October 29 - Flash-Forward Day

Wilson woke up with House's arms around his chest. He smiled to himself, picked up one of House's fingers and kissed it. House was still asleep and didn't notice. Wilson didn't mind. He lied there contentedly for a few minutes before he changed his mind, grabbed two breath mints from the bedside table, and rolled over on top of his lover, kissing him awake.

"Nmn!" House complained, but negated it by kissing Wilson back.

"Good morning."

"It's still night time. I'm sleeping."

"It's actually seven, but if you'd really rather go back to sleep then I guess that's okay," Wilson said, starting to roll back off House. House wrapped his arms around Wilson to keep him from going anywhere and kissed him, showing he hadn't actually meant what he'd said. Wilson chuckled through the kiss as his hands moved up and down House's body.

"Ready to go?"

House looked up from his desk, sighed, and shook his head. "I'll get a cab. I need to figure out what's going on with my patient."

Wilson furrowed his brow. "I can wait, if you want."

"No, go on home. I'm...not sure how late I'll be."

"But..." Wilson's eyes showed a bit of panic and House's stomach dropped. "It's tonight."

House sighed. "I know. It's the damn patient. But, come on, we're still...you know...isn't that enough?"

"I guess," Wilson sighed. House's eyes looked apologetic, so Wilson decided to forgive him. He walked over to the diagnostician's desk, leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. House leaned his head to meet him, and put his pen down so he could hold Wilson's cheek. Wilson pulled back a bit, pressed his forehead against House's, and whispered, "Get back as soon as you can, okay?"

House nodded and kissed his lover one more time, gently, before Wilson left to go home.

House looked at the clock on the cab's dashboard. 9:54. Shit.

"Do you think you could go a little faster?" House grumbled. "I'm kind of in a hurry."

"Don not worry," the driver assured him. "In my flash-forward you are not the man riding in my cab. You will make it on time."

House rolled his eyes.

The cab pulled up to the front of House's building; House paid him and went inside. He tapped his cane against the floor while he waited for the elevator. He got into the loft and saw a dejected looking Wilson on the couch watching Times Square coverage of the flash-forward. Wilson looked over at House as he walked in and his face lit up.

"You came!"

"That's what she said."

Ignoring his lover's remark, Wilson hurried over to greet House with a kiss. House set his backpack on the floor and hooked his cane over his elbow so he could wrap his arms around James's waist and kiss him deeply.

Cheers emerged from the television proclaiming 10:00, the moment of the flash-forwards, and Wilson and House laughed at his perfect timing. They looked at each other, Wilson beaming, and he leaned in to kiss House again. First gently, then with his tongue. This felt nice, but he wanted to look into his lover's eyes, see his smile, so he pulled back. House looked at him and Wilson fell in love all over again. He shook his head and grinned. "I love you."

"I know," House answered, playing with Wilson's hair.

"Say it back," Wilson grinned.

"Come on, you already know-"

"-You say it, though. Remember?"

House rolled his eyes. "All right, fine." He leaned in closer, maintaining eye contact. "I love you, James Wilson."

Wilson laughed, thrilled, and leaned in to kiss House but the older man had gone to kiss Wilson's ear, averting his mouth. Then Wilson heard a whisper, so soft and quiet he could barely make out the words. The sound of the air hitting his ear was actually louder than the words themselves, but he heard them.

"You are, and always have been, the love of my life." And then House's lips were against his ear again, kissing. Wilson closed his eyes and savored the moment. When House finished kissing him he just rested his head on his shoulder, absentmindedly stroking Wilson's hair. Wilson pulled back to look at him.

"That part wasn't in the flash-forward," he accused, narrowing his eyes at House and trying not to smile.

House shrugged. "Add 'changing the future' to the list of my many talents."

Wilson smiled. "But you know," he said wistfully.


"I think I liked it better this way."

A/N: The end! I personally love the ending so I really hope you liked it too. Thank you so much to everyone who's reviewed, I appreciate it so much.