AN: Hello everyone! OK so this is about Harry and Ginny's children coming to the past. It is set during Harry's seventh just after he has his vision of Ollivander. So I would just like to say that I did not make up the charters that was all J.K. Rowling, so I hope you like it.

Bold means that it was in the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

'Are you alright?' Hermione asked, close enough now to look into Harry's face. 'You look awful'

'Well,' said Harry shakily, 'I probably look better than Ollivander…'

When he had finished telling them what he had seen Ron looked appalled, but Hermione downright terrified.

'But it was supposed to have stopped! Your scar- it wasn't supposed to do this any more! You mustn't let that connection open up again- Dumbledore wanted you to close your mind!'

When he didn't replay, she gripped his arm.

'Harry, he's taking over the Ministry and the newspaper and half the wizarding world! Don't let him inside your head too!"

'Look Hermione it- it only happened because I had other things on my mind. I didn't mean it to happen." Harry said running his hand through his hair.

'So you haven't been getting many visions then?' Hermione asked wanting to stress how important it was that Harry kept his mind closed.

"Hermione I swear…' Whatever Harry was going to say was cut off when the trio heard a loud boom coming for the Burrow, then a scream.

Harry gave a quick nod to Ron and Hermione before the three of them were rushing to the Burrow with their wands out. What they saw when they ran into the Burrow's sitting room was not what they excepted. Instead of death eaters everyone in the room had their wands pointed to three children and Ginny?

Harry did not fully understand what was happening but one thing he was sure of was he did not like the fact that everyone had his or her wands on Ginny. Before Harry could open his mouth Ginny spoke up.

'They are just children don't hurt them.' Ginny said sounding disparate for them to not hurt the children.

After Ginny mentioned the children Harry took a second look at them. There were three of them, the oldest looked not older then 9 and the youngest looked about 6. The oldest looked just like Harry did when he was younger except he had brown eyes and his nose was slightly smaller. The second boy who looked to be about 8 was a carbon copy of Harry did from the emerald eyes down to the jet black hair sticking up on the back of his head. The last kid was a little girl who looked just like Ginny except she had Harry's emerald eyes. By the time Harry had really looked at the kids about 30 seconds had pasted, but it was enough time for Hermione and Ron to join the crowd.

For some reason Harry felt as if he had to protect them from the world, from everything bad out there, from all the wands pointed at them.

Before Harry could really think about what he was doing he had placed himself in front of the kids standing beside Ginny with his wand pointed at the Order and everyone else there.

'Harry what do you think you are doing?' Ron and Hermione shouted surprised Harry was protecting the death eaters.

Harry looked at Ginny and after a second nodded to her as if a silent conversation had just happened.

'If you want to get to these kids you will have to go through me.' Harry said standing his ground.

'And me.' Ginny added drawing her wand.

'What the bloody hell do you think you are doing these kids are death eaters.' Fred yelled.

'Look I don't know how I know this but these kids are not a threat.' Harry said not moving.

'Please don't hurt them. I don't want to fight you guys. Just believe us.' Ginny said not wanting to fight but knowing that she would do anything for these kids, even if it meant dying.

Both Harry and Ginny thought the same thing as soon as they saw the kids, that they would rather die then let anyone get to them. And that thought scared both of them.

Bill seeing no other option did the only thing he could think of. 'Sorry guys, stupefy!' Bill and several other voices yelled out.

What happened next no one expected. Harry casted such a strong shields that it held up against the 14 stupetys that hit the shield at the same time. Ginny then started throwing stunning spells so fast that her hand became a blur. As soon as Harry's shield was down he too started throwing stunners so fast that his hand was a blur. In the next minute Harry and Ginny and taken down 13 people, including Hagrid, leaving only Fred standing. Fred realizing he was out numbered quickly waved a white flag that he made appear.

'You ok Gin?' Harry asked looking around the room.

'I'm fine.' Ginny said as she and Harry turned their backs to face the three kids behind them.

'Are you guys ok?' Harry and Ginny asked looking at their scared faces.

Once Harry and Ginny asked that the three burst into tears and the little girl ran at Harry screaming 'Daddy!' Fred who had heard the little girl call Harry dad passed out from shock.

'Mommy, Daddy!' yelled the two boys as they ran at their shocked parents giving them hugs.

The little girl seemed to have stopped crying and spoke up. 'Daddy it wasn't my fault it was James and Albus's fault. I told them not to touch it.' Said the little girl while pointing at James and Albus.

'No way mum it was James and Lily.' Said the younger of the two boys making him Albus.

'Yes well how about we wake everyone up so they can hear what happened as well' Ginny said more calmly then she felt.

'Why did everyone want to hurt us. I knew you would save us mommy, daddy' James said with a small smile.

'We will always save you James.' Harry said knowing that it was true.

'Here Lily why don't you stay with mom while I wake everyone up.' Harry said as he stood up.

Slowly Harry woke everybody up. It took a few minutes for everyone to remember what happened, and when he or she did everyone was mad at Harry and Ginny, although some were slightly impress that the two of them could take all of them out.

'What the hell is your problem!'

'How dare you stun your own mother!'

'Why are you protecting death eaters?!'

'How did the two of you manage to take all of us out?'

'WHY DID HE CALL YOU DAD!' Fred shouted loud enough for everyone to hear him.

As excepted it took a few minutes for the words to sink in, and once it did everyone was in shock. Mrs. Weasley passed out and had to have Bill wake her up before Harry and Ginny began to explain.

'Umm.. you see… hmm this is harder then I thought it would be.' Harry said to Ginny who nodded in agreement.

'How about you start from the beginning.' Moony suggested.

'Ok well after the boom stopped and the light faded I looked at these kids. I don't really know what came over me but I just knew that I had to protect them. I just knew that I would do anything for them even if it.'

'Even if it meant dying for them' Harry finished for her in a small voice. At Ginny's nod he continued.

'I felt the same way. One minute I was thinking that death eaters were here and then I saw the kids and I don't really know what happened. Like Gin said I just knew I had to protect them.' Harry said as he walked over to Ginny, James, Albus, and Lily.

'Ok so you had to protect them. Which you did really well by the way.' Bill added 'But what I don't get is why, it isn't like they are your children.' When neither Harry nor Ginny would look him in the eyes Bill continued.

'Harry doesn't even like Ginny like that!' Bill exclaimed.

Before Harry could protest Lily spoke up. 'Daddy loves mommy. He tells her that everyday, he even drops us at Grandma's so he can show her how much he loves her.' After Lily told the room this, both Ginny and Harry blushed, some people started laughing , and the Weasley brothers just glared at Harry.

'What does that mean dad? You promised you would tell me when I am older. I'm older.' James had spoken up.

'Yes, well when I said older I meant at least 13, not 9.' Harry said firmly despite the blush, James just pouted.

'Ok so I want one of you to explain what happened.' Ginny said with a stern face and her hands on her hips.

Once Ginny asked this all three of them spoke up at once trying to say what they had to say first.

'Daddy told James not to touch it '

'Daddy locked it in the office, and James unlocked the do..'

'What are you talking about Al you unlocked the door'





'James took the thing off daddy's desk'

'Ok I did but Lily turned it'

'No I didn't'

'Yes you did'

'No I didn't'

'Oww mom tell Lily to stop biting me'

'Help me AL'

'James you kicked me I was trying to help you'

'Daddy Al is pulling my hair' Lily screamed. Soon Lily, Albus, and James were rolling around the ground fighting and screaming.

'THAT IS ENOUGH' Harry yelled, much to the surprise of everyone in the room.

'Your mother asked you what happened. Not to fight.' Harry said standing beside Ginny.

'Sorry Daddy' James, Albus and Lily mumbled.

'It is not me who you should be saying that to.' Harry said in a firm voice.

'Sorry Mommy' James, Albus and Lily mumbled.

'That's better.' Harry said with a smile. Ginny decided that she should speak up now.

'That is ok. But from what I gathered the three of you are in so much trouble. You went into your father's office. Even though he told you not to.' Ginny said starting to get mad.

'What if you touched something and got hurt. Are you hurt, you aren't hurt are you?' Ginny said fretting over James, Al and Lily.

'Gin I think they are fine. But what do you think we should do for a punishment?' Harry questioned watching the kid's faces fall.

'Your father and I will talk later but for know I want the three of you to go to my bedroom. OK now march.' Ginny said sternly, as James, Al, and Lily went upstairs to Ginny's bedroom.

As Harry and Ginny watched their kids go upstairs Harry put his hand around Ginny's waist and Ginny leaned onto him slightly. Harry and Ginny seemed to forget the fact that there were 14 other people in the room with them.

'Wow,' Ron said causing Ginny and Harry to jump and turn around.

'I know what you mean I did not follow a word of the fight.' Tonks said, getting nods in agreement from everyone.

'No I mean wow as is wow I never would have thought that Harry was the father type.' Ron said to the amusement of the people in the room.

'Now that we have established the fact that those are Harry and Ginny's kids what are they doing here?' Hermione questioned.

'Well it seems that Harry brought something home and left it in his office which was locked, but Al some how found a way to open it. They saw something on the desk James picked it up and Lily turned it.' Ginny said explaining what was just said.

'For what I can guess I think it is a timeturner which goes back years instead of hours. Anyway I can't see anything so I can only assume that they dropped it so it is in my future office.' Harry said to everyone.

Most people understood what Harry said, but others like George and Fred had no clue. Mrs. Weasley took the moment of silence to say something that she had wanted to say since she found out about the kids. "GRANDKIDS I HAVE GRANDKIDS!' Mrs. Weasley screamed bringing Harry and Ginny into a bone-crushing hug. At this everyone started laughing and Bill asked the questioned that was on most peoples mind, 'But if they dropped the timeturner how will they get back?'

Hermione spoke up, 'Well once Harry and Ginny's future selves realize that they are missing their kids they will come looking for them.'

'Come on Gin we better check on the kids.' Harry said leading Ginny up the stairs.

'Wow do you know what these kids mean Gin' Harry asked once they were out of the others earshot. 'It means I win. I bet him Gin, I actually do it.' Harry said happy.

'Harry I always knew you would be able to do it. You have no idea how strong you really are. What I'm more surprised is that these kids mean were got married.' Ginny said as she took Harry's hand.

'What do you mean Gin? Do you not want us to get married?' Harry asked in a slightly hurt tone.

'No of course not Harry. I always have and always will love you. Harry it means that you love me as well.' Ginny said stopping them in front of the door to her room.

'Of course I love you.' Harry said surprised at how easy it was for him to say that.

'I have never felt this way about anyone. The happiest moments of my life are with you. The only reason I ever broke up with you was because I don't want you to get hurt.' Harry said trying to explain his actions.

'If I didn't have to do the things I have to do I would never have broken up with you I love you Gin you have to understand th..' Harry was caught off ward by the fact that Ginny had closed the space between them and kissed him with as much passion as she could. And Harry was kissing her back, with just as much passion and love. Just as Harry's hand slipped under Ginny's shirt the door they were leaning on opened causing the two of them to fall to the ground with a loud thump.

'Oomph!' Ginny said as all the air was knocked out of her.

'Gin do you mind?' Harry said weakly, due to the fact that Ginny had fallen on top of him.

'Eww!' Al said looking away from his parents.

'Ya, I don't know why you kiss so much girls are gross.' James said with Albus nodding in agreement.

'No way girls aren't gross boys are.' Lily said sticking her tongue out at her brothers.

'Sorry Harry.' Ginny said as she got off Harry.

'It's fine.' Harry said as he stretched his arms.

'Now kids we came up here to tell you that you aren't in trouble. This time,' Ginny added seeing James grinning like an idiot.

'Just because you guys aren't in trouble doesn't mean you don't have to go to bed.' Harry said after he looked at his watch.

'It has been a long day so I want you three ready and in bed in ten minutes.' Ginny said falling easily into the role of mom.

'Yes mom' they replied together as although they had been doing this awhile.

As the three left Ginny's room Lily asked something that neither Harry nor Ginny were excepting. 'When will you guys be going to sleep. You will be sleeping in the bed next to us right?' Lily asked worried.

'Of course we will flower.' Harry said not being able to deny her anything. She was just like Ginny in that respect, Harry could hardly ever so no to Ginny.

When Lily left Ginny turned on Harry. 'Well since you promised our daughter this you can tell mom.' Ginny said, and Harry saw no way out of this one.

'Fine, Fine. I think I have the perfect way.' Harry said with a smirk and walked down the stairs leaving a confused Ginny.

Ginny not wanting to miss this ran right after Harry. When Ginny had reached the living room Mr. and Mrs. Weasley had noticed Harry and was making their way over to him.

'Harry dear are the kids ok.' Mrs. Weasley asked quietly.

'Yes they are fine. They are getting ready for bed they are going to be sleeping in Ginny's room.' Harry informed them.

'Harry I don't mind sleeping on the couch with Ginny.' Hermione said from across the room.

'No you don't have to you can take the room I am staying in, that is if Fred and George aren't staying.' Harry said directing the last part the twins.

'Nah, Harry we are going to be going to the shop.' George said.

'Now Harry that is very kind but where will you be staying.' Mrs. Weasley asked.

'Oh I am going to be sharing with Ginny in her room.' Harry said so casually that one would think he was just talking about the weather.

Once Harry finished his sentence everyone went quiet waiting for Mrs. Weasley, who was turning red in the face, to yell.

'Harry James Potter you are sleeping where.' Mrs. Weasley said, her voice shaking from trying not to yell.

'In the Ginny's room with her and our future children. Listen Mrs. Weasley,' Harry said. 'Yes future I do not want grandkids NOW.' Mrs. Weasley opened her mouth to continue but Harry cut her off. 'I understand what kind of position I am putting you in, and I am very sorry. Lily said that Ginny and I always stay in the same room as them when we are here.' Fred and George were looking at Harry in awe, not many people could go head to head with an angry Mrs. Weasley.

'I think it is best that we keep everything as normal as possible for them. It could traumatize them and at such a young age.' Harry said shaking his head.

'I Do Not Care You Will Be Sleeping In A Different Room.' said her voice getting louder and louder.

'Mrs. Weasley you have no idea how hard this is for me. To me you and Mr. Weasley are like the mother and father I never had.' Harry said softly. At this Mrs. Weasley had to blink back tears.

'This is the first time in a long time that I have felt so strongly about something. I don't know how to explain it but all I know is that I love those kids up there, as well as your daughter Mrs. Weasley.' Harry said looking into Mrs. Weasley's eyes.

'Molly, dear it is not like they will be doing anything with children in the same room.' Mr. Weasley pointed out much to the surprise as the room at large. Nothing though prepared them for what Mr. Weasley said next. 'You are right Arthur. Harry dear that is fine with me. And I wouldn't mind you calling me mum and Arthur dad, I mean in a few years it will be legal.'

'Thanks mum, dad.' Harry said with a smile. That was the last straw for Mrs. Weasley, she broke down into tears and pulled Harry into a bone crushing hug. After Harry was free he turned to Ginny and smirked at her.

Lupin took Harry to the side for a moment. 'Your father would have been proud of that performance.' He said with a smile. 'Your father was a natural he could get us out of any situation with a few words and Sirius was always amazed at that skill. I am pretty sure he got us into some situations just to see how your father would handle it.' Lupin said with a laugh. With Lupin speaking about his father Harry thought of something.

'Excuse me can I have everyone's attention.' Harry waited a few minutes for everyone to calm down. 'Thanks, first I would like to know if anyone who knew about my kids has left.' When Kingsley shook his head no Harry continued. 'Perfect, because I would like everyone to make an unbreakable vow that they will not speak of the kids to anyone who doesn't know that they are here.' Harry said. 'Harry I think an unbreakable vow is to much.' Someone yelled from the background. 'Well if someone has a better idea then I am all ears. But no one is leaving with out something to keep the kids secret.' Harry said his eyes darkening.

'How about we use the spell Dumbledore came up with. Since we had a spy in our last Order he made a spell that will not let anyone talk about the secret unless the other person already knows about it. Also it hides the information if someone in trying to get it out of them.' Said Tonks. Harry seeing no other option agreed to that and five minutes later everyone was saying good night and Harry and Ginny were getting ready for bed.

Ginny was wearing a tank top and some short shorts, and Harry was just wearing PJ bottoms because it was so warm. After tucking James, Al, and Lily into bed Harry and Ginny went to sleep.