I Have Had Dreams and I Have Had Nightmares

It was a recurring dream, one he'd had for as long as he could remember. And all too often, the nightmare didn't end when he opened his eyes in the morning.

He was running, always running, from an enemy he couldn't see. But he knew his pursuer—was named after him, in fact—which made things that much more frightening. His little feet moved as quickly as he could make them, but it was never fast enough.

Fists flying, glass breaking, he cowered in the dark. His body trembled, but he dared not utter a sound. He silently prayed, prayed for someone to save him from this Hell.

And just as the demons were closing in, She appeared.

When she appeared, the darkness turned to light. He squinted against the glow, but couldn't see her face, save her reassuring smile. She offered him her hand and led him away from it all.

Try as he might, he never could tell who she was. But he was safe as long as she was there with him.

Running. He is still running from an invisible enemy. But now when he looks down, he sees a man's body instead of a child's.

The dream is harsher, more vivid, but it is just as frightening. And now he's hiding from not only his past, but his present.

Shots fired, people screaming, he crouches in the dark. His body remains perfectly still, and he dares not make a sound. He silently prays, prays for someone to save him from this Hell.

And just as his demons are closing in, She appears.

She turns his darkness to light, gives him something to hold on to. She glows, but now he can see her face with crystal clarity. The reassuring smile belongs to his partner, his best friend. His love.

He knows who he is, and who she is, and who they are. And he's safe as long as she's there with him.

A/N: Title comes from this quote: "I have had dreams and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams." –Dr. Jonas Salk