No Money, No Love

By: Witch Baby

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"Strange how no matter what the distance
You can never escape yourself
Distorted by your own reflection
But only I can tell.
I know I said I didn't watch your plane leave
Honestly, I should admit I lied
I was standing at the edge of the runway wishing I could fly..."

Chapter 22: Like A Loaded Gun

The room Eito shoved him in was dark, the only light being a lamp that was turned down low. The walls were a wine red, the room accented in blacks and the same rich color. He wasn't sure what he was expecting of Ginji's room, but it sure wasn't such a minimalistic styling. There were two doors, the one he'd come in through and one on the far wall, the distant sound of a shower filtering though. He tried not to think about who it could be.

Not wanting to be situated by the bed, Ayase opted to stand nervously on the opposite side of the room. He considered making a run for it, but he figured Eito was probably on the other side making sure he didn't. If he made it out of this, he was going to be at Thomas's place daily making sure he got strong enough to never get kidnapped again. He was getting sick and tired of the constant worry and panic that followed him.

The shower shuts off and the fear comes rushing back so quick he feels dizzy. His eyes flicker back and forth to the bathroom door and the rest of the room as if some magical escape route will somehow appear. A few minuets later the bathroom door opens and Ayase tries his hardest not to tremble. Ginji walks out in nothing but a pair of loose black pants and black shirt, hair slightly damp and his feet bare. Ayase might be put at ease at seeing him so relaxed, but he knows its just a ploy. The coldness in his eyes as they look at him from across the room, the memory of a blood stained sheet wrapped around Skyler, there is no mistaking that the man in front of him is ruthless.

" You're eyes glow when you're scared. I like that."

That statement makes Ayase want to look away, but he's too afraid to take his eyes off the man for even a second. Ginji steps closer, smiling wider as the blond flinches. He's close enough now that Ayase can feel the heat of his body, which on some level surprises him. He expected him to radiate cold, his presence being like an icy wind. "I didn't expect to find you when my boys went to visit Skyler. But I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I'd say it was fate that you happened to fall into my lap."

"W-what.." he swallows thickly the fear that has caught in his throat, "What are you talking about?"

Ginji chuckles darkly, hand gripping Ayase's chin, forcing him to look up into the man's cruel eyes. "I can see why he likes you. You could be a weakness for any man. It's just my luck that you happen to be his."

The color drains from Ayase's face. This is about Kanou, this man is using him to lure Kanou here and kill him. "I don't live with him anymore!" Ayase tries to reason, "He has nothing to do with me!"

"You're such a cute little Angel, lying doesn't become you." The fingers become painful as the grip on his chin tightens. "He's infatuated with you, obsessed even. Why else would he be here now, making his way up to me, without any sort of back up? Because he knows I have you. I can use that to destroy him."

He couldn't help the little jump his heart does when he heard that Kanou was here, that he was coming to rescue him. He didn't know where he was or how far away, but that little flare of hope calms him and makes him feel bold. "He's stronger than you'll ever be." he said with a fearlessness he really didn't feel.

Ginji only laughed again, finally releasing his face. "I'm going to enjoy breaking you." he said, a note of fondness in his voice that brings back all of Ayase's anxiety. "Once Somoku is out of the way, this city will be mine, and no one will be here to save you."

He stroked his hand lovingly down Ayase's face. "You know, I've always loved pretty things," he whispers, more to himself than the frightened blond, "It's what attracted me to my little Sky-bird. He was so much fun, takes longer then most to start screaming."

Ayase whimpers in pain as Ginji's hand buries in his white blond hair and pulls harshly. "Something tells me you won't be as difficult."

"To bad that's something you'll never find out."

The blond almost sobs in relief at the familiar voice. Kanou might be difficult to understand, but he was a man of his word, and for that the younger male was grateful. He'd told him, all those years ago, that he would protect Ayase, and despite all the drama over the last week, he was still keeping that promise.

Ginji's maniacal laughter breaks him out of his reverie. "I'd thought I would have a little more time to rough him up before you showed up." He spies Skyler standing on trembling legs next to Homare, clutching the older male's coat shirt sleeve for support. The darkening of Ginji's eyes is the only hint of his anger. "I see you had some help though. Next time I will have to make it to where you can't even fly my Sky-bird. Wouldn't want to make the same mistake twice."

Homare steps fully in front of the blond, blocking him from view. "Stop this." Kanou demands, bringing the mob boss's attention back to him. "Give him to me and I will make sure you die quickly."

Ginji laughs again. "Well aren't you a cocky little shit. It's funny that you think you're in any position to give me orders. Amuse me enough and I might let you watch when I rape your little pet."

Before Kanou can make any move to fire the gun he had pointed at the man, Ginji claps his hands. The overhead lights come on and two figures step from the shadows. One is Eito, and he grins as he levels his gun at Kanou. The other stranger takes Homare's gun and places it in his pocket, waiting for direction as Eito disarms Kanou as well.

"I hadn't expected it to be this easy!" Ginji walks towards a small trunk located near the bed and starts pulling out various weapons; a small knife, some brass knuckles, a pistol. " I was hoping for more entertainment than this, but I can make due."

Homare and Kanou exchange a brief glance, and while Ginji's back is turned they spring into action. Homare pushes Skyler away and lunges for the guard, tackling him to the ground and twisting his hand so he drops his weapon. Kanou goes for Eito, kicking him in the chest and knocking the wind out of him. His gun goes flying so Kanou grabs him in hope to take the back his own gun.

The struggle doesn't seem to faze Ginji as he calmly loads his weapon, leaving his other various toys out on the bed. Kanou is taken by surprise when it's Ginji that kicks Eito, shoving him out of the way so that he has the perfect amount of space to level his gun right in Kanou's face. His fist clench, mind racing to try and see if he can disarm Ginji or distract him long enough to get the upper hand. He can hear Homare still struggling with the other goon behind him and he knows the Kuba twin won't be much help.

"I was hoping to draw this out, make you suffer a bit," Ginji says with a seemingly regretful sigh, "But to save me the trouble I think I'll just kill you now."

Kanou's eyes flicker to Ayase's and the fear he sees in them makes him ache. He's pretty sure he's about to die, and with that knowledge comes regret. He never got to work things out properly with his Angel, never got to fix all the mistakes he'd made. He couldn't save Ayase from this madman. Ginji laughs darkly. "Don't worry about him. When I'm through he'll probably be begging to join you in the afterlife. I might be gracious enough to let him."

He doesn't spare a glance at the insane mob boss, instead watching Ayase as he looked down at the gun that rested at his feet.

When the chaos starts, Ayase dives off to the side, not wanting to be caught in the crossfire . The fighting is blocking his escape through the door, but he doesn't want to be taken hostage again so he makes himself scarce. As Kanou knocks Eito down, a gun clatters and slides across the floor to rest at his feet. With trembling hands he picks it up, thinking maybe he can get it back to Kanou somehow. He freezes, along with everyone else, when Ginji calmly points his pistol at Kanou. He whispers something, the mouth tilting into an all familiar cruel smile. Ayase looks down at the gun in his hands, knowing there isn't any way to get it to Kanou in time. His eyes flicker to Homare, who looks the epitome of calm, but Ayase knows him well enough to see that he's at a loss of what to do.

The gun feels so heavy as he lifts it up, he's not sure he can bear the weight. But he's so sick of being the victim, of watching those he cares about be hurt. He thinks of Skyler, or dark hands grabbing for him, of all the tears he's shed that he can't seem to stop. He could stop it all with this, could end the madness, end Ginji, take the control back.

His eyes close as a shot rings clear and true.

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