for his title he assumed it was because he had ordered Deidara around during the move in. His thoughts scattered when the door opened again.

"'Sori~?" a blue haired woman appeared in the doorway.

Konan, a woman of nineteen like Deidara. She had a stud piercing on her bottom lip and was always seen with one of her signature origami flowers in her hair of medium length. She wore simple business clothes; she worked as a secretary at the mega-organization in which Sasori would be working in. The latter met her at the door after putting away the cups Deidara and he had used. They embraced and exchanged a chaste kiss.

"How was the museum?" Sasori asked, pulling her further into the apartment.

"I think you'll like it." She cooed, nuzzling into the crook of his neck.

"Oh?" He drawled playfully, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"You got this place filled up pretty quickly, Sasori." She looked around the box-cluttered living space.

"A neighbor helped. Long blonde hair and deep blue eyes." Konan's eyes narrowed at this. "He lives right below us." Sasori smirked, noticing her jealousy.

"Oh." She giggled, pulling away from him and heading for the master bedroom at the back of the living space. "I'll unpack the bedroom, you work on unpacking your workshop."

Deidara trudged down to his apartment, opening the door slowly. He was startled to find someone sitting on his loveseat. He sighed and closed the door behind him. He pulled a smirk before strolling up to the gray-haired man. He draped his arms around his neck and blew in his ear. He danced back with a laugh just as Hidan went ramrod straight. He turned his magenta eyes on his attacker.

"He gone again?" Deidara asked routinely.

"Of course." Hidan replied with a scowl.

"Where to this time, hm?" Deidara went to the kitchen to find lunch already cooking on the stove.

"America," Hidan answered, "and don't fucking mess with the dumplings, bitch."

"Yes ma'am, un." Deidara laughed, returning to the living room.

"Don't call me a girl, chick-dick." Hidan snapped, earning a deadly glare which he returned until…


"Your dumplings are done, mom."

Hidan shot a final scowl before returning to the kitchen and donning an apron. Deidara switched on the television set, plopping down on the warmed loveseat. Hidan must have been here since he left to help the new neighbor.

"So where the fuck were you this morning?" Hidan asked, handing a bowl of dumplings on rice to Deidara and sitting next to the blonde with a bowl of his own.

"Helping a guy above me move in." He replied absently poking the gyoza with his chopstick.

"He hot?" Hidan had stuffed the piping hot food in his mouth, relishing the burn.

A small nod.

"He single?" Hidan grinned slyly.

A shake of the head.

"Oh… maybe later then…" Hidan trailed.

"Eh, he's a straight bastard, hm! Bossy and bound to be roughly abusive- a pig." Deidara laughed.

"Oi, watch who fuckin' you're talking to!"

"Sorry, I forgot you find the sadists sexy, hm."

"Oi, he's not just sadistically sexy, he's fucking delicious." Hidan laughed with the blonde.

They conversed avidly until long after finishing lunch that ended up as dinner. Deidara offered to do the dishes while Hidan set up a game. They sat down in front of the GameCube, the air thick with competitive insults.

"So, you're staying with me until he's back again, hm?"

"Ha! SUCK IT DEI! I kicked your sorry ass!" Hidan jumped up, startling Deidara, "Oh, and yeah. I'll be here until he's back… about three days after he says he'll be back." He added with a laugh.

Deidara gave his friend a pitying look he didn't see. He never liked his choice of boyfriend- even though he was the one that set them up. The man seemed different after that awful accident a few years back. Deidara shook his head, 'No… it wasn't the accident. It was that promotion.' Deidara was stirred from his thoughts when Hidan stood, yawning.

"I'm goin' to bed, night, bitch."

"… Good night." Deidara blinked before joining him in the master bedroom, thoughts lingering on that redhead.


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