Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Finally, I decided to take the time to do a proper Space Ghost Coast To Coast fanfic. And this time, it will not, repeat, will not be a mere one shot. For you see, I have learned many things from the force... bah, I'm going off topic. Enjoy the fanfic, ladies and gentlemen!

"Hey, this takes me back," Space Ghost proudly stated to Batman and Superman.

"...back to where?" Superman asked as he was feeling unsure.

"Back To The Future, of course!" Space Ghost laughed as he flexed his muscles, "But of course, as we all know, the show must go on!"

"I have a feeling something stupid is going to happen..." Batman grumbled as all sorts of weird shit fell from the ceiling, knocking all the superheroes out cold.
And cue the fanfic.

Space Ghost coughed as he looked around, everything practically silent. He tapped his blue-colored placeholder card on his orange table, waiting for the next guest. Zorak was busy sipping his coffee as Moltar was simply reading his book. Finally, after a few more seconds of silence, Space Ghost spoke.

"This is going nowhere," Space Ghost proclaimed as he flexed his muscles, proclaiming, "All right, Moltar, we need to get the show rolling. Send in a guest."

Moltar looked up, shrugging as he looked back down, continuing his reading.

Space Ghost blinked, rubbing his head. "So, uh? Did you find anything, Moltar?"

Moltar scoffed as he remarked in a smart ass tone, "Yeah. I found a way to barbecue you."

Zorak bursted into laughter as Space Ghost got enraged. He turned over to Zorak, blasting the green mantis as he cooled down.

"Silence, you evil bug!" Space Ghost shouted as he sat back down in his chair, putting his left hand on his face as he sighed. "We have not had a guest here since April Fools Day. And not counting April Fools Day this year, we haven't had a guest on the show for five years!"

"...Maybe they figured that this show sucks?" Zorak remarked as he chuckled, folding his arms as he rolled his eyes. "Can't say I blamed them. The last few episodes sucked."

Space Ghost looked down as he wondered deeply, before looking back up, turning to Zorak. "Zorak, how about you go and search for a guest for us?"

Zorak growled as he glared at Space Ghost. "Why should I? You're nothing but a brain dead fraud, Space Tool."

Space Ghost mumbled as he turned around, facing Moltar. "Moltar, Zorak will not cooperate. I'm going to need yu to help."

Moltar chuckled as he shook his head. "Sorry, Space Fool, you're on your own. I ain't doing anything."

Space Ghost sighed as he face palmed himself. "Fine. Very well, then. I will go search for a guest." He flew right through the ceiling, heading all across space for a new guest, leaving behind Zorak and Moltar.

"...I call dibs on his table," Zorak proclaimed as he got out of his piano desk, breaking Space Ghost's table with a heavy red-colored guitar.

Moltar shrugged as he placed down his book, joining Zorak as he beat up the table with a green violin.

"So what did that have to do with us?" Batman asked, for he and Superman were know bandaged up.

"Yeah, I get the feeling that this chat of us is just writing around something completely unrelated to anything," Superman added, being wary of Space Ghost, but not as harshly as Batman was.

"Well," Laughed Space Ghost as he was shaking his butt for the camera, "It shows that we need to fill in the time for our show, and sometimes there are desperate needs for desperate measures. Why, let me show you what happened to me and my gang fifteen minutes later..."

Zorak yawned as he woke up, stretching his arms as he scratched his head. He blinked, slowly opening his arms as he noticed that Moltar was playing Pokemon Platinum on his red-colored Nintendo DS. Zorak sighed as he went to get another cup of coffee, when Space Ghost came crashing down, landing on Zorak as another human being was with him. Zorak poked his head out from underneath Space Ghost, looking up to see a tall, lanky man in purple overalls.

"Wha!? Space Tool, who the hell is this loser?" Zorak asked as he struggled to get up, feeling his back crack.

Space Ghost heartily laughed as he patted the tall man next to him on the back, "Can you believe it, Waluigi? Zorak doesn't even recognize you!"

Waluigi chuckled as he massaged his mustache. "Waa haa haa! Looks like you'll have to teach bug boy some manners!" He laughed, joined in by Space Ghost.

Moltar approached the two men, shocked as he looked at Waluigi. "So... that's the guest for tonight's show?"

Space Ghost stopped laughing as he looked at Moltar, smiling. "That's right, Moltar! Now go get the cameras ready! We have a live one today!"