Space Ghost came back down as he looked at the camera, smiling as he waved. "Hello, fellow viewers! I brought my guest with me. He's coming shortly."

"Coming shortly is a little too much, if you know what I mean," Zorak stated as he chuckled.

Space Ghost growled as he turned to face Zorak. "You shut your trap, mantis." Space Ghost flew up as he landed in his normal chair at the desk, picking up a blue blank card as he tapped it. "All right, Moltar. Send in the guest."

Moltar gave Space Ghost a blank stare as he stayed in his position.

Space Ghost scratched his head in confusion as he waited fifteen seconds before asking, "Uhh... Moltar? Where's the guest?"

"He's coming. Just about now." Moltar dragged on as the studio started shaking.

Space Ghost looked under his table in confusion as he saw nothing, before a tall, lanky man with a mustache in purple overalls fell, landing right on top of Space Ghost.

"Wa ha ha! Waluigi time!" Waluigi exclaimed as he tossed his purple cap into the air, playing nothing like a guitar.

Space Ghost popped right back up from the ground, dusting himself as he laughed, welcoming Waluigi. "Ahh, hello, guest! I'm Space Ghost, and you're on the Coast To Coast show!"

Waluigi laughed as he wrapped his left arm around Space Ghost, pointing at him. "Heh heh heh! Space Ghost, you're one kind of a man! I like your spunk."

Zorak scoffed as he rolled his eyes, shaking his head. "Space Fool has no spunk." He began laughing evilly as Space Ghost growled.

"Zorak! What did I tell you about speaking when the guest is here?" Space Ghost shouted as he blasted Zoroak, who managed to dodge the ray.

"Nice try, Space Toast," Zorak taunted as he smacked is butt at Space Ghost, "But you missed me! Nye ha!"

"Get back here, you evil bug!" Space Ghost commanded as he chased Zorak, blasting him at every chance he got as the two ran around the Ghost Planet.

Waluigi folded his arms as he sat in Space Ghost's chair, turning to face Moltar. "Do... they always do this"

Moltar sighed as he face palmed, shaking his head slowly. "Every night. Every... single... night."

Zorak gasped as he was cornered in a dead end. He turned around, seeing Space Ghost. Growling, Zorak pulled out his own yellow-colored zapper.

"Back! I'm not afraid to use this!" Zorak shouted as he aimed at Space Ghost.

Space Ghost scoffed as he raised his right arm. "Not afraid, eh? Too bad I'll blast ye into oblivion before you could to that, Zorak!"

Tension began to rise as both Space Ghost and Zorak fired at each other at the exact same time. The two were blasted off into the starry night sky, disappearing in a blink.

Back at the studio, Waluigi was drinking some grape wine that he brewed. He gave some to Moltar, who came onto the set, to chat with Waluigi.

"So, you're an excellent reader, Moltar?" Waluigi asked as he laughed, tilting back his head as he sipped.

Moltar nodded, sitting across Waluigi. "Why, yes of course. Being a molten man in molten magma, I take advantage of being a mutated freak. Also, on that note-"

Before Moltar could finish, both Space Ghost and Zorak crashed on the glass, falling down to the ground. Waluigi and Moltar glanced at each other, shrugging as they continued chatting, ignoring what happened.