No Money, No Love

By: Witch Baby

Summery: Three years have flown by so quickly, and suddenly Ayase finds himself debt free and, more importantly, free from Kanou. What will happen now?

Warnings: Yaoi (male/male), other mature themes, some OC's

Disclaimer: 'Okane Ga Nai' and all associated characters are property of Hitoyo Shinozaki. All lyrics used are also property of their respective owners. HOWEVER, all OC's are solely from my twisted yaoi addicted mind!!!

"I've been searching deep down in my soul
Words that I'm hearing are starting to get old
Looks like I'm starting all over again
The last three years were just pretend

And I say goodbye to you…"

Chapter One: Endings

The apartment was cold when he entered. Quiet, like the very rooms were holding their breath and waiting. Kanou reached for his trusted weapon that was tucked inside the pocket of his heavy coat, immediately on guard. Something was not right here. There was a darkness creeping in, draping everything in a heavy blanket of silence. "Ayase?" he called.

No answer.

His heart began to race as dread wormed its way inside of him. Though mishaps had lessened in the three years that Ayase had lived with him, there was still that certain level of danger. There always would be danger when he lived the kind of life he did, and Ayase was a tremendous liability. But hindrance or not, there was no Kanou without Ayase, and the gods have mercy on anyone that tried to use his angel against him.

Kanou made his way to the bedroom, senses on high alert for any type of movement or the hint of a trap. Easing the door open, he froze momentarily, surprised by a single large envelope resting against the pillows of the bed. Lowering his weapon, he stared at the innocent looking parchment, confused by its presence. Picking it up, he lifted the flap and peered inside.

Kanou's confusion increased, a feeling he did not particularly enjoy. He emptied out the contents of the envelope onto the bed. Notes? Bank statements? All with numbers and dates in Ayase's neat tiny handwriting. What was the meaning of this?

Frowning, he pulled out his cell and dialed Ayase's number. If he wasn't at home, he had to be at that darn okama shop. Kanou didn't allow him to go anywhere else.

A musical ring sounded from the bedside table, making Kanou curse. His confusion was quickly darkening into irritation. Ayase never left his phone; he knew Kanou hated to be unable to reach him. Still grumbling, he stomped over to the closet, deciding to change quickly before going off to find where his little blond had run off.

He paused at the open closet doors. The closet was half empty, all of Ayase's things gone. He turned back to the notes spread out on the bed and scanned them over quickly. Some dated back as far as three years ago, and most with 500,000 yen deposits on them. He started to mentally tally them up…

"No…no way in hell!" he snarled, staring down at the notes in hatred.

There was no way that Ayase could have paid off his debt! Kanou had thought for sure…

Yanking out his phone once more, he dialed Homare's number. "Yes sir?" the twin answered on the first ring.

"When did you last see Ayase?" he demanded.

"When I dropped him off at Someya-san's this morning. Is something wrong?"

"Get over here this instant, we're going to Someya's!"

Of course that damn okama would have been the one to help Ayase! There would be hell to pay if he didn't tell Kanou where Ayase was. Changing quickly, he stuffed the bank notes back into their envelope. He'd have Misao go over them later and-

He stopped, lifting up a smaller white paper different then the rest. Folded in half, it simply had his name and nothing else written on the outside. With shaking hands, he folded it open.

Dear Kanou,

I've gone over these notes a dozen times and can guarantee that they're correct. 1.2 billion yen paid in full. Though personally I believe I have paid my debt a thousand times over. There are some things I thank you for, and I'm sure you've treated me better then most would. But I'm done now.

~ Yukia Ayase

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