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A/N: Un-beta'd quickie.

"I like that one."

"You've said that about every tie I've looked at," Wilson sighed. "You just want to leave."

"True," House admitted. "But something about the color of that tie is very alluring."

Wilson held it up for a better look, startled when House snatched it from him and held it up next to his face. "Notice any similarities?"

Wilson grinned affectionately at his best friend. "It's the same color as your eyes."

"It's like I'll always be watching out for you."

"Or spying on me."

"Potato, potahto. Look, pick this one and I'll even pay for it."


House sighed as he dug through Wilson's abundant selection of ties, in search of the one he'd bought his friend a few weeks ago. It was a seemingly impossible task, but House's determination was eventually rewarded. He carefully laid the tie on Wilson's bed and scanned over the other items there – white shirt, black dress pants and shoes. Wilson was certainly going to look his best tomorrow.

His first mission now accomplished, House sat down and opened his laptop to begin his next task.

Unfortunately, writing Wilson's eulogy was going to be much harder than picking out his clothes.